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  1. I have it down to a dodgy started (tried feeding it live) had no power up, not even a click, would this explain door light flashing? Only vag com fault is brakes need checking
  2. But also hazards go off intermitently and fan control flashes
  3. Had relay 109 out looks fine tryed a replacement still no joy, have fuel just no starter, was fine before the 2 days it sat
  4. Right ignition barrel done, replaced fuses in fuse box as alot were missing, car now wont start -.- even if i use the smashed barrel it wont start, sorted door wiring out but just stuck on this now, are all the fuses meant to be in or some missing mk2 04 galaxy 130ps
  5. brilliant ill have ago and update once the barrel arrives hopefully all will be smooth, have to sort the wiring in the door aswell as some idiot cut it then wound it together whoch explains why my windows and central locking dont work
  6. Just found the chip, can this be removed from the key and transfeered to the new one?
  7. Okay brilliant door lock is damaged anyway so trying to get the door lock from the same person, is the chip located on the key end on inside the fob itself?
  8. One more question do i use the old immobiliser ring with my key fob?
  9. Okay brilliant just want to get this up and running properly, going from a old faithfull 1.8 mk1 petrol focus with 160500 on the clock to this is a hige change 😄
  10. Ive found them online 🙂 £4 for the 2 depending on size which is where im stuck
  11. https://ibb.co/qFn0sRf https://ibb.co/WWqCRRP https://ibb.co/fMXr7YZ
  12. Right bought a stolen recovered galaxy 04 ghia 1.9tddi 130ps ignition barrel was smashed out, ive had it running but the barrel gave up in the end, need some help/advice on how to remove the old barrel, found all info on steering wheel stalk removal and have done all that, also what size shear bolts i would need to refit the replacement. All help appriciated thanks will add a link for pics