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  1. I've stuck firm sponge on the inside of the glove box and the cubby hole below the lights, the vibration seems much better for now, did silicone spray the rubber where the windows slide up, not sure that made a difference though, the vibration was getting on my nerves.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing the picture, cured my door vibration with a microfiber cloth stuffed between the door when I close it, where the hard plastic is above the speaker and the soft plastic seam cures the vibration
  3. Mine Rattles on drivers door, I thought it was the armrest handle but more suspect of the speaker area, it's very annoying as it's only just started, a vibration more than a rattle, also when I pull away a rattle more in the centre consul area, I have to keep the radio on so it does not drive me bonkers, I'm reluctant to remove door card incase I make it worse.
  4. Wow, seems early for shocks to go, prior to this car I had an Toyota MR2 for 13 years, never let me down and were still on original shocks. as I'm a grandad thought I should buy a 5 seater and it was my first ever Brand New Car, the Fiesta ST line leaked in the cabin so refused to keep the car, the courtesy car they car me was a Focus, which does drive nicely.
  5. I just looked at the price for a convenience check, they are charging £115 now, I've always checked the fluids so might leave it until the 2 year service, I haven't any issues only a rattle in the cabin when pulling away from a standstill and an annoying rattle/vibration coming from the door handle.
  6. Yes my thoughts to, with the scaremongering, I carry out basic things like checking levels, tyres and so on, I thought an oil change maybe but if it's just looking over the car, I can do that.
  7. My Ford Focus 1.5 Ecoboost is a year old on the 30th, June, the sales person said servicing every 2 years, my service manual says 2 years, but the dealership saying it's now that it's due for a service, to make sure it's safe to drive? with lockdown my car has only done 3000 miles. So really do you think I should book for a service as I have no concerns for the car, I know that the 1st, service was very important in older cars or changing the engine oil was would appreciate your opinions.
  8. I bought my first ever new car, it was a Fiesta, I didn't realise it leaked until the winter, to cut a long story short it was a pin prick hole in the bodywork hidden by the windscreen, the courtesy car I had was a Focus, which drove really well I thought it also looked ugly, but I soon liked the looks, I'm happy now.
  9. I do notice when there's condensation on the inside of my windscreen that there always more around the camera area, as you said with mpg it dropped when the weather deteriorated.
  10. Driving home tonight the weather was misty and getting dark, the collision sensor flashed up saying sensor or camera is blocked, it's happened before on a foggy day, is that normal. I seem to average 43.3 MPG now it's the winter, is that about average for the 1.5 Ecoboost, thanks
  11. I have a couple of quick questions, does the Ford performance number plate surround fit on the Focus, I sure it would on the front but not sure about the rear, Just collected my car today how do I change my profile to add the Focus rather than Fiesta, thanks
  12. Thanks one and all, think I've now made up my mind now and go for the 1.5 petrol, it's nice to have that extra torque, obviously I would like the ST or RS but trying to keep running costs down as it will be mainly used for commuting and probably better longevity with the slightly larger engine
  13. I think you have my thoughts to, go for a third larger engine and de-tuned, surely better when loaded with passengers and hills, I'm old school I can not get my head around a 1000cc engine my last motorbike had an engine bigger than that, I'm assuming it's less demand on the 1500cc and probably worth the extra.
  14. Sorry I think I have posted in the wrong forum, it's the Ford Focus I will be buying as I had an issue with the Fiesta.
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