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  1. Tbf some short and some long , I commute to work in the morning which I drive to a train station and that is only about a 10 min drive mainly five days a week
  2. Hi Owen , Sorry I'm unable to help but I too have recieved the spanner symbol with engine malfunction service now about 2 times however the car has never gone into Limp mode with me , What did the specialist say ?
  3. Hi , Not too sure if Ive posted this in the correct section but I purcahsed a Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost ( 100BHP) 5dr 64 Plate and I have been driving it for about 4 weeks now however I've noticed that the car seems to be giving me poor mpg ranging from 32-37mpg and only giving me about 290 miles for a full tank. Is this a common thing with the ecoboost engines in a Fiesta ? and has anyone been experiencing the same as me. Was only wondering as Ford emphasied the fuel efficiency with these engines. Thanks
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