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  1. Glad you got it sorted...
  2. Indeed, just relaying what Nextbase said in an email. Used the wrong emoji I think, haha, was trying to be sarcastic...obviously not got me emojis sorted yet... I think an eBay battery is the way to go...
  3. Apparently, they will send a battery for a tenner or will fit you a new battery for £31.20 Both sound attractive for different reasons... MB
  4. Hi Del, yeah apparently its a common issue for some owners, my own unit has hardly ever been off the main power and powered on, I remove the card from the unit when I want to see what's on it too, so rarely hook it up to anything apart from the magnetic power thingy. Nextbase says it is to do with re-charge cycles etc, but as I say, this must mean that some have sub-par batteries as mine is only 15 months old and starting failing about 3 months ago and is rarely used on battery, so should not have been charging. It is, however, a cracking camera really, and otherwise happy with it, so I have been looking at the YT vids to see how it's done, the battery replacement that is. Best wishes MB
  5. I also have a 512GW and the little rear camera to go with it and had it hard wired in from new. It performs very well in all conditions on both the front and rear cameras. It was great until recently, the battery has finally died, which is rather displeasing as the thing is less than two years old and never been used much on the battery. The issue now is, every time I start up, I have to tell the camera where I want the rear picture, left, right, etc.. I have forgotten to do this a few times now. Today, for example, I popped to the local co-op, got back in the car, drove off, forgot to press the ok button, which is easy to do, as the camera sits behind the RVM so you cannot see it. The result, of course, no recordings and the last recording, never finishes, as once you turn off the engine and remove the key, there is no residual power to shut down the camera properly, so the files are corrupted, and this is a problem because if you were in a crash, I suspect the recording of the impact would be corrupted too, due to having no power once the engine/power is disengaged. Something to note too (as another poster mentioned) you are technically supposed to put a 'continuous', aka, High Endurance, class card your dashcam, the ones used for surveillance footage etc, I had a card fail, a SanDisk ultra, and made a support request for a replacement, I was told they are not obliged to replace any cards under warranty if they are used in dashcams, or any device that runs as a continuous recording, such as body cams, surveillance units etc, as this is classed as inappropriate usage and/or misuse. I checked with Samsung, the same rules apply, as they do with a few others. The good news, these types of cards last far longer than the regular cards and are not that much more. Overall though, the 512GW is a great camera, both front and rear work well and produce good quality imagery, and the latest Firmware improved a couple of things too, just a shame the battery is a letdown.
  6. I have a similar situation, had mine go through a major service about 4 weeks ago, never thought to check at the time, but at the weekend I decided to check the oil, and it was way over the max line ... I have done some reading and decided this was not a good thing, a little bit, ok that's not too bad I suppose, but this looks like it is way over, I am taking mine over to the local service shop tomorrow to have it checked and some of it drained out if required, which I think it is... Hope you get it sorted... Best wishes...
  7. Thanks, Ian, thanks, Del. 😀
  8. Hi all, just signed up and, been reading some of the posts, which have been really useful already, very happy to be here. Best wishes Mr Bee