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  1. Look on the internet for a Company called Technofix, this small Company makes up pretty much any type of communications leads to the customers requirement, tell them what you need and if they can, they will make it.
  2. How many wires does it have? If it's only 2, red and black then all you need to do is to earth the black wire and connect the red wire into your sidelight wire one side or the other.
  3. Personally I would not change from what is recommended by the manufacturer, a straight 30W will stay thicker for longer and defeat the object, if you're worried about just doing short journeys just let the engine get up to normal running temperature before you drive off.
  4. In my experience Autoglass will not sort out the insurance, that is the owners responsibility as the policy holder. Do not attempt to remove any of the glass until your insurance Company has been informed, they may wish to send out an assessor but do remove the sucker, you are bound to get a certain amount of glass drop into the car, that's unavoidable. If the glass does fall into the car you may be able to claim for a valet to remove it, in the mean time you could cover the parcel shelf, back seats and floor area with a bed sheet to minimise a mess if the glass caves in and take another picture after you remove the sucker.
  5. Looks like it really went pop! Must have more or less exploded to shatter it like that. I would say that the wire hook contacted on 2 of the heating strips and shorted the whole thing out, that's where you got the burning and smell from, it generated enough heat to shatter the window. Remove the sucker, you'll probably make the hole bigger doing it, and contact your insurance Company, if windows are covered in your policy you can claim for a new one to be fitted.
  6. Firstly, chuck the Haynes in the bin, it's useless, these manuals were pretty good up until the mid 1990's but since then they've gone downhill considerably. Secondly, you can test if the blower motor is working by unplugging it's feed, it's only a two pin plug, and connect it directly to a battery, if it doesn't run then it's gone down. The plug should be under the bottom of the motor, it might tell you how to gain access to the motor in the Haynes but that's about all. Look on eBay for Ford Fiesta mk7 heater blower resistor to identify the correct one for your car, there's loads listed. There's a lot of blower motors listed as well, if you have to go down that route make sure that the seller has tested that it works.
  7. Which side of the dash is was the noise coming from? Does the heater blower motor operate? Classic problems with this are, heater blower motor failed or the thermistor unit failed. You can test the blower motor by unplugging the power feed and connecting up a battery to it directly, if it works then it's the thermistor. That's where I would start looking.
  8. The only issues you will encounter with Windows Defender is that it allows a lot of rubbish to download when Windows installs updates on your PC, this rubbish is Windows related and contained within the download, this is why some updates fail as their own security system is treating elements of that update as malware and sometimes also treats update downloads from other programmes that you do need as a virus, such as Chrome and Adobe. As I said in an earlier post, I have been using McAfee for several years and it does not conflict with Defender, I did use Norton for a while in the early days but that treated nearly everything as a virus or malware and conflicted with everything.
  9. Windows Defender is part of the Windows operating system on your PC, you have to look for it in your computers settings under system and security and turn it on. Don't bother with Norton, that is now so old that even the current version is very easy for the nasties to bypass and it also won't allow any other protection programmes to run on your computer and conflicts causing lots of crashing.
  10. Don't know about the consequence of their action, they should be made aware of consequences and drummed into them hard, it's more a case of that they have no regard or respect for others, what if they threw something and it hit the car that their parents were driving and it caused their death and possibly others, they should be apprehended, locked up and lectured in the error of their ways plus their parents, humiliate and put them all to shame.
  11. Another way you could punish these juvenile idiots when and if caught, use them as crash dummies. I don't know what the situation is in other parts of the Country but here it is no longer legal to erect advertising hoardings in fields beside the motorway and dual carriageways, it causes distraction. I think that all foreign left hand drive lorries should be banned from our roads as the drivers are often way over our driver hour restrictions and cause carnage occasionally, they should be made to transfer their load onto UK based transport at the point of entry to this Country and then turned back to where they came from. We had a spate of juveniles rolling big bales of hay and silage down steep fields onto roads a few years ago, there was a well known musician killed when a bale hit his car, that was a pure accident though.
  12. Try a Company by the name of Motorhog in Gloucester, they are breakers and salvage auctions, they have a website, they might have the part and it would be genuine. Alternatively search the internet for Ford breakers. If in doubt of model your V5C should show that and if you can't work it out from that then download the Ford workshop manual and refer to the section that tells you how to read the VIN which will tell you the make, model, month and year of manufacture, failing that contact your local Ford dealer, give them the VIN and they will be able to give you the info.
  13. Little scroats throwing a swede at a Police car, that was in my neck of the woods. Let's forget cruise control for a minute and consider the ones that threw the swede. It was up until now common practice for bored town teenagers to stand on an over bridge and play Pooh sticks with a concrete block but a lot of these teens are so weak from a diet of supermarket processed food and so malnourished that they can no longer lift a 25 kilo breeze block now and can only manage a 2 kilo swede. Round them up, put them in stocks and pelt them with tomatoes.
  14. Thanks. Seems like I’ve been Tango’d! 🤪
  15. I have been looking for the exact colour of my Fiesta, I believe it to be Pepper Red Pearl, the code on the VIN states T5 which according to the Ford chart does not come up that colour. This car is original, not repainted, manufacture month and year was September 2007 and was first registered December that year.