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  1. I read these have been discontinued, do you know if there's an aftermarket arial base ???
  2. not sure to be honest, had a look at the antenna its badley cracked may water is getting in there.maybe it needs changing this is what I need
  3. hi guys I have a 2008 mk4 mondeo titanium x 2.2 diesel, I've recently started have starting problems mainly first thing in the morning, tates about 20 seconds before it starts, it just keeps turning over,anyone got any idea????
  4. hi steve sorry for the late reply, many thanks for your message I'll have a look, thanks again
  5. hi guys does anyone know why I'm getting a no GPS signal on my mk4 mondeo titanium x, many thanks
  6. many thanks, I'll give it a blow and let you know
  7. hi guys,my front screen wash has stopped working, the rear one is fine,I've been told that it could be the return valve on the pipe, any idea where it is,many thanks
  8. many thanks for your message I'll do that
  9. hi all I have a 2008mk4 mondeo, the problem I have is the rear washer works but not the front, I've removed the filter but still doesn't work.ive removed the pipe from the washer but nothing comes out i can hear the pump,can anyone help many thanks
  10. hi I have a 2008 mk4 mondeo 2.2 titanium x
  11. hi no it suddenly started,I thought it was the power steering pump it was that sort of noise, but that's been changed and its still there.
  12. hi I have a whining while driving I thought it was the power steering pump, do I changed it but the noise is still there but not first thing in the morning but starts again after 5 to 10 mins any idea's??????
  13. hi guys suddenly out of the blue my interior lights, folding mirrors and drivers and passenger windows stopped working, I've checked the fuses they all seem ok,can anyone help .2008 mondeo titanium x 2.2 diesel.
  14. hi guys,I have a 2008 mondeo titanium x, the driver and the passenger windows, and folding mirrors have stopped working, I've checked the fuses and they seem fine.also the interior lights don't work,can anyone help me.thanks
  15. Andy138

    earth wire

    hi have just noticed a black wire hanging down under the front bumper with an L shaped bracket on the end of the wire also my esb light has come any ideas where it may have come from.many thanks.
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