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  1. For any body else this happens to. The plug is corroded from the inside . Ting pin hole rusted through. Plug measures 14mm X 5mm. Most engine rebuilders should stock the plug. Opened the coolant cap aswell and spilt in two lol.
  2. So I was driving down the road and stopped at traffic lights and a plume of smoke came rising from the bonnet. I brought it home and spotted a tiny jet of coolant spraying from one of what looks like a coolant plug. Top one in the picture . Any idea where I would get one of these. ?? I'd imagine a pin hole is in the plug. Car is 2017 with only 32k.
  3. Great stuff I'll be starting mine shortly. What was the engine reving at , say at about 60 ,70 mph in 6th with the focus FD ??
  4. That's looks pretty good , I found a secondhand mountune airbox cheap enough so going with that. Did your mod increase engine noise by much ??
  5. Hello, I just bought a 2017 1.0 ecoboost. remapped with a superchips map today. Curious where the recirculating valve dumps to exactly? Is it the intake manifold or somewhere in the intake pipe before it?? IV seen the st200's airbox but I like the extra capacity of the 1.0 airbox. I might cut maybe a 2" hole and design a duct to angle over towards the front bumper and 3d print it. Anybody do this before , any pics ?
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