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  1. Yes I'm super lucky and will be thanking the PCSO. It was just pure luck especially as the plates had been changed. Probably will suffer a big insurance quote increase on renewal. Anyways having been driving my loaner or courtesy car I can't wait to get her back. Any tips to get my next quote reduced would be appreciated. I had a 10 year protected NCB so my claim is still protected but the premium will increase... The 'real police' however didn't bother doing any forensics. This is a change in policy is that it's up to the officer in charge and would have been a routine before if a stolen car was recovered. I think I will exercise my victim's right and have this reviewed by a senior officer. Seems the police and the recovery garage couldn't unlock the car !! I will be going into a ford dealership at the weekend, partly to complain but find out if they can retrofit a more secure solution. Even so beyond excited that I'll get the car back now. Regards.
  2. Good news on this, a community officer saw the car parked in a rough part of town. They had changed the plates but the pcn check on the plates came up and either didn't match the serial number or something else. So currently in a Police pound having forensic checks done and so on. Insurance company will take a good look and change all the locks and possible repair any damage. Huge sigh of relief..... Should be back home soon
  3. Thanks for the info, yes it was keyless entry model.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'll let my friends know, My sister has just purchased a nearly new car so will pass this information on. Sounds like a professional job then and there are many rural b roads around here so I don't hold out much hope for recovery. I'll take your advice when I get a new car Much appreciated.
  5. The best car I ever owned was stolen within seconds this evening 28th right outside my house. My Father arrived back home to see the car literally a few seconds after it was stolen. No broken windows so they must have somehow cloned the key fobs😪 Registration is HV15 BHW. Colour Red. The car was locked and I still have the 2 key fobs. My understanding is that they continuously emit a signal which the thieves can decode. Luckily no valuables in the car. If you see that registration please report to Police. Ford need to fix this as it's clearly a design fault. In the meanwhile you could put on a steering lock and various other measures