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  1. cheers mate will have a look today would love to have front sensors but knowing my luck aint got the wires
  2. Evening all thanks for all the helpful comments on my last few post some very helpful people this time in would like to know my car has factory fitted rear sensors which shows up on dash display can I fit front sensors of another focus and get them to show up on the display too eg plug and play or does it need a software update or not possible many thanks lee
  3. on the dash test on car comes up with c100-00 and 1607-82 but not p0030 but on obd2 scanner and aa car genie p0030 shows up
  4. Bosch ..knowing my luck wrong make
  5. Sorry forgot to mention 1.0 EcoBoost
  6. Need a bit of help I had a code of p0420 come up so changed the lambda sensor before the cat now I have a code p0030 would this be a faulty new sensor would welcome any help if any one Cardiff based many thanks
  7. Evening all cheers for the last advice on my belt tensioner spot on great advice next question my 1.0 EcoBoost seems to have loss power when pulling off and at 4000rpm seems to surge for a few seconds then all normal and pull away would like some information or links to what can be the problem
  8. Afternoon all Looking for a picture or info on keeping my drivers car mat from moving so looking to get the floor clips so the original mat can lock onto Ford sat there dont them and have looked online for so many but they dont mention my car a 2012 focus 1.0ecoboost I appreciate any help
  9. Thanks will give it a go as mine is whinning really bad
  10. Afternoon all Looking for information on changing my alternator and cant seen to find any information on the topic hope someone can help with a link or pictures many thanks in advance .my first of many posts 🤗🤗
  11. Hello I need help with changing my alternator on my focus mk3 1.0ltr EcoBoost and cant find any information any where and would welcome any help or links that could help me do this job many thanks in advance