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  1. thanks for your reply, it turns out they were more expensive than the another 2 online places i had my eye on, i ordered mine from for £28.71 for the 2 fronts and a single bosch rear. The site you suggested was a few quid more. Thanks anyway. I did phone bosch to ask them about genuine online stockists but they were useless and it was a waste of time.
  2. Yeah good idea bud, i cant imagine any thief nicking a crappy for radio but stranger things have happened. 😉 I dont think my girlfriend will be interested in your gym suggestion lol.. I might just have to lube what areas i can, starting at the handbrake and then see if i can get oil down the cables in any way, then take the back wheels and drums off and lube the handbrake lever mechanism, its a lot of hassle though. 😞
  3. Thanks for the reply Luke, i have found plenty of places that sell them for a good online price but unless someone has bought from them then we cant be sure they are genuine. Ebay is especially risky for everything fake these days.
  4. Guys many thanks for all the helpful replies. I got an ebay code for 99p and it works a treat, problem is solved. 😉 There is a website forum you can join and post your serial number, wait a little while and someone will post the code for free, it was just easier using ebay than registering for a forum but i just thought i would mention it incase anyone wants to use the forum for a free code. 😉
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I always find Halfords to be a lot more expensive and i usually buy online. Halfords is £32 for the blades and some places sell them online for £20. The problem is you dont know if they are genuine or not. @dtulip8 thanks for the part number it makes searching a bit easier. 😉 wireywhenwet, thanks for your reply it sounds like they are easy to fit. I dont have a premium card though. 😉
  6. Hey guys where can i buy genuine Aerotwin Bosch wipers for my 2010 mk2 focus hatchback. I noticed there is a lot of fakes out there so i thought its best to ask first. Are they a direct fit for the standard wipers? Cheers 😃
  7. Many thanks mate. Ill remove the radio and get the serial number. 😉
  8. Hey Guys I recently bought a 2010 Focus 1.6 for my girlfriend to drive after she passes her test. The handbrake appears to be a bit on the stiff side for her, its ok for a bloke to operate but she is struggling to pull it high enough to brake the car properly. What can i lubricate to make the handbrake operation easier? Im quite handy with the spanners so i can do the task myself once i get the right info. ;) cheers The battery died recently due to lack of use, now the radio is asking for a code, what the best way to get a code? ;)