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  1. Rear Seats

    Hey guys, I don't suppose any ones know how to remove the back seats from a MK7 fiesta Zetec S. I can take the bottom of the seat out, its just the back of the seat that i can't remove from the trim which is in the back. I've removed all the screws i can see but still cant figure it out! Any help with be so useful. Cheers!
  2. Mk 7 Fiesta 3Dr Rear Speakers

    Your a ledge! cheers mate, I'm going to have another attempt later so fingers crossed it will work this time!
  3. Mk 7 Fiesta 3Dr Rear Speakers

    Yeah if you could mate, I'm going to have another go this afternoon i think, the problem i had was i couldn't get the seats to separate, so they were just stuck together.
  4. Mk 7 Fiesta 3Dr Rear Speakers

    Hey dude, how did you get the seats out? I tired and failed, took all the screws out and they still wouldn't budge! Where did you get the ford removal diagrams from? Cheers
  5. Mk 7 Fiesta 3Dr Rear Speakers

    Hey S666LER did you have to remove the rear seats to take the entire rear panel off? When i fitted mine i was unable to remove the pannel and had to put my arm between the gap in the windows and trim. Cheers
  6. Mk7 Engine Warning Light?

    its basically comes up on the screen in the middle of the dash saying engine malfunction service now, but when i took it in they said there was nothing wrong.
  7. Mk7 Engine Warning Light?

    Hey guys, just wondering if any one else has had this problem? Comes on about an hour into driving, took it to Ford and they couldn't find a problem! They think i should have a service but it isn't due till September, any ideas?
  8. Mk 7 Fiesta 3Dr Rear Speakers

    I done my rear speakers, they work fine. Pain the !Removed! to get the trim off had to slightly bend it and scratch my arm up badly to secure them in!
  9. New Fiesta Accessories

    Is there more things in the accessory book that you have than what is on website? Really want to add some stuff to my mk7 ZS
  10. New Fiesta Accessories

    Fair enough, all depends on how much they cost really! I like your lights but the ones on the for website look wierd, just a strip of led lights under the front bumper don't really look right!
  11. New Fiesta Accessories

    Hey guys just been looking on the ford site, they have a bit of the mk7 fiesta now, but yeah was looking at they are offering day time running lights under the head lights! What do you guys think? I'm thinking about getting a new gear stick and the door stills which light up, but might be more hassle than its worth!
  12. Rear Seats

    No worries i gave up trying to get out them anyway, just pulled the trim and cut my arm a few times, it was a mk7 (new style) wanted to fit rear speakers, was harder than i forgot, but i weren't going to pay £150 that the dealer wanted!
  13. The Ambient Lighting Installation Guide!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers man will have to do that soon! Was just thinking tho for the lighting above the glove box i might try and wire it in some where it can be on all the while, also want to get a little led light in that little pocket near the gear stick, what do you guys think?
  14. Rear Seats

    some one must know how to do it! I'm so close to fitting my rear spears, there just one clip on the seat beat which is attached to the trim and i can seem to make it move! Its !Removed! me off to the extreme!
  15. Rear Seats

    Hey guys, has anyone figured out how to remove the back seats, im taking the rear panels off and the seats are getting in the way! Ive pulled the lower part of the seat (where your !Removed! sits lol) but cant figure out how to get the back of the seat off, ive taken all the screws out but the seats still wont come out!