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  1. If you can reach the cigarette socket, make up a lead with a cig plug on one end and a pair of croc clips on the other and connect the crocs to a battery, that way you back feed power to the car and should then be able to use the remote to unlock it.
  2. Take a good look at the coil spring, it could be broken. Fords have a notorious habit of breaking coil springs.
  3. Hypoid 32 hydraulic oil is what you need.
  4. Lock the car with the remote and if they don't fold there's your answer. I think that if they were folding it could be a fuse issue but other things that are possibly on the same circuit would not work either. Someone with a greater knowledge than I on this might be able to better help you.
  5. Does it not say in the service schedule part of the owners handbook?
  6. It's been clobbered and the pivot arm inside is bent, take it back to where you bought it and get them to sort it out, the whole mirror unit will have to be replaced.
  7. How badly is the wheel buckled and where is it buckled? Measure the full width of one of the good ones on the outside and again on the inside between the inner edge of the bead and then measure the buckled one to determine how buckled it is, I had one that was one inch out but it came back perfectly with the aid of a 14lb sledge hammer.
  8. Sorry Mike, I may have read it wrong, I thought you'd only had the vehicle for a short time. Reminds me of a 1992 Fiesta that my Brother bought for his wife after passing her test, (driving test that is) the car was doing the same as yours, the car came with a full history including past repairs, an elderly lady was the last owner and looking pack through the paperwork one bit of it was an invoice for over £500 for the 'fitment of a new rear axle beam, trailing arms and associated parts'. Thinking that it had not been fitted properly Brother had it checked out and it turned out that the car had been hit in the rear quarter side on and bent the axle beam, and the investigation revealed that the original had been straightened, rather poorly, so the garage where the previous owner had it so called repaired had ripped her off. This 'repair had been done not long before my Brother bought it, armed with this evidence he took it back and demanded they fix it as they stated in black and white or he would get Trading Standards involved, they had to fit a new unit.
  9. Exactly, cooked his goose there! They won't touch it now.
  10. Take it back and tell them to sort it out. It should have another years warrantee on it and whoever did the work didn't do it properly.
  11. Looks like a speaker grille. Doesn't it tell you in the owners handbook?
  12. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for you'll have to settle for a VW Polo and make it look like a Fiesta using CGI. 😁
  13. It's not what the wheels are worth as wheels, it's what they are worth in scrap, that's why they get nicked, keep your locking wheel nut in place 'cos if you replace it with standard ones and the wheels go walkies your insurance Co won't pay out. Locking wheel nut key as said is normally in a round hole in the spare wheel/tool kit foam but the hole is deep and it might be right at the bottom.
  14. If this noise is heard under drive, that's when the car is pulling, it suggests to me that you have a driveshaft issue, it could be bearings at the gearbox end or a CV joint the hub end. Jack the front of the car up and rotate each wheel to and fro and see if you can hear a clicking.
  15. The main thing that would concern me with the lack of a service history is weather or not the cam belt has been changed. People probably don't do it now but if you discretely put a seal on parts that have to be removed, parted, opened up or renewed, when it comes back from service you look to see if those seals have been broken.