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  1. I think that these instrument bulbs are capless types but wish to know their number which would relate to size. Where did you get the idea that they are SMD LED? Perhaps I should say that the ones I am referriing to are for a MK1 1.6 LX of 2004.
  2. Anyone care to inform us of what bulbs are in the instrument cluster/binnacle?
  3. Window regulator motors fail. Airbag light flashes 4 times, then twice (code 42) and then stays illuminated if you move the front seats with ignition on without being sat on them. Rear window washer tube detatches from the jet behind the high braking light. Heater blower motor seizes and stops working. Heater blower resistor fails, symptom of this is that the heater blower only works on position 4 on the speed switch dial. Headlamp levelling motors seize and manual adjustment points fail (MOT fail).