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  1. Sorry to jump on this now, new to the forum so browsing lol....Leaving a tin in for 5 mins, can it really do any good at such a small amount of time?
  2. Hey all, Been looking around for replacement headlights, not looking for anything in particular. Something different Cheers all
  3. Ah right that’s exactly what I was expecting to happen. Thank you for the clarification
  4. Hey all, I’ve found in the dash setting auto dimming is on. However it’s yet to actually do this. anyone got an insight to this option. I know understand it may not dim every time and it doesn’t take the task from the driver but just once to show it’s operational would be nice 😂🤣😂
  5. Hi all, discovered my torque pro doesn’t support it for some reason. what is a decent Bluetooth/WiFi obd2 that’ll work with the focus 2014? Cheers
  6. Ok all l, for those who are interested to find out things are. got car back this morning, brake squeal gone, grinded the slight lip on disc. engine malfunction service now has been resolved by then cleaning up the vacuum pump and replaced vacuum pipe. s/s also resolved by then installing a new battery. The charged it overnight and when tested the test failed. So started up the car and the s/s did not light up. I turned s/s off and on and it stayed on and then did the s/s at traffic lights. so far I’m happy guy 🤞👍👍👍
  7. Not sure if you got any warnings etc but I got the kinda same issue, engine malfunction service now comes on. Took it to the garage I got it from since I only had it for not even 2 weeks. they say it a vacuum tube/pipe that’s causing the fault.
  8. I’ve the engine malfunction service light on, apparently the fault is to do with a vacuum hose failure
  9. Oh I see, mine is just a mk3 then lol. Thank you for clarifying that 👍
  10. Yeah I recently acquired one of those too 👍
  11. I see a number of post referencing a focus mk3.5. Quick question - what is the mk3.5?
  12. Been thinking about getting these, how does the wiring go? And another question, the turbosmart recirc valve. Was it a case of just installing it or did you have to do any tweaking first?
  13. How likely is the s/s issue being rectified by a new battery? i know only real way of diagnosis is to check battery as per previous comment.