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  1. That’s the bit I’m on about. Oh crikey, think I’ll pass as I’m ocd when it comes to gaps and when I last had a certain cars bumper off the gaps weren’t right once put back on. Think I’ll go with plan a and just either wrap that silver strips or paint with it on the car. Cheers
  2. Hey all, Before I go in guns blazing and break something. How does the upper grille (pre-facelift) come out? Tried you tube and only find so far facelift model or mk2 videos showing removal. had a look through the Haynes and not seeing it either. So far that is. cheers all
  3. Yeah me too but can't see any dyno reports etc but found this test on a bmw
  4. Hey all, I'm looking at a set of 18inch ST Alloys, I'm wondering if they'll fit my mk3 2014 Focus Apparently they're 5x108 (8Jx18H2 - ET52.5) that means nothing to me
  5. Hey all, Has anyone got/tried or know someone that's used these chipping thingy ma bob? https://www.racechip.co.uk/shop/ford/focus-11-dyb-2010-to-2018/1-0-ecoboost-998ccm-125hp-92kw-200nm.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwyqTqBRAyEiwA8K_4O3Xoowd05JjgkeZ4BqFYSK05qylNHostB0xEhLquQqJXDhJ2oRiByxoCsRUQAvD_BwE Thinking either something like this (Around £119 upwards) or the Bluefin (Around £350) Cheers all
  6. Hey all, looking at having the Zetec S spoiler but wondered how it fits? Do I need to unscrew the existing one or does the Zetec get bonded on top of the one on my Ecoboost 2014? cheers all
  7. Yeah I thought I would have a fight on my hands but they were really good. Except not giving me a quick call to say “Hey, your engine is junk. So we’ve ordered one and it’s all on us” However, I’ll let them off since it’s a new one and they’re footing the bill. Did feel a bit bad when I had to give a deadline of next Friday. As I need car working for going back to work on the 22nd from being on holidays.
  8. It can be new engine time indeed. Just got word today from garage that I need a £3500 engine as it’s seized (suspect it seized while they were investigating the low pressure. It was turning the last time I saw it) thats bad news indeed, however since I’ve only had the car a little over 2 months, they are footing the complete bill. new crate ford engine should hopefully be over the road tomorrow at the ford garage. every cloud and silver lining etc.
  9. Hey all, where does the camshaft sensor hide on the 1l ecoboost 2014 focus?
  10. Okay update on issue, diagnostics came back with front and rear camshaft sensors. How does that affect oil pressure?
  11. If you’ve got low oil pressure, I assume this will in turn have a knock on effect on the turbo. Does the oil pressure take long in damaging the turbo? just been at car, been sitting motionless for a couple of days. Started it up and oil light stays on but not flashing (At least not for the few mins I was at it) checked engine again and plenty of oil still but rattle I think is coming from the turbo? Thoughts?
  12. Thanks for that, I did read that post but thought someone might have another theory etc. will go to garage tomorrow morning and steer them in the low oil pressure idea and take it from there. Fingers crossed. Out of curiosity, is there like an online Haynes type manual out there? there was a great one for V***hall’s
  13. Checked paperwork and is only 60 day warranty. Guess car wasn’t expensive enough to get 90 days.