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  1. Where does the MAP sensor hide? 2014 1L. TIA
  2. Hey all, I'm just wondering where everyone has/had bought the led wing mirror repeaters from? I bought mine for eBay but the driver sde one did not fit at all. So bit cautious of buying another set without recommendation. TIA
  3. It's ok, I've reinstalled the kit as found the original setup I had to ge the bonnet a small slam to get it to close and opens fine. Reinstalled the kit and its now working, I was just being to gentle (For once lol) Thanks all though
  4. Hey all, A bit of guidance please, I bought the bonnet lifters for mk3 and with easy to follow instructions. I got them fitted without any issues. However - (After removing the bonnet bump stops from the sides of the bonnet) I've tried closing it but it refuses to shut completely. It feels like something is still not allowing it to catch. It infact doesnt catch at all and do not want to force it and knacker the bonnet. I can't see what would be blocking it at all. Any help would be great TIA
  5. Thank you everyone, I got a response from folk on the site. They can’t say if they’d be legal in my Country. Think between you good folk here and reply from them, I’m gonna forget about going down that road. Wasn’t completely convinced they’d be legal. Hence my questioning. Cheers again 👍👍👍
  6. Hey all, Thinking about this for drls (something bit different) but are they UK road legal? https://www.bespokedonline.com/product-page/usdm-drl-indicator-kit-ford-focus-mk3 TIA
  7. Hey all, Focus mk3 2014 1L ecoboost, I'm looking for silicone hose from the turbo up to the hard pipe (Also needed) to the air filter please. I can't remember if its the Focus ST that has the same diameter/length of hoses that can be used in my 2014 car or is it the Fiesta ST? TIA
  8. I think they’re mk2 st alloys, they fit ok on a mk3?
  9. I’ve got completely stock mk3 1L ecoboost with stock alloy wheels (17s) i have been offered a set of mk3 st 18inch alloys got my stick ones. i do like them but don’t want to have clearance, turning issues/rubbing. Am I good to go with them or will I have issues? Cheers
  10. Hey all, cant seem to find any YouTube vids regarding installing a front mounted intercooler on a mk3 2014 1L ecoboost. Can it be done? Or does this active grille shutter stop it from being possible. Thinking about giving a slight remap to give it a better get up and go via bluefin and thought giving a bit cooler air will help the poor car cope. cheers all
  11. That’s the bit I’m on about. Oh crikey, think I’ll pass as I’m ocd when it comes to gaps and when I last had a certain cars bumper off the gaps weren’t right once put back on. Think I’ll go with plan a and just either wrap that silver strips or paint with it on the car. Cheers
  12. Hey all, Before I go in guns blazing and break something. How does the upper grille (pre-facelift) come out? Tried you tube and only find so far facelift model or mk2 videos showing removal. had a look through the Haynes and not seeing it either. So far that is. cheers all
  13. Yeah me too but can't see any dyno reports etc but found this test on a bmw