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  1. hi guys suddenly out of the blue my interior lights, folding mirrors and drivers and passenger windows stopped working, I've checked the fuses they all seem ok,can anyone help .2008 mondeo titanium x 2.2 diesel.
  2. hi guys,I have a 2008 mondeo titanium x, the driver and the passenger windows, and folding mirrors have stopped working, I've checked the fuses and they seem fine.also the interior lights don't work,can anyone help me.thanks
  3. Andy138

    earth wire

    hi have just noticed a black wire hanging down under the front bumper with an L shaped bracket on the end of the wire also my esb light has come any ideas where it may have come from.many thanks.
  4. Andy138

    esp fault

    any idea what it could be.
  5. Andy138

    esp fault

    hi my esp light is staying on ,any idea why ???
  6. many thanks ill get it checked
  7. im not sure what a smart charge is to be honest .
  8. iv been told by the mechanic that its charging
  9. hi guys my battery light and esp light are on , i have had the alternator changed as it wasnt charging,but the lights are still on,any ideas why ?????
  10. i carnt see any other phone listed to be honest
  11. i have purchaced a 2008 mk focus , it has a sony system fitted but i cannot connect my phone to the handsfree. my phone finds ford audio the the stereo wont let me enter any code numbers,can anyone help me .
  12. would that cause the esp light to come on .batterys fine as far as i know .
  13. hi all .while driving the red battery light and the amber esp light came on, anyone know why or what it is.
  14. Andy138

    esp fault

    my red battery light and amber esp.light have come on, any idea why ???
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