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  1. No. Because they only rely on the sticky tape and there not being a flat enough area on the front grill i decided to not use these. I'll probably use one on the dash running strip in the interior.
  2. Those SKgraphic ones are good quality, I've got two. Look to be injection moulded but mounted on plastic and only has 3M tape on the back, no screw mounting.
  3. I've just received the one i ordered! Looks good but is just a vinly sticker on some black plastic. The application isn't very good and one of the letters has lifted on the corner. If i put this on the car it would be letterless in about a week!! If i try and return this i'm gonna be out of pocket and still have something that wont last that long. Best avoid unless they change the way it's made. The only way i think i can save this is to top coat the thing and prey it doesnt react to the top coat!
  4. Do you have the standard speakers or the upgraded Harmon Kardon?
  5. I've got a MK4 and the front grill isn't really ideal for a foam tape mounted badge, need one with the screw thread so it can be bolted.
  6. New to Ford. Do they exist and if so can jo public get their hands on them?
  7. Anyone had any experience of swapping out the standard halogen with LED daytime running lights with the full LED headlights? From pictures i see that the connecting wires are totally different. Looking to see if it's the headlights and adapters i need or is it a case of separate wiring harness dependant on which is fitted. Full LED on left, halogen on right.