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  1. If that's Christmas, Christmas sucks!
  2. Sounds to me like you're stressing the driven plate springs or the release bearing by releasing the clutch too quickly, you've answered your own question, drive normal, that way you won't tear apart your clutch.
  3. You should hear nothing as long as the picture taken by the camera shows the ambulance passing you, it more than likely does otherwise the camera would not have activated. I'm sure that many emergency service vehicles get flashed.
  4. What is your heater/blower working like, does it function on all speeds? Not sure if it could be your issue but if the resistor unit for the heater/blower is gone duff you'll only get full whack in the highest switch/knob position.
  5. Not sure but it could possibly be that one of the wishbones could be bent.
  6. a fox, that's the only animal that stashes an egg, and any other food for that matter, like a dog that buries a bone for later.
  7. If you want your exhaust to sound louder, wind down your window and stick your head out, that would do it! a really good way to draw attention to yourself and people waving a hand at you, not in a circular motion either. The legal noise limit in the UK on all cars is 76db (decibels).
  8. The reason for your heater blower control only working on position 4 is that the speed control resistor has failed so you'll need to fit a new one.
  9. Any new car should carry a 3 year warrantee against any fault, covering diagnostics, parts and labour and possibly a courtesy vehicle.
  10. The warrantee should cover it all. Look in your printed warrantee and see what is and what's not covered.
  11. Sounds like either a CV joint worn or an engine mount.
  12. Accuracy of a vehicles speedometer depends on wheel and tyre fitment, rolling circumference. The speedometer, analogue or digital is calibrated to the factory fitted wheel and tyre size which will be stated in the owners handbook.
  13. I think I may have said this elsewhere some time ago in another thread but relevant here, I bought a vehicle from a dealership some years ago, it wasn't a make that they dealt with but a PX, when I went to pick it up their apprentice was removing the tow hitch from it, I asked him what he was doing and he said removing the tow hitch, I told him oh no you're not, that was on the vehicle when I bought it so it's staying there, he had to put it back on. After driving it home I also noticed that the dog guard, roller parcel shelf cover and the floor mats were not there so I rang the dealer and ask
  14. Beware buying second hand cars from dealers, they have a habit of removing any optional extras it came in with, tow bar, mud flaps, seat covers, parcel shelf, boot liner, spare wheel cover, jack and even the mats, then they sell them back with the car as 'extras' to get more profit out of it.
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