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  1. Hi I have a 2006 fiesta 1.4 tdci with an issue/issues with the fuel system that have been ongoing since i’ve had it. When I bought it the garage owner said that fuel ran back when it was stood overnight and it needed priming before starting. The solution, I was told, was replace the fuel pipe and primer pump section of the fuel delivery system. I did this myself. After replacing the fuel pipe and primer section there was still a fuel delivery issue, this presented as when I started the car it would sporadically do into limp mode while trying to accelerate, for a second then stop, another second then stop. This continued until the car had been driven for a few minutes (until the fuel had been drawn through properly I’m guessing). So I’ve had to prime it on the pump before I drive it since. I can see air bubbles in the pipe that I replaced so I assume that wasn’t the problem after all. In the last few weeks another issue has arisen, the leak off pipe keeps coming off from injector 1. from what I’ve read and the other issues it seems to all be linked. Can anyone shed any light on it? There is air getting in somewhere... would air pop the leak off pipe out of the injector? can the system be bled? What steps can i take to try and diagnose this? Thanks
  2. I recently replaced the blower motor on my 1.4 fiesta diesel, 56 reg, and while I was doing so I managed to pull the wire out of the back of the small black push in connector on the rear of the passenger airbag. The tiny pin/split pin connectors broke and now I can’t get the wires back in the plug and the airbag light is on on the dash. Ive been to everywhere I can think of for a replacement connector, even looked on ford partsford but no luck... Can anyone advise how to obtain new crimp connectors with that are pin/split pin end that are that narrow? Can not find them.... Also not really sure what they are called hah attached pics of the broken off end of the connector, and the ouch in plastic connector they go into before then being clipped in to back of airbag
  3. Hi This may sound a bit daft and probably obvious.. but My fiesta 1.4tdci 2006 56 reg failed on a few bits, I was going to sort out most myself as the garage is now shut until New Year. The only problem I have is gettin the right part for a corroded brake pipe. The fail sheet says: Brake pipe excessively corroded Nearside (front to rear) [1.1.11(c)] Can anyone advise what part it is I need? Cheers
  4. I think I’ve found it, Air filter flow intake hose
  5. Can anyone tell me what this hose is called? it’s split and i want tom order a new one but not sure it’s name cheer
  6. Hi folks, I know this subject has been asked to death but I can’t seem to find the answer haha The blower on my girlfriends fiesta does. i thing when you turn it on, absolutely nothing on any number, hot or cold. The AC button light illuminates when you press it it but doesn’t stay on. i replaced the resistor, changed the AC fuse which did nothing. There wasn’t a fuse in the slot for the blower for some reason... I put one in at correct rating and turned the dial and it popped the fuse. I reckon it’s probably the blower motor but would like some advice whether this is the best idea. cheers
  7. Hi i’m hoping someone might be able to shed some light on the issue i’m having with my girlfriends diesel fiesta... When I bought it the fuel line and primer pump needed replacing as the non return valve (probably wrong name) was knackered and it needed to be primed every day before starting. I bought the fuel line and primer pump and swapped it over for the old one. This was when the problem started. When I get in the car first thing and start it up a “check engine/handbook” message comes up and the orange warning symbol that the handbook says is for “power train issue” this message however flicks off almost immediately. When you then set off driving, as the revs build, all of a sudden the message comes up, makes a beep noise and total power loss, this then stops and the revs build again and it happens again and again like this regardless of gear. as the car starts to warm up the power loss thing stops but the fault message continues to pop up and disappear, gradually getting less and less frequent the warmer the car gets. above the temp gauge reads about 60, the problem doesn’t re occur until the following time it’s started from cold. Ive checked all the push fit pipe connectors are fully in and they are, ive even fitted a new fuel pump... does anybody have have any ideas what it could be? it’s doing my nut!! thanks