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  1. hi all looking for some help i have a 2007 ford galaxy ghai and all my gauges keep freezing and then some times work some times will reset when i turn the car off but not all the time when they freeze even if i stop and take the keys out they do not move and say im doing 60mph even when im stopped then if i leave it for a bit they start to work again but then freeze again soon after any help would be great and thanks for taking the time to read 🙂
  2. hi all i really need somones help im going mad lol i have changed the air mass flow on my galaxy Ghai 2007 but when i floor it the engine malfuction comes up i plug the obd in and it says air mass flow. i have changed the air flow sensor 3 times now and still does it i have checked the wires and they all look fine i cant find any leaks in any of the pipes can any one please help me thanks