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  1. Anyone know where the paint code is located on a MK4? Need to get a touch-up kit because the bonnet looks like it's been attacked by a wood *****!!
  2. A library of course!!! What a wally!!
  3. Have you got a multi meter? If so..... Check battery voltage after it's sat overnight. Should be approx 12.6V + Start car - get someone to raise the RPM to about 2500 and check the voltage again - charge voltage should be approx 13V to 16V. This is a rough test and only used to get an idea if any issues are present. The exact output of the alternator should be confirmed by Ford.
  4. When exactly do you get this? If i sit in mine with the radio on and the ignition on this will come up after a while, it's normal.
  5. That defiantly looks like contamination of some kind. Is the brake fluid level staying constant over those 10k miles? Are you having to top up the coolant at all?
  6. Why don't you just go for a 30-minute drive round the block? It's not only the battery you have to worry about. As we don't know how long this is going to last i'd take it out to keep the seals lubricated.
  7. I can't wait for my two year out of date F9 maps!!! WhoooooHoooo!!
  8. Ford and technical seem to be a bit of a joke. I've never seen a company install Tec into their vehicles that is in such a poor state of operation. If this was the gaming industry this wouldn't even be "early access". The roulette, that is my MK4 Focus is a joke. Sit in car and guess which piece of tec is going to play up today!! It's not that the items are faulty, it's just that the implementation is crap. They work one day/trip and not the next, totally random.
  9. The only difference between fully and part is the breakdown time and suspension time of the additives. When oil starts to break down, due to age (water absorption) or heat/use the additives start to separate from the base oil. The base oil becomes contaminated with carbon deposits and this reduced the adhesion of the additives to the oil. If keeping to specified mileage/time oil change interval then all will be fine. You do know that "fully synthetic" isn't "fully!!" The synthetic quantity of the oil differs between the oil giants, "fully" is just marketing ***** for the most part. All the articles you'll read about the "advantages of fully synth" will funnily enough be on oil manufacturers websites!!! Or be written by an associate for the promotion of OIL!! Independent tests have only ever shown a difference between cheap and expensive oil manufactured to the same specification when left beyond the recommended change interval or when being used in a highly tuned engine. Other factors are temperature on cold/hot starts. If you live in the arctic or on the equator then the additives and "fully" help to maintain the oils specification for the time/mileage interval quoted by the engine manufacturer. Matey in the West Midlands will be fine with semi synth! Super duper coloured oil with magnetic particles and friction reducing additives are manufactured for people who know very little but like flashing lights and pretty pictures, the marketing firms love that, it keeps them in business. Oil tests performed in a lab are a far cry from you and me driving to and from work everyday, they try and simulate the conditions. Ask mechanics who deal with the stuff everyday. They will tell you "correct grade and at the recommended interval". If you want to know what an oil is doing, check these guys out at ya next oil change. https://www.theoillab.co.uk/product-category/oil-testing/engine/ You send them ya dirty oil and they tell you exactly what's in it. This is a good service for finding out how much engine wear you are encountering.
  10. https://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-and-fluids/engine-oil/halfords-5w30-part-synthetic-ford-oil-5l-172304.html
  11. Buy what ever is the cheapest. As long as the oil meets the standards for your engine it will be fine. If you change at or before the stated interval in the manual then fully synth is a waste of money. Many a fool and their money have been separated by believing all the monkey science thrown at oil.
  12. The only thing a K & N filter does it let more debrit into the combustion chamber, thus increasing engine wear and lowering the efficiency of the oil. This will cause your engine oil to break down quicker and thus risk other damage if oil ways become clogged with with dirty oil. If you don't care about the engine and all you want is sound, then fine.
  13. SO when you replace your air filter are you going to remap? If not, then it's a waste of money.