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  1. @isetta Thanks for your reply. Sound's like a really good idea, I'm just thinking, my MOT is in a months time so it would be better to do it after that so it doesn't fail? Or I could get a vented fuel cap?
  2. Acquired a ford fiesta/ fusion 2002 back in February. Had a few prob;ems with the vehicle which come and go, however, a constant error I receive on the dashboard is EAC FAIL. Initially, when this was happening the car was starting and then would not accelerate above 15 MPH. When it occurs now the car will accelerate above this speed but will take a long time to reach 30 MPH. I had a diagnostics performed a few months ago on the vehicle and it was 'throwing out' random codes - said by the mechanic. I eventually found a solution to this which is to open the petrol tank cap. Lots of excess air releases and the vehicle is fine after that. I have just noticed that one of the codes on the diagnostic form is the P0460 Fuel Amount Sensor and so I assume the issue is due to air getting into the system? (Please say if you disagree). Any idea how this can occur? Any changes I can do? Any fuel additives available which can block any holes within the system? Many thanks in advance.