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  1. Shame! Both good cars by there though mate, I have owned them both. Best was the 2008 focus st though, miss that car loads!!
  2. Hi Stevo I'm based in Swansea south Wales mate.
  3. Hi guys Looking to sell the above at the end of august beginning of September. Would there be any interest on here before I advertise it on piston heads and other sites? Ain't got a price in mind yet, but I will probably be the cheapest 59 plate one nationwide!? Basically it's a 1.6 petrol with 17's and street pack in frozen white, and I think it's done about 5-6k? Well looked after, no bumps or scrapes registered in December 2009....
  4. Greetings

    Hi Bill. Great car the ST, make sure you get it remapped!! Totally different machine then!!!!!
  5. 1.6 Diesel Or 1.6 Petrol?

    I have both. Diesel for motorway driving and petrol for everything else.
  6. Ford MK7 Roofbars

    Get one of these mate: http://www.evanscycles.com/products/saris/bones-3-bike-rack-ec005810 Saris bones bike rack. Same price as ford roof bars but if you dont need to carry a kayak or roof box on your car like I do then these are a just the answer!
  7. Ford MK7 Roofbars

    Hi, Does anyone know how easy it is to remove and replace the black strips on the car? I find Ford have made a right meal of this by not installing the black strips with the blanking plates fitted in the first place, like they do on all other new Fords! Seems like the roof bars and guttering was an afterthought when building the new fez.
  8. MK7 ZS - TDCi or TiVCT

    I own a 1.6 tdci and a ti-vct. And imo the tcdi is the better car for the motorway all day long due to its torque and overtaking on low revs capabilities. While the ti-vct is better for round town and city driving, due to its quieter engine. And when revs are kept high it's nice and nippy and much better pulling of at the lights and entering roundabouts.
  9. Performance Mods

    Dreamsience hand held remap unit is all i would want, as then you can remap the car whenever you want and then take it off if you have have any warranty issues. Once the car is away from the dealership, just plug the unit back in and remap the car once again! Dont know how much of a BHP increase a remap would create though on its own? Anyone care to take a guess?
  10. No Fiesta for me til 2010

    Happy days Regan.....happy days! P.S You can borrow my petrol fez in exchange for your ST for a while if you wanted! God I miss my ST :(
  11. Mk7 Exhaust from Piper

    Hey Tom, Why don't you run a new thread with a poll attached? I think you would get a very good idea of the cars worth doing then.
  12. Some new bulbs fitted to my Mk7

    Got a link for that bulb Ade at £5.99?
  13. Mk7 Eibach part numbers

    Well, dealership said that some guys guys clutch went on a 1 & 1/2 yr old car and they blamed it on the car being lowered and the clutch hitting a speed bump! Any excuse eh....
  14. Comunity police officers,

    Grow up the lot of you! Ye, says me with the cartoon caracture car as an avatar! ;)
  15. Mk7 Eibach part numbers

    Dealership told me warranty was void if I put these on my ZS, even if they are Ford issue! Can anyone clarify this?