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  1. MrBee

    Spark Plugs

    Thanks @Luke4efcI never thought of that! Anyway, all seems good now, seems a bit less lumpy, but maybe thats the placebo effect...glad theyre done.
  2. MrBee

    Spark Plugs

    Thanks @Luke4efcthough Im not keen on the water thing...😮 . . . Anyway, got new ones in now so will just see how it goes...
  3. Just took these out of my 66 plate 1L EcoBoost, cos I was not convinced the dealer had either done the 3Y change or the 37,500 change, I bought the car in May with 35,500 miles on it. I thought they would have done it just to be sure, cos I asked them if they were going to do a service according to the schedule, and they said yes. I recently hit 37,100 and decided to take it for a service cos I weren't convinced they had done that either despite them saying they had, and I asked for the plugs to be checked/changed, and the plugs have come out looking seriously rough. The guy said they were really 'stuck in' and made a horrible noise on the way out like they were almost seized and were covered in white powdery stuff and rust. He said they are likely the original ones and were never changed as they should have been on the 3rd Year service. Should I be worried? What the heck is going on with these? Thanks all.
  4. MrBee

    Car Seats

    Yeah I have given it a miss for the time being, I will try to find a seat probably and just replace that, or if I win the lottery I will consider buying a cover...the trimmer did offer me a price to put leather in the inner bolster too, which was not a bad price really but still £450+ ...
  5. MrBee

    Car Seats

    Taking it to a local trimmers in the morning, he said they can probably do something,and though it may not be perfect they will probably be able to 'blend it in' as close as poss, and at least it will stop the seat cover wearing through, but needs to see it first to see what can be done, which is fair enough.
  6. MrBee

    Car Seats

    Yeah so I called my local Ford dealer, and they have quoted an outrageous price for the seat covering, for the upright part of the seat, in the region of, £810 inc VAT...This is not even outrageous, it is disgraceful. 😒 Even the guy at Ford was shocked, he had to check it twice cos he was expecting something in the region of £150-£250.
  7. MrBee

    Car Seats

    Hey Gaz, thanks for the reply, I will give em a ring 2morra, see what they say about it, I was driving past my local Ford delarship today and noticed they were pretty busy so hopefully someone will answer. Thanks again. 😀
  8. Thanks everyone, this is proper useful, I have looked at the stuff folks have posted, watched a video or five on YT too, I have not done it yet but will take a pop at it in the next 1-2 weeks hopefully 😁
  9. MrBee

    Car Seats

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a bit of info re my drivers seat. I hava a 2016 Titanium X Fiesta, with heated front seats, and the drivers seat has a small area of worn cloth/fabric near the bolster, which was done by the previous owner. I have spoken to a vehicle upholsterer and have arranged to take it to them for a quick look on Friday this week, but the chap mentioned a couple of things that he said may be worth knowing or finding out. First he reckoned the material is probably no longer available which could make things a bit tricky and it may end up looking odd, which I suppose is fair enough, second he said the seat in some of these Fords is 'bonded' and this means he cannot (or will not) be able to repair the covering, and third it may be worth contacting Ford to find out if the seat is bonded or not, and if there is a seat covering available and if so he will simply replace the whole covering as this would be the best finish and keep the car looking nice. He said if either the seat is bonded or Ford do not have the Fabric/Cover then maybe it was worth looking for another seat from a breakers, but to make sure the seat covering itself is of course not damaged, so either see it directly or get the seller to take plenty of pics. I have no idea what to ask for, who to call or whether this is even worth it? Thoughts and suggestions please. Thanks everyone.
  10. Hi Daggerit, Ive got one of these do I need anything else? Or is it all in there? I suppose I could just get a set of fuses anyway...could come in handy.
  11. Hey all, got a question re fitting dashcams. I got a Nextbase 522 with a rear cam, hardwire kit and nice case for my birthday a few weeks back. So now I'm thinking it is about time to fit it, and am wondering if it really is as straighfroward as some of the vids on YouTube, NextBase, Halfords etc? My buddy was saying it is a easy peasy, just like fitting a stereo! Yeah never done that either! And never had a stereo in my rear window neither! Is there anything I need to be aware of for my car? A 2016 (66) Fiesta 1l Ecoboost Titanium X? Surely its not that easy is it? Or is it? I dont want to mess up the electrics or sommat or freak out the alarm etc? Thoughts and guidance most welcome. Thanks all.
  12. Thanks Lenny, will dig into that when I get a moment and get back to ye 😀 with any questions. MB
  13. Hi everyone, hoping someone can throw some advice my way. Today, my son 'yanked' on my already looseining boot handle on my MK2.5 (2008) and my boot was beautifully reliived of the handle and the strip that holds it, aka, it all came right off, barring the wires holding the lock switch and lights onto the strip. Anyway, I have stuck it back for now with some gorilla tape, and am considering just getting a replacement, however, it looks like the previous owner has already glued it back on, and looks like some of the mount points have previously broken somehow (though to be fair I have no idea what I am looking for/at). So, my questions, if I order a replacement, do I need to order some fittings too? What are they called, these parts and fittings? Where do I buy/find them? I also noticed a few rubber parts, these where damaged, so I assume I need to replace these? I assume I can get some of this stuff from Ford but figure that may be a bit pricey, and figure I can get some of it from eBay, but am not really sure what I am looking for. Finally, does anyone have a guide and/or directions to a guide which shows how to replace the part? Any thoughts and advice most welcome. Thanks in advance to everyone...
  14. Indeed, just relaying what Nextbase said in an email. Used the wrong emoji I think, haha, was trying to be sarcastic...obviously not got me emojis sorted yet... I think an eBay battery is the way to go...