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  1. I'm no expert, but next time it happens don't restart it once it's stalled. Stop the car and go and check the fuel cap, listen to see if you can hear any hissing. Also, remove it to see if the tank has pulled a vacuum. If you can, remove the fuel cap, when cold, and then start the car and drive to see if it still cuts out. It could be an issue with the fuel tank vent valve and associated system.
  2. Fitted the ST Line badge to the front grill. I'm happy with the results. Adds a unique look to the front grill of the ST Line.
  3. The problem seems to also be linked to the amount of current the pad can provide and also the temp of the phone. I've got a Samsung NOTE 8, fitted with a 3300mAh battery. If it's over approx 90% charge and over 24 degrees centigrade the phone will charge for about 30 seconds then stop, with the misaligned error. The phone now stays in place no matter what. I'm also checking to see if the charger socket in the same location is on the same circuit and may also cause the charge current for the pad to be limited. A long term test scenario.
  4. Fitting LED bulbs will blind other road users and get you flashed, a lot! The MK4 Focus has 3 headlight options from factory: 1) standard halogen with LED running lights (the ones you have) 2) LED headlights with LED running lights. These are the ones to go for, they produce a GOOD legal white light. 3) LED adaptive lights.These are the ones that move when turning corners. Not sure these would be an easy swap, may need something enabled in the ECU and also harness additions. You could try the ICE/BLUE halogen bulbs that companies like Philips or GE produce. These have a limited life span, i've found to be about a year from fitting. Hope this helps a bit. Keep us posted on what you decide.
  5. Do any of the "technical" people know what type of valve FORD use in their air conditioning units? Either - expansion valve or orifice tube? This is on a Focus MK4 2019.
  6. If i need to charge my work phone with the USB cable i use one of these in the vent and the metal plate on the back of the phone. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00Z620MW8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. I've refitted my TomTom in my Focus MK4 because the inbuilt SatNav is so pants. TomTom gets quarterly map updates, user input and speed camera updates on a very regular basis. I've had the car 4 months and it was becoming a right royal pain in the harris. Coming from a BMW the FORD SYNC system is a step backwards in many ways.
  8. I've been updated to 3.3.10952, what ever that means. You get the updating software, top right. Sometimes this may vanish if in a screen with other info in that location. You then get the successfully updated screen, if it works. The old version. The new version. Then the last screen when you press the blue arrow on the top right of the home screen shows the system update screen. I don't think my maps need updating, no further prompts about updating. Remember to upload the log file to the FORD website. The file is in the SyncMyRide folder on the memory stick and ends with your VIN number.XML Hope this helps.
  9. I am currently downloading the latest update for my SYNC3 via the Ford website. Apparently i need to go for a drive, it takes about 35 to 40 mins to update!!!!!! What's it powered by, 80286 with 256kb RAM!!! I will keep you updated.
  10. I know i have dirty nuts!
  11. I've had my SYNC 3 crash/hang in my MK4 once or twice since i've had my car, about 3 months now. A power cycle seems to sort the issue. I would have thought anything coming in from the USB/Bluetooth would also be affected by the crash.
  12. Do you have a MK4 with the charger pad? Do you constantly feel like throwing the charger pad out the window because all you seem to get is the message "charging has terminated due to the ***** design of the charging pad in the MK4 Focus!!!" I purchased some SUGRU (mouldable rubber, they call it glue.) and bish bash bosh..... It aint pretty but let's hope it works, i will keep you all updated.
  13. I occasionally get a rattle in the drivers side B pillar, near where the seat belt comes out, right in me earole!!!
  14. I've top coated mine and am happy with the results. Rattle can of Plasti-kote gloss, about 10 coats with a 1200 wet and dry before last coat. A few dust spots caught in the last coat the rest is static dust.