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  1. Thanks for your support guys Waste of time reporting it, as stated there are disclaimer's everywhere. I had the rear bumper trashed just before Xmas in Morrison's. Spoke to their CS...........'Sorry Sir you park at your own risk' and 'There are sign's outside in the carpark stating this' and the classic.........'If you can prove it was one of our operatives that damaged your bumper we can look into it for you' That's £600 worth of damage in 2 months :( Makes you ask the question, is it really worth owning nice new cars, what with this latest incident and the depreciation on the car I'm starting to wonder.
  2. Hi Guy's and Gal's Just a heads up to warn anyone using Tesco's Brookland's in Weybridge. I parked there last night for no more than 20 mins to do some late night shopping. On my return to the car some THIEVING SCUMBAG had nicked both my mirror cover's What is it with these people, wouldn't suprise me to find a thriving trade on FleaBay in mint mirror shroud's, Grrrrr, come to think of it, I'm off to take a look. Drive Safely.
  3. Well that's jut peachy!

    Sorry to hear this Dan. I have a similar thing 3 weeks ago, Tesco car park, shopping trolly rammed in to my rear bumper. Even cracked the Red Fog Light. I made the mistake of going to 'Chips a way'...........and what a f**kup they made, and charged £170 for an 'Invisable Repair' Yeah right, Moonstone Silver repaired with a Red hue for free......Muppet's Anyway, got my money back, and have since ordered and new geniune replacement from Allen Ford parts @ a cost of £345 delivered. Fitting it tomorrow, weather permitting of course. Good luck with your repair.
  4. 1st service due and cost involved

    A tip I picked up last year from my local Ford dealership,Ist phone their parts dept and ask the price of oil,and filter possible pollen filter. When you phone for a price for the service don't mention 1st service but ask for an Interim service for a Fiesta. Let them give you the price, book time for service,then query their hourly rate, and price of materials used for the job. They will cough and splutter when you ask for the break down, you will be able to do the sums in your head,then ask them why so much of a difference,normally they come up with a BS answer about the price charged to the workshop for materials blah blah blah. Then zap them with the .......ok I'll pay the going labour rate and supply my own parts, they can't refuse. It worked with my daughters Mk7 old shape Fiesta last year, she phoned our local main dealer and got a quote of £173 I rung 2 days later, and using the above, whack £98....... I supplied material inc Pollen filter.......result Since done the same with my wife's S-Max. Gotta be worth the call !!!!
  5. My New Fiesta Zetec

    Congrats, glad your enjoying your new Zetec. A word of warning though..............be careful in those Tesco carparks, I had my rear bumper trashed by a shopping trolley at the weekend in our local branch Resulting in adding an extra £350 to the weekly shop
  6. Newbie

    Hi all, New to the forum but not Ford in general. Looks a nice place you all have here, off to seek some advice Cheers BRGRSP.
  7. Mk7 Rear Bumper: How to remove it from the car?

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone could shed any more info on the total removal of the Mk7 rear bumper please. Returned to my Fiesta on Saturday to find a shopping trolley stoved into the rear bumper :( so I have ordered a replacement. Any tips greatly appreciated. Cheers