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  1. thank you all , it appears from your responses that there shouldn't be any noticeable oil consumption , but it should be noted also that he doesn't have to top up either , but as you know , the length between the min and max marks on the dipstick equates to 1 litre, what he found is that after 4.5k miles since the last oil change he noticed that the level dropped from the max mark by around the third, so do you think this is normal , or there is something that needs to be checked ?
  2. Hello to all 🙂 A friend mine has a mk8 1.0 ecoboost 100ps automatic just like mine, he has around 10k miles on the clock, he is continuously monitoring his oil consumption and he discovered that he lost around 0.3 litres in around 4.5 k miles , I've searched allover the internet for a clear statement from Ford regarding what can be considered ( normal ) oil consumption for the ecoboost 1.0, I found nothing, So I'd like to share this with you, how much is your oil consumption, and if any body know the official word from Ford about the oil consumption in that engine ? the dealer said to him that's its ok and within the normal limits, I don't know also that if his engine is still relatively new and would burn some oil until its completely run in , or he shouldn't have that amount of consumption. any help is greatly appreciated guys so he can take an action if something is wrong with his car, afterall he is still under warranty 🙂 thank you very much for considering 🙂
  3. that's great , and when you got to the station to refuel after driving for about 25 miles with the display showing 0 to empty , do you remember how much it took in to top up at that time ? would be very interesting if you tell us 🙂 @DG97 I think so also 🙂
  4. regarding the fuel tank , when I took mine from the showroom the gauge was resting at zero, and also ( 0 distance to empty ) but it was ON and running , so there is still some fuel in the tank, I drove it for about 1 km to the nearest fuel station, when I topped up it took 44 litres ?!! so I'm curious how big is exactly the fuel tank ?
  5. from what I understand about cooling systems with expansion tanks, this system is really different from the reservoir tank systems, our system , the expansion tank system , is a pressurized system, and the tank cap acts as a pressure valve that is designed to keep the pressure constant , about 21 psi according to factory specs, when the engine is cold , the level should be somewhere between the max and min mark , when you top up to max when cold, then you drive, the coolant expands as temperature increases, this expansion will create more pressure, which will be released by the coolant cap valve as vapour, until it is 21 psi again, that's said, when cold the level should be between the two marks, actually close to minimum, when hot, the level will rise to max or may be above max by a little bit , until cold again it will return to the previous level, so if you continued to top up to max when cold, the level will drop again to a level where equilibrium happens, and stick to that level. so my advice, don't top up again and watch for the level regularly , if it dropped under the min mark when cold then there is a problem that needs to be checked, if it sticked to a level between the max and min marks , then its ok and no need to worry.
  6. update : I went to the dealer today, they confirmed that the knock is coming from the steering column, they ordered a replacement part under warranty, with expected delivery and installation within 3 weeks. my current mileage is 11k km , so did any one experience failure in the steering column ? and that early ? and if any one can provide me with part number for this part ? or at least know if there is a new revised part with a recent start date for its production in case ford made a new revised part, I'm worried they the will install the new part with same part number, developing the same issue again after a while. thanks for considering 🙂
  7. I don't think that my pads will last that long , even my previous car ( Hyundai ix20 ) pads never exceeded 30k kilometers ( that's about 19k miles ), may be due to terrible traffic conditions we have in Cairo 😄
  8. for instance , for how many miles did your stock pads last guys ? 😄 at the 10k km service the dealer told me that I still have 80% of the front pads left and about 90% of the rear pads
  9. here is a practical experiment I'd like to share with you , these attached photos are taken after toping up, driving on a highway for 125.8 km exactly, with steady speed 100 km/h ( 62 mph ) for most of the way , and a little speeding up to 170 km/h (106 mph ) for about 15 kilometers. the results are shown , note also the fuel guage, it is as if it moved only a little bit 😄
  10. totally agree , I used that method once and it gave me 6.8 litres/100 km while the average fuel consumption on the display was giving me 6.1 !! I think there is a way to correct the displayed figure through the engineering test menu , something called the bias factor, it is preset to 1000 , there is an equation to calculate the correct value for it and re enter this factor to display the correct average fuel consumption, the equation is : calculated mpg x current displayed bias factor / displayed mpg = new bias factor. to be honest I haven't tried it myself
  11. what is the message you are getting exactly ? and is there any warning lights ?
  12. so does anybody know what could be the difference between SFJA and SFJB for instance ? since both are stage V , and both are 100ps ?
  13. update : I have done the 10,000 km service maintenance today at the dealer, I have told the service engineer about the knock, he came back telling me that he checked and tightened every thing and every thing seems to be ok , he said that he checked the struts, shock absorbers, suspension control arm, stabilizer and links, steering rack, u joint, and column, every thing seems to be ok, he added that he greased the U joint just in case, and he told me that the knock will disappear, actually it didn't !! I'm thinking of getting the vehicle back to them within a few days to recheck !! and another thing , the engine oil which they used to replace my engine oil today is the one in the below photos, is it the one suitable for the ecoboost engine ? regarding specs or part number ?
  14. speaking about rattles , my mk8 started developing a rattle from interior door handles, whenever I grab a handle to close or open the door it rattles , or when my knee touches the handle while driving it rattles , very annoying actually
  15. well thank you very much for considering 🙂 my fiesta is scheduled for service next week, I will raise the issue with them and I will keep you updated 🙂