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  1. hello to all 🙂 I came across this OBD service manual from Ford for Ecoboost engines, it contains illustrations for all the trouble codes related to Ecoboost engines, their logic and and their ranges and how they are generated, very illustrative . decided to share it with you 🙂 OBDSM1802-2018.pdf
  2. fuel filter on the mk8 cannot be replaced separately, it is built into tank fuel pump assembly, it should reach the end of its service life together with the pump. I suspect something wrong with the evaporative emissions system, may be the fuel canister or its purge valve, oh and by the way, did you check if the fuel fill neck is clean of debris and the flap is working properly ? please keep us updated, good luck 🙂
  3. for the mk8 its a card holder, I keep the car license in it 😄
  4. Actual coolant temperature always fluctuates, regardless of the temp guage , but the fluctuation shouldn’t be that high, I don’t know the actual characteristics of that engine particularly, but Mine is ecoboost 100ps, during these days we have winter in Egypt and the weather temperature is about 14 degrees at night and about 18 to 22 during the day, my coolant temp according to the secret menu once warmed up it fluctuates between 91 and 95, it doesn’t go under 88 any way, during summer it can go up to 100 , where temperatures can reach as high as 42 !! Again I don’t know much about your engin
  5. did you see this ? its the same hieght as OEM and same or very close specs also , closer than the one you got with the battery finder 😄 560 500 064 | Varta Automotive (varta-automotive.com) see here what might be more suitable VARTA® Blue dynamic EFB batteries - Extra power for highly equipped cars with long lasting power (varta-automotive.com)
  6. OEM battery price here in Egypt is about 171 british pounds - 3600 Egyptian pounds
  7. may be its the famous steering U shaft , always fail and produce that knock
  8. oh I see, its strange that battery vendors specify an incorrect battery !!
  9. if different in height does it make any problem ?
  10. specifically different exhaust valves, different material, hollow from inside and are sodium filled to sustain increased exhaust temperature, while the 100ps has normal exhaust valves, the 140ps version has different cylinder head gasket as well 🙂
  11. please note also that you need to reset the Battery Monitor System (BMS) after you install the new battery, or the new battery will suffer short service life.
  12. as much as I recommend the OEM battery so as the owner's manual, but generally I recommend varta , you can use varta battery finder and specify your make and model and it will give you the most suitable one Car battery finder from VARTA® - Find the best and most reliable battery for your car (varta-automotive.com) note that the MK8 is Fiesta vii on their site 🙂 Good luck
  13. this description is from Ford Etis : P2453 Definition: Particulate Filter Pressure Sensor "A" Circuit Range/Performance\ So I think in your case it would be the GPF ( Gasoline particulate filter ) , my mk8 doesn't have one so I don't know exactly if they have a pressure sensor that can be replaced separately or the whole filter is faulty or may be its a bad electrical connection. so check your GPF, its pressure sensor , and the electrical connections on it .
  14. oh I didn't think of this 😄 you seem to be true 🙂 correction : you can trust these guys @Sly 😄
  15. just swap the tyres as you normally do , then readjust the tyre pressure on all four to the correct pressure according to the owner's manual, then reset the TPMS and you are all done 🙂 and yes you need to find another garage as @robbyvrssaid 😄 you can't trust these guys for a cup of coffee 😄 edit : as @iantt said you have to maintain the correct position of the sensors even after the swap 🙂
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