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  1. And do you know where to find it.... or, in any case. do any have the link to downgrade from 3.4 to a older version? (3.3 or less). I'm in the same opinion as someone that said this new version seems like a chinese cheap android radio.... TIA
  2. Hi, All I have a problem with the update. Before update, yesterday, I was updating the maps to F8 in the SYNC3 version 3.0. But, because a mistake I interrupted the installation. After that I noticed the navigation voice commands was not working. If I say "find an address" it does nothing, the commands menu just close or lock and need to be cancel by hand. Today I decided to update to version 3.4, everything was Ok, I get the build 19000 and then I upgraded to build 19234. Everything is working Ok but the navigation voice commands. I can't give address, find POI or cancel route by voice. Someone told me I have to update the APIM firmware, but I don't understand. Those commands was working on version 3.0 with F6 maps. If I make a test settings and go to Bezel diagnostics, nothing appear on VOICE CONTROL APPLICATION VERSION, and on configuration status appears Navigation Application Turned OFF. All other voice commands are working correctly, radio, phone, music search, clima, etc... but navigation. The only recognized command is "Show Map".... did any of you had this issue? I'm thinking about reinstalling the F8 maps I have for version 3.0 but I don't know if it will work... TIA
  3. Display is also different. SYNC2 screen is connected through a middle internal pin connector to the APIM and SYNC3 connects the APIM to the screen using a frakra connector. Then, to upgrade to SYNC3 the full screen+APIM must be changed plus an external fakra GPS Antenna.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for SYNC2 version 3.08 software update for european Unit (Language Pack 5, with spanish language). The old ford site to download the software is not working anymore and it's extremely difficult to find this version. Do any one of you knows where to find it?. TIA
  5. Hi all, I have an stupid question. I'm helping a friend to retrofit his sync1 unit to Sync2 as I did, but he is trying to use an APIM+Screen where the donor car was not a focus but a S-Max, when we connect the module to the SYNC1 cable or With the rewired extension cable, what we have is a back screen. All wires are correct, although first time of connection, the pin number 38 was disconnected (and this is the ground), so the fuse number 67 was blown. But, I can think that a SYNC2 unit from S-Max could not be compatible with focus, but something should appear on the screen after connection...isn't it ?. After that we tried with a SYNC2 unit from a ford focus, but was bough on eBay and the conditions of the unit was terrible. Also, if he connect the apim to the rewired cable or the original SYNC1 cable (native) fuse 67 is blowing.... (this fuse controls GPSM and screen). So my question, should the screen from SMAX works (although not fully) with the focus? I cannot understand why I cannot see anything on screen, it's not starting. TIA
  6. If you don't insert a map navigation SD you will have the message "Insert Navigation Card", you cannot use android auto because is not compatible with SYNC2
  7. If you don't insert a map navigation SD you will have the message "Insert Navigation Card", you cannot use android auto because is not compatible with SYNC2
  8. I spliced the GPSM from the HVAC connector, I used an splice connector and it works perfectly. For the SD reader, I don't think a USB to SD reader will work. It's mandatory to have the USB-SD hub if you want to use navigation, for the sd maps card.
  9. Hi, Nathan. You have to activate the camera on sync2 to work with it. I did it with focccus instead forscan, but, in any case, you can activate with forscan using the engineer mode, much more easy. In my case, I had problems with the electrical connection, black wire has to be attached to a metallic part of the car. The painted area cannot be use, it's insulated. In any case, I needed a filter to have a good and stable image, because 12 Volts to rear light is not stable... Sorry for this late awnser..
  10. Just plug the camera to the apim. So easy, you need an RCA cable with two wires, + and -, then + wire must go to pin 14 and - wire to pin 15, then activate the camera with forscan (although I did with focccus) and it's work. The easy option is to buy the extension cable with RCA connector on amazon. I did it, because I retrofitted from SYnc1 to Sync2, and I used it to rewire and add new pins...
  11. I'm just creating a guide of how-to, but in Spanish, but I promise this weekend I will translate into English and publish... I will let you know 😊
  12. I've been talking to a traffic policeman, friend of mine, told me not worry about ligth intensity, it's OK if license numbers can be read, but, for cameras integrated on the illumination systems can be a problem for MoT if not homologated. Anyway, the appearance of the camera is the same as on original, so I hope not problems with it. Anyway, camera is working OK, but I can see such kind of distortion in the top of the image, exactly where the advertency message and zoom button is shown. I don't know if this message can be removed, because I think this overlapping is the origin of the distortion.
  13. I changed the value in the drop down menu on engineer mode, I installed the camera, (with some difficulties) and now is working correctly. (Most important thing is to choose a good iron part, not painted, for ground connection... it was making me crazy). But I'm worried because the license plate illumination is although a 30% less than on original handle leds... I don't know if I will have problems on MOT...
  14. Camera installed and working... No need to change anything on asbuilt mode, just in enginer mode activate as North America camera...
  15. I have the camera and tomorrow I will install it, but I still have a doubt.... in the APIM(As-Built) I don't have a 9 or 3 or B in my second bit of the first block... What I have is: 7D0-01-01-0D6C-109D ..... I don't understand the meaning of this "D" character. Most of the people has 9, I've also read people with "2" on this bit, but I don't know why I have a "D" on that bit. I'm trying to collect information about the different options but I cannot.... Mine is a MK3.5 with a retrofitted SYNC2... previously I had SYNC1... I'm starting to think that this is coming from the old APIM. To reprogram it I used focccus and didn't load any "as-built" data. As everything was working correctly I decided not touch anything else... probably my APIM now is a complete caos. Perhaps I should load an asbuilt file from a car with SYNC2 and camera (I have one located)...