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  1. I have a couple of quick questions, does the Ford performance number plate surround fit on the Focus, I sure it would on the front but not sure about the rear, Just collected my car today how do I change my profile to add the Focus rather than Fiesta, thanks
  2. Thanks one and all, think I've now made up my mind now and go for the 1.5 petrol, it's nice to have that extra torque, obviously I would like the ST or RS but trying to keep running costs down as it will be mainly used for commuting and probably better longevity with the slightly larger engine
  3. I think you have my thoughts to, go for a third larger engine and de-tuned, surely better when loaded with passengers and hills, I'm old school I can not get my head around a 1000cc engine my last motorbike had an engine bigger than that, I'm assuming it's less demand on the 1500cc and probably worth the extra.
  4. Sorry I think I have posted in the wrong forum, it's the Ford Focus I will be buying as I had an issue with the Fiesta.
  5. I want to buy a Ford Focus ST-Line, I've been driving a 125ps courtesy car for a few months because of lock down, I prefer the driving experience to the Fiesta, my question is worth paying about £2000 more for the 1.5 Ecoboost with 150ps so 25ps more than the 1.0 and roughly 70Lb of torque, I know the insurance will be slightly more, my thinking is that an engine a third larger would be under less stress especially when fully loaded, your thoughts would be much appreciated
  6. That's great managed to find the oil life indicator it's showing 58% and my cars nearly a year old.
  7. Thanks for that will keep in my pocket in future, less likely to forget then Thanks.
  8. Mk8 St lIne since I've owned the car I've always put the key in the compartment in front of the gear lever, do I need to or can I keep the key in my pocket.
  9. Much appreciated thanks for that info.
  10. Is it easy to find the oil indicator? I still need to play around more with the computer bit, I'm a bit old school
  11. I have the 140ps and managing around 44.6 mpg, it depends how it's driven even where you live.
  12. Thanks for that,I didn't know it had one.
  13. Oil Life indicator? do you mean the dip stick.
  14. I bought my car a year ago in March, I have roughly 3900 miles on the clock, the salesperson said the service is every 2 years but I'm sure in the owners manual it said 1 year, Ford dealer are now saying it's due for a service which is a bit eager as I bought the car in March, basically I want advise should I book a first service in March, I 'm thinking it a good idea as it was a new engine, do you also how much they should charge, thank you.