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  1. Welcome to the Ford Focus ***** electronics topic. I've given up giving a toss about the INTERMITTENT electronic glitches my MK4 has. Every day at least one thing plays up, hill start, auto start stop, sync 3, ANDROID auto, sat nav.....welcome to 2020.
  2. Anyone found an upgrade to the standard puddle lights that actually fit? I found some on-line that fitted the hole but were just a few mm too tall and wouldn't latch. The way they were constructed made it pretty impossible to adapt.
  3. Or it could just be that the electronics on the Ford Focus MK4 are crap. I get weekly random items not switch on or just not work, hill assist, collision assist, sat nav etc etc.
  4. I've got a MK4 1.5D and i notice the engine noise above any road noise. It could do with some added sound proofing on the firewall.
  5. Get yourself a trim removal kit (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Removal-Phyles-Console-Installation-Remover/dp/B07B7F5T8D/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=trim+removal+kit&qid=1570585300&sr=8-6) There are equidistant rectangular tabs located on the grill that clip over tabs on the bumper. You need to use the plastic tool to go round the grill releasing the tabs whilst trying not to damage the paint work. Pry down on the grill to release the bumper whilst pulling the grill away from the car. It's a bugger of a job, but don't use a screw driver.
  6. Anyone fitted them? Pro's - Cons -
  7. 1.5 diesel and since June with 4500 miles.
  8. FLAKEY AS FOOK!!!!! Stuff switches off randomly, hill assist, speed limiter, USB media device. Other stuff hangs or just plays up. And it's all random and fixed with an ignition cycle.
  9. Any way ya like. 3M VHB tape, glue, nail, screw....or just plain magic.
  10. I've just uploaded my video on changing the halogen dipped and main bulbs on the MK4 Focus. Enjoy and hope it helps.
  11. I've got an ST-LINE X 1.5 oil burner and i get the clunk from 1st to 2nd. I'll ask them to look at that on first service.
  12. VFR800

    Multi link

    Don't panic what version you have, the Focus is jittery over the bumps, no matter what suspension you have. Coming from a 1 series BMW that seemed to be perfectly damped, the Focus reacts to every bump and when pushed seems skittish, great if you like that feeling.
  13. I'm no expert, but next time it happens don't restart it once it's stalled. Stop the car and go and check the fuel cap, listen to see if you can hear any hissing. Also, remove it to see if the tank has pulled a vacuum. If you can, remove the fuel cap, when cold, and then start the car and drive to see if it still cuts out. It could be an issue with the fuel tank vent valve and associated system.
  14. Fitted the ST Line badge to the front grill. I'm happy with the results. Adds a unique look to the front grill of the ST Line.