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  1. I’m not sure, the garage didn’t say what code popped up. I would hazard a guess and say yes but it’s jusg a guess and not really helpful I’m afraid
  2. Another quick one. What about fitting electric windows at the back? is there the cabling behind the door card? don't want to pull it off and get disappointed lol
  3. Ah remembered my 2nd question (Old age for you lol) My car doesn't have dual digital climate control. Would the dual fit ok or is the shape of it a no go?
  4. That's a fair point Andy, will do that.
  5. Hey all, out of curiosity what’s the likelihood that my car will have a connector hiding for cruise control and can’t frigging remember the other question 😂 This isn’t the actual question but would the newer say 2017 steering wheel fit a 2014? I will post the real question hopefully soon
  6. Cars had vacuum hose fitted and the vacuum pump cleaned and reinstalled (if that helps any) Also a new battery fitted, believe that’s all that’s been done under the hood recently. I thought might be light related but checked both sides and don’t see any cap like this one.
  7. Hey all, car been back a few weeks now since I got s/s working along with that engine malfunction service now warning. anyway, opened the bonnet a few days ago to replace a bulb and found a weird yellow cap (I think it’s a cap please see attachments) ive not seen this before and wonder where it’s home is. cheers
  8. For me the engine malfunction issue was related to a vacuum hose needing replaced and the pump cleaned too. When the malfunction appears, does anything happen to the car runnung? go into limp mode or anything? As for the code, where did you get it from? if via obd diagnotic was it not possibe to clear? (FYI The Fuel Rail Pressure (FRP) could be the isssue going by the code..Possibly)
  9. Hey all, Looking at replacing the stock alloy wheels on the mk3 Navi but just wondered what offest etc etc is needed for a direct fit. I'm running on 215/50/R17 Cheers all.
  10. It's ok, I just found that the door card doesnt need to be removed to change the speaker over
  11. Hey all, How do you remove the door card of the mk3 focus? I need to replace the passenger side tweeker speaker. Cheers
  12. I had the same message and it turned out to be a vacuum hose failure/vacuum pump needed to be cleaned.