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  1. It's a shame the County Councils, who are responsible for line painting, don't seem to have any budget to renew said lines, that will make the new tech redundant!
  2. 2019 ST Line X 1.5D Start/Stop - stops working. Various rattles in the cabin. Sometime the auto hand brake says it's failed, switch off/on and works again. B&O sound system when pushed causes doors to rattle Occasional lock-ups of SYNC system. Plastics seem fragile, broken tailgate cover just by simply removing it. Seems a tad noisy at cruise/motorway speed.
  3. Try taking the 3 dead bodies out of the boot!! 😉
  4. If you get the wires the wrong way round does the music play backwards, asking for a friend!!??
  5. I use the Halfords own and have had decent results. They do a -10 and -20 versions, they smell nice and the -20 one looks like nuclear waste!! Mixing different brands can also cause issues. I've had it separate and cause either slime build up or small particles that do their best to block everything. Adding the white vinegar will also help with lime-scale reduction if you use hard water.
  6. I think the tracks were the death knell for the clutch.
  7. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/video/detail/B086VX25L4/ref=atv_dp_season_select_s4
  8. You seem to have a love affair with head gaskets! LOL 😉
  9. Over the last 30 years or so I've had various company cars and vans: Vauxhall Astramax 1.4 petrol - loved these vans. Would sit at 90 everywhere, got my first points in these pocket rockets. Ford Escort 1.9 diesel - By the time i got my hands on it, it was on engine number 3 and gearbox number 4! Peugeot 106 van, god awful things. Gutless when empty and a nighmare when full. Ford Focus Mk1 Estate 1.9d - loved this due to its handling and load space. A basic motor but a dependable companion. Toyota Avensis x 2 - Wonderful car but didn't fall for them, good but no
  10. What makes you confirm the clutch went?
  11. Not another one...."they all do that sir!!" Seriously, they all do!
  12. Stopped working on my MK4 Focus. My previous car's, BMW's, i never once had an issue with the START/STOP not working. Just add the START/STOP to the ever-growing list of weird things that don't work or work when the wind is in the right direction!!
  13. Don't worry about ya badge, the ***** have scribbled all over ya bonnet!!! 😉
  14. Suppose that's one way to make the MK4 rattle more than they normally do!! Next weeks video, "how to hunt down those annoying rattles in your MK4!!"
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