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  1. All sorted now, i topped up my antifreeze which was mixed half and half and it doesn't do it anymore. The mixture must have been too rich for the temp sensor. So if you have this problem, make sure you try a 50/50 mixture first, as it is the cheapest option. Thanks for whoever helped and I hope it helps you
  2. Hi, i have had the water pump and thermostat changed. Which is when this problem started. And it hasn't stopped since. The water, i keep checking every week and it is normal. Are there any signs to say it is worn out/not working properly, other than this temp dial acting up. When the needle doesn't act up, it goes to 90° and doesn't go above so i don't think the car is overheating. All the car heaters get hot as normal. So you think it could be the central heating sensor
  3. Hi everyone, i have a 2008 1.8tdci facelift mk2 focus. A few weeks ago, i had the water pump, thermostat and belt done. Now, my temperature gauge keeps fluctuating when i drive, but when i don't stop and start, like in town, it goes top 90° and stays there. But as soon as i enter a town is does it again. It never goes above 90°or the second white mark which i presume is around 90. Plus my glow plug light gauge 15 seconds to go out, is that normal? Should i be looking at a set of new speedometer clocks or something else? Thanks 👍🏻