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  1. X - AA Driving School

    Actually, was your filler in the form of some dark grey spongey stuff under the carpet (like what is used for insulation)? I test drove ond and found a lot of these under the passenger's carpet you could just pull out! You can check with Lombard Finance or the AADS according to the Telegraph article. It might be possible that your car was an ex-driving school car that was used by another school or independent instructor, not necessarily the AADS. I live in B'ham and all of the AADS cars I have seen on the road have regs beginning with 'G' which is the prefix for Maidenhead / Kent - the registered HQ of Lombard Finance. That's why I'm quite sure that the source of these cars is AADS and I keep seeing so many Ford Direct cars with G on the dealer yards.
  2. X - AA Driving School

    Ford is being very dishonest in not disclosing the truth to the dealers. It is Ford we should take issue with. If you tried to sell your car online through webuyanycar or whatever, they ask if it was ever used as a rental or driving school car, if you tick yes, you will certainly get a much lower price! However, if you were sold one to you that has been whitewashed as 'Ford Direct', you ought to say no because you're not supposed to know the dirty secret about your car isn't it?
  3. X - AA Driving School

    How did you find out your Focus was an ex-AA DS car? Was your's a Ford Direct car? Did you find out by checking under the carpet in the passenger's front seat? Also, as the Telegraph article link I posted to earlier does state that it is Lombard Finance who leases these cars to AADS for 6 mths, it is Ford who knows the true source - not your dealer. It is therefore difficult to prove that the dealer knew it, my dealer were very adamant that they don't sell them - but hey, Ford has already admitted to it in the Telegraph article. Shame on Ford for being so dishonest!!! I bought as my first car, an 06 reg Focus the reg. began with G with 17000 Mls in Dec last yr and within a matter of weeks, I had to spend 400 replacing brake discs!!! I didn't suspect it was ex-AADS but I think it probably was. I got rid of it by doing a px on an 07 Focus within just 3 mths in March 2009! If I were you, I'd just p/x it for a new one with a Ford dealer instead of trying to sell it on your own - they'll give you the best price.
  4. The steering on my 07 Focus Zetec squeaks / creaks a little when steering at low speeds and parking. After 6 times I brought it into my Ford dealer for repair under the warranty, they have replaced the tie rods, the tart mounting, adjusted coil springs etc (basically has a new suspension) and it's still recurring. It's still nice to drive but it annoying sound occurs usually when parking at low speeds. Anyone got this problem as well? In the cold weather, the engine squeels a little when it starts and when driving through the first 1-2 miles or so, am not sure if this is related to the steering-suspension problem. I'm really tired of all these problems and don't feel like taking it into its 3rd yr without the warranty. In fact, I am thinking of giving up on Ford and getting a new BMW 1 series instead.
  5. Focus 55 - trip computer choices missing

    You're right, MK2 from 2005 until mid 2007 onwards were missing instant MPG on the green display. The ones which have a red display panel would have the updated trip computer.
  6. MPG on 1.6L TI-VCT 2005 Titanium very poor 29.1MPG

    I honestly don't trust the average MPG and dist. to empty on the trip computer, maybe it's just my car. I find it very misleading as often, it will say dist. to empty is 1 mile and then you find it will keep going for at least another 10mls even when it says 0. Seems like it's better to work it out the old fashioned way.
  7. X - AA Driving School

    Brian, if I were you I'd be very angry with the dealer for not disclosing the fact that it was an ex AADS car. You obviously would've pushed the price down had you been informed. If there're any problems, get them to fix it. My friend bought an 08 reg ex-AADS Focus that was Ford Direct, and even though it was independently checked by the RAC, there were problems with the brakes - passengers get jolted if the brakes are not applied smoothly. But the Focus brakes are supposed to be very good and I don't get this on my car when I do emergency braking. I have noticed that on every AADS car I see on the road, the reg begins with 'G' so I think it's safer to buy a one private owner car rather than ex AADS as they get a lot of hard work.
  8. X - AA Driving School

    How did you find out your Ford Focus was an ex driving school car? You must have got a Ford Direct car with the 2 yr unlimited mileage warranty and RAC service. There was a newspaper report about Ford not being clear about the sources of their used cars: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/news/6...chool-cars.html
  9. protective film

    I would say get diamond brite at your Ford dealer. It should be just 199 or ask your sales man to do it for free. It protects your paint work from rust and other elements. Also, it will never need to be polished. After every car wash, your car retains its new car shine. They also stain-proof the fabric of your seats. I personally find it impressive as sometimes I don't wash the car for up to a month and it still looks like glass from afar.
  10. Focus price

    Ex motability cars might prove to be a better buy than an ex-Hertz rental Ford Focus if a low-mileage car is what you want. As I used to hire a lot from Hertz before I bought my own, I know they inspect their cars for damage before and after each rental. The cars are also well-maintained, checked and valeted very often. That was why I considered buying one from them at trade price. The downside was that the mileage is high so I got one from a franchise dealer. Whilst 45000mls is high as the 57 reg Ford Focuses should have been de-fleeted at 30000 mls a year ago, the rental firms couldn't replace their fleet on schedule due to the shortage in cars. I asked Hertz Car Sales if the facelifted Focus will be sold to the public, the answer is that Ford buys them back and re-sells them as Ford Direct approved used cars in dealerships (together with those that are ex-AA Driving school).
  11. Ford Focus Zetec 1.6

    The 1.6 100PS Focus is generally sufficient if, for most of the time, you're driving yourself and one passenger in the front. With 3 passengers in the back and one in front, the engine will have to be pushed hard when you are overtaking on the motorway. My previous car was the 2006 1.6 Zetec TI-VCT 115PS which is now available only on the Zetec S. Though I replaced it with a newer 1.6 100 PS they feel more or less the same when you're cruising. I drove a hired 1.8 version and it is very sprightly but not very economical. You might like that so it might pay to test drive it or the 1.6 115 Zetec S. You could do a lot worse with the 1.4 80PS.
  12. Focus price

    Hi Lee, Have you bought your Focus yet. I am sure that the source of your car is Hertz Rent a car. Before I bought my car from a franchised Ford dealer, I contacted Hertz Car Sales and went to view their de-fleeted Focus Zetecs. I just rang them up and the price is 6200 (valeted, serviced with dings and scratches removed) for one with around 40-45000Mils They have 3 sales locations and contact nos. if you contact them.
  13. Hi guys, I have an 07 2007 Focus 1.6 Zetec with 13000 Mls I wanna replace with the newer model Focus. My dealer has a few available under the Ford Direct scheme that comes with 2 yrs unlimited mileage and 2 yrs RAC cover. I will be test driving on Tuesday, a 2009 58 reg with 24000 miles and the reduced price is 9995. After reading the following article, I am a bit suspicious as it is now clear that together with ex rental cars, the AA driving school Ford Focus Zetecs end up on Ford dealerships as Ford Direct cars after 6 mths with around 12000-25000 miles on the clock. Apparently a lot of people have bought such cars without being informed about their sources. My dealer told me blatantly that they don't sell ex-driving school cars. The article however, and statement from Ford tells us otherwise. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/news/6...chool-cars.html I have noticed that all the AA Driving school cars have registration plates beginning with 'G' and are all pretty new. I'm therefore guessing that this is the clue to the car source. The question then, is one of whether this is an issue or not. Should I really be bothered if the car I buy was a driving school car when the car has been inspected by the RAC and has had a new clutch, new tyres etc. So, should the price be reduced if I know about its true source. I would rather kee a car like mine that is a privately owned car, as opposed to an ex-rental or ex-driving school car. But then, I'd like to drive the new model. Would appreciate your advice on this
  14. Picked up a Focus 1.6TDCi Zetec Climate today

    Hiya, congrats on your new acquisition. I love the Focus in aquarius blue, just like my mum's. Mine is in tango red. Granted the climate of high used-car prices, I think you got a reasonable price as it would be going for close to 6K at a franchised dealer. Hope you manage to get your car checked out properly. Even if you have no warranty, the dealer you bought it from should sort this out.