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  1. Cabin filter is minging but doesn’t smell bad, I’ll change it out on Monday and see if the smell goes!
  2. No leaks that I can see, oil and coolant level has stayed the same since purchasing so I can’t really see there being a leak anywhere, I’ll check the cabin filter however it’s still a mystery!
  3. It only happens when I push it hard in gear 3/4, it’s a petrol. I can’t really put a finger on the smell but it’s a mechanical smell. I’ve noticed after a hard journey i take the oil cap off and they’res small amounts of smoke coming out(dunno if that’s normal or not) however nothing else going on in the engine bay, the source seems to be coming from the engine bay! thanks
  4. I’ve just purchased a 2013 focus ST in March and drives fine under normal conditions, however when it push the engine to the higher revs I get a strange burning smell in the cabin, any ideas? Thanks
  5. Hi, 2013 focus st3 When turning ignition on and instrument cluster lights go out the EML stays on as it should however it flashes 8 times every 2 minutes or so... as soon as car is started it goes away and car runs fine? any ideas?
  6. Hi Does anyone know if the 2011 zetec s 1.6 manifold comes straight out or do you have to remove a half shaft? pfa
  7. I have a 2011 zetec s, my cooling fan only seems to turn on when the aircon is on (even tho it doesn’t work) and not kick in without it. Temps have been going to 110+ so I have to turn the aircon on to go back to 80-90 Ive checked fuses and relays and seem all good, and obviously the fan is still operational any ideas?
  8. Hi, I have a 1.6 ZS 2011 I've come across a problem when around 60-70mph my steering slightly vibrates when the wheel is going right. Its perfectly fine when going straight and left but when the road slightly bends to the right and i need to steer i get a small but noticeable vibration. It doesnt happen at all below 60mph Any ideas would be sound,
  9. FZS180

    Leak Help

    Do it myself depending on how much a garage would charge, never done transmission oil change before so kinda weary
  10. FZS180

    Leak Help

    Easy fix? or is it a big job
  11. Hope someone can advise, I have a petrol 2011 zetec s, I have a leak that is all grouping on the bottom of my gearbox, does anyone know if this is a common fault? it doesnt look like its coming from the axles however im concerned its coming from the black box at the front of the gearbox? Any help would be great, Cheers