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  1. frustrated!!!!

    I've had the same problem recently as has my wife with her fiesta. the common denominator is they're all diesel. We live in Scotland. We've had snow for aprox 3 weeks now. That's aprox 2 feet of snow that hasn't gone away. Temperatures range from -5 at best to one morning - 22 on way to work. Diesel "waxes" at low temperatures. This means basically that particles in the fuel freeze and block your fuel filter. My engine management light has come on and gone off at it's own will. My wife is lucky enough to have a vehicle fleet garage that read her faults which showed low fuel volume and viscosity. Driving makes the problem worse as cold wet air passes over the fuel pipes cooling the diesel within. All the advice available seems to be to park in a garage or if that's not possible park the rear into the wind and keep your tamk full so condensation on inside of tank doesn't freeze. I'm surrised your garage haven't heard of waxing. I remember watching some travel adventure documentary years ago and Russian lorry drivers had to light a fire under their engines overnight to stop the diesel freezing. There are additives avialable that supposedly help by changing the shae of the particles in the diesel making them long and thin so they pass thro the filter but I haven't experimented with them yet. Kerosene (central heating oil) also is supposed to work when added to your tank but I haven't tried that either. I find keeping revs below 2000 works best. Easy here as roads covered in snow so noone driving much above 30 mh. Not so easy on a motorway!!!!!
  2. Hi there I have a 55 Fiesta and am trying to change the n/s headlight bulb. I have removed the rubber seal from the back, pulled the wiring plug out and am now stumped by the spring clip removal!! Due to the position of the light I cannot see how the clip is pushed/pulled or whatever to remove it. On older models it was simply a case of pushing the clip towards the light to free it from the retaining hooks and wiggling it side to side to remove but I've tried all this and now have bleeding fingers and am in danger of losing the rag with it and breaking it if I try and force it any more. Any advice or any links to pictures would be appreciated Thanks