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  1. Once again the alarm has reset without intervention. Now I wait to see if it will return. What loony thought up this crazy system. When I widen my search, I find this happens to all makes of cars , yet no one has managed to solve it. The problem is bigger than a micro switch.
  2. For close to 8 months II have had no problem with this alarm. When there is no dash board light, I can open and close the reportedly faulty door 100 times and it will work perfectly every time suggesting it is not a mechanical or an electrical fault with door switch. if the car stands for a while the fault clears on its own.. Does anyone know if I buy a cheap OBD2 reader will I be able to reset this fault. in case it is causing the problem. Thanks in advance.
  3. After a number of calls from my neighbour about alarm going off It was traced to door ajar alarm on drivers side rear door.. I tried all sorts to solve the problem without having to replace the door lock completely.. All attempts came to nothing, and I was clutching at straws. Finally I tried out of desperation to reprogram remote locking so that only the drivers door unlocks, unless I press the button twice for all doors. Five months have now passed without any alarm activation, Any one know why this should have solved the problem..
  4. I did just that as part of my fault finding, Next day the fault had gone. Now only shows when the door is open..
  5. That crossed my mind too. Two hours with a plastic scraper, and white spirit, they are now off.
  6. Thanks guys that makes a lot of sense. I put new tyres on three months ago I can see the new weights.. I will wait for a warm day , and do a bit of scraping.
  7. I bought a Chinese wheel brush from ebay to clean the inboard rims of my wheels. Did a marvellous job. Afterwards I noticed on all four wheels on the inboard side there are 60mm lengths of tape on the rim. Do these have a purpose. I googled it but found nothing, so thought you guys might know. They look lto have been there a long time.
  8. Today the imformation lamp came on with the message drivers side rear door open. My haynes manuel says the switch is integral with the door lock and cannot be bought seperately. So looks like an expensive fix with labour charges. Any one know of a easy fix, looking at the wiring drawings, it appears the switch just closes to earth when the door is open, so appears to be permanently closed. even when the door is closed.
  9. Unable to find any evidence of cam belt change on my focus, and at now nine years old it needs doing. Am I right in believing that this engine is non interference, and should not suffer catastrophic damage if the belt broke.. I fully intend to bite the bullet and have it changed.. I was confident of it being a non interference engine till I did a google search, always a mistake, so much misinformation out there and much of it mischievous.
  10. I have recently bought a Mk2 2010 focus. Should it have Lighting in the luggage area.? I don't seem to be able to find any.