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  1. I bought a spare wheel off Ebay, is it right as the overall diameter of the tyre is less than that of my fitted wheels it says T 125/80R 95M, also how to get hold of a fitted scissor jack I just received a generic flat top, would like the fitted one for extra security.
  2. The rolling diameter looks different to, the reason I mentioned I bought a space saver off Ebay and the diameter is smaller, so thought it might be the wrong tyre so haven,t put it in the boot.
  3. That's how I'm feeling at the moment, I would loose to much part exchanging it I have owned it for 8 months, it's just taken away the piece of mind, this my first ever brand new car so was excited with the prospect, at least I have reported the issue so if anything happens because of the leak further down the line I will have proof, apart from this issue I am please with the car and the way it drives, I had a second hand Toyota MR2 Roadster prior to this one that I owned for 12 years and it never let me down and passed all the M.O.T's and that was a soft top that never leaked, time will tell.....
  4. Hi tef89, didn't realise that people were reporting the same issue, I'm leaving it for now as the leak has stopped, I'm not keen having the screen removed again, I normally pick up with some damage leaving it with a garage.
  5. I've had leaking water on the passenger side dripping down the A Pillar, the dealership resealed the windscreen twice and was told it's manufacturing fault yesterday, I was told I need to take it to a body shop now, even if it's repaired not really happy keeping the car due to possible long term damage.
  6. Resealed the windscreen but still have water coming in from the passenger side, I'm extremely disappointed as this is my first ever new car, sadly it's starting to put me off this one.
  7. I think they would have but I'm going away for a week, booked for the 25th to be repaired, hopefully no long term damage will be caused just hoping the rain goes away until then, not looking likely though.
  8. Taken car to the garage, the windscreen needs resealing which is a bit disappointing.
  9. I bought my car in March, I've had no issues until now, I appear to have a water leak coming from the A frame on the passenger side it drips on the dash just above the side vent, then drips onto the vent into glove box onto the floor, just wondered if anyone else has this issue? I hadn't opened the passenger door or the window, it's still under warranty but thinking if might be hard to source the leak.
  10. I drive a 2019 ST-Line, I used the eco boost once, just made the engine feel as though it wasn't working properly, maybe on a long run it might feel better.
  11. Thanks, I thought that might be the case so just tightened a bit, rather than over tighten.
  12. I've only owned the car for a few months and am very happy with it, when washing my car yesterday I noticed that the rear wheel arch liner have two nuts that were only finger tight on both sides, I tightened them a little, is this normal or should they be tight, I didn't over tighten just incase that's the norm, thanks for any advise.
  13. Just bought a Fiesta ST line had delivery of an emergency spare wheel, when I placed it next to the wheel on the car the tyre seems 25mm lower than the existing wheel, is that normal?