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  1. Hi I have an escort 55 van 2002 on a 51 plate. I have just had the diesel pump refurbished. Every thing is fitted back on but I can not start the van the engine will not turn over at all. I turn the ignition key all lights up but nothing happens but I have noticed that when I release the key the immobiliser light starts flashing. Has any one got any info or suggestions on this problem? All help will be gratefully received Thanks
  2. Hi and thanks, I managed to get a number off my injector’s looks like they are Lucas Also been to main dealers bosch or Lucas injectors will fit ,But could not give me any info on injection fuel pump as Lucas and bosch are both fitted .Looked at some photos on eBay looks like a Lucas pump (as Lucas injectors are fitted ?) Heat injector washers £20.00 for 4 (rip off) Will have a look around see if I can get them cheaper Thanks
  3. Hi to all I have an escort van 55 1800 endura non-turbo 02 on a 51 plate .Could any one tell me what make of fuel pump and fuel injectors are fitted to this model/year.bocsh or Lucas I am having a few problems so want to change the injectors a friend as two sets of injectors both Lucas both from 1998 escort vans part numbers LCR6705601-E and LCR5705402-D Are injectors interchangeable will Lucas fit if a bocsh pump is fitted, is there any where I can obtain the correct part numbers for the injectors or find out if these injectors will fit. I do not want to take out my injectors just yet as I have been stold I will need to get some new protection heat washers if I take out the injectors also are there any seals fitted to the top of injectors when connecting to the fuel lines and are they available to buy also what size INJECTOR HEAT SHIELDs Thanks
  4. diesel injection pump

    Hi. I have put on new starter motor, glow plugs, battery, primer pump, Oil, fuel and air filters. Its fine when running but the longer I leave it the Harder it is to start. (non turbo)
  5. diesel injection pump

    Hi I am having starting problems with my 1800 escort diesel van 51 plate Been told it may be the injection pump not sure yet so I thought I will get a second hand pump if this turns out to be the problem. But I have now been told that if I fit a second hand pump from another van it will not work as they are coded to the engine. Can any one tell me if this is correct if so is there a way round this. Thanks
  6. heater control valve

    Hi can any one tell me if there is a heater control valve fitted to an escort 55 van 1800 51 reg. Only blowing out cold air, temp reading normal. Also where is it located? Thanks