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  1. thanks for these information actually you strengthened my point of view 🙂 unfortunately I don't have FORESCAN in reach, but as long as they are history I will wait for the next due service and tell the dealer to erase them ( my next due service is after 4000 km ) , in the mean time I will watch for them periodically if they are going to move from history to current 🙂 thank you very much 🙂
  2. on some occasions I have seen a failing steering joint shaft can cause the not-centering issue. ( that's the joint shaft not the whole steering column )
  3. well after some googling it turned out that the first code means : lost communication with the body control module , and the second code means : lost communication with the gateway module, may they were generated during the BCM update and at the dealer they didn't erase them ? since they are recorded as history now ? but what the BCM has to do with the gateway module ? what is the function of the gateway module anyway ? 😄
  4. sure I will if it is something urgent, just asked if anybody has information about these codes, may they were just generated during the update process, since they are recorded as history not current 🙂
  5. Hello to all 🙂 I was at the dealer yesterday, they updated the BCM ( Body control module ) , and after I got back the car, I just happen to check the engineering test menu on my car , I found these codes in the DTC section , I have tried googling them with no luck, the car performs normally , there are no warning lights or any strange behaviour, it should be noted also that these codes are recorded ( history ) and not ( current ), does any body have an idea about these codes ? or how they could have been generated ? is it ok to just drive the car and not to worry about them ? thank you very much 🙂
  6. thanks a lot for this info 😄 about the headlights ? how to ensure that it is set to ON ? normally when you turn the ignition on the headlights goes to auto as default, so what do you mean by ON exactly ? in what position I mean ? thanks very much again for this valuable info 🙂
  7. I didn't notice if it was from one nozzle or the two , may be the two but the drivers side drips more ? I don't remember actually , but anyway I guess its a design fault rather than a faulty part, water in the pipes stays there and when you open the bonnet it drips off the nozzles by the means of gravity 😄 as the nozzle has no switch to close it when not in use, I had a previous car, a Hyundai ix20, the nozzles where fitted on the black cover that is just under the windscreen, so I didn't have this problem as opening the bonnet has no effect on it 🙂 I wonder why the didn't fit it that way in the fiesta ?!!
  8. mine is mk8 , every time I open the bonnet the nozzle drips a fair amout , specially if I had recently used the screenwash , I guess its a design flow rather than a faulty part, it is designed that way and will continue doing the same 😄
  9. what a relief 🙂 thank you very much both of you my friends 🙂 @Eliterox and @Daggerit
  10. But don't you think that sustained WOT on the sixth gear at 3500 RPM for about 10 km isn't considered Lugging ? or at least may have shortened the expected life of the turbo somehow ?
  11. once ( and I was stupid at that time 😄 ) I pushed the accelerator pedal WOT for about on the sixth gear at 3500 RPM, at speed about 180 km/h for about 10 km , I wanted to see how see how is the engine torque at that situation ( I told you I was stupid as sure I was lugging the engine that way 😄 ) and then I stopped, without turning the engine off I opened the hood, only to see the turbo glowing red ( shown in the picture ), I kept it idle until turbo cooled down completely and the radiator fan switched off, then I switched off the engine, since then I'm extremely worried that such a thing could have damaged the turbo or shortened its life, knowing that its a stock map and my engine is the 100ps version , and that also made me wondering about the exhaust temperature of that engine , and if there is enough temperature to turn the turbine housing red like that, how was the turbine inside, it may had been cooked 😄
  12. strange , mine is mk8 2019 100ps , build date is 16-10-2018, and it is euro 5 ( written on the door pillar and on ford etis ) , and for sure it hasn't got gpf 🙂
  13. thank you for considering 🙂 yeah I've read about the overboost function , it keeps the wastegate closed for a longer period of time to give you extra boost , with extra torque up to 200 NM , for a limited time ( 15 to 30 seconds ) and then it is switched off by the ECU to cool down the turbo , the feature can be activated by flooring the gas pedal on high RPM , it was available on the mk7-7.5 125ps, but not any more on the mk8 125ps, and it was never available on the 100ps version, I don't know why 😞 may be for marketing reasons to give room for the ST-Iine 140ps version ? very interesting thread actually , I've read also that the turbo turbine wheel on the 125ps version is made from a different alloy than that of the 100ps version, and it can sustains higher exhaust temperatures , what else could be different between these two engines 😄
  14. brake booster in ecoboost engines is operated by a vacuum pump , that pump is mounted on top of the engine where its is driven by one of the camshafts, I think there is something wrong with that pump, since you are experiencing hard brakes " which means the brake booster isn't getting its vacuum from the vacuum pump" , and also the rumbling sound you are experiencing from the top of the engine " where the vacuum pump is fitted " , so may be there something wrong with the pump or its tab that the cam operates. thats my opinion , I'm just thinking beside you 🙂
  15. I don't know , but I think more HP on the same engine requires more boost ?