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  1. hello to all, For a long time I've been suffering from this rattle coming from the air filter box, specially that pipe going into the box, it rattled like hell, it drove me crazy since it was obvious on accelerating on a low RPM, it sounded like a hole in the exhaust !! I took a while to realize that the rattle is coming from the pipe ( which is of a low quality plastic actually ) , and to test it I rolled a tape around it , and the rattle had gone !! I think some members here suffered from the same issue. However, while inspecting another mk8 fiesta of a friend of mine his
  2. let me add any cheap oil ( with the correct viscosity grade ) to avoid damage to turbo bearings, ecoboost turbos are notorious for correct viscosity grade, damage can happen within several seconds.
  3. This is a system operation and DTC service manual for Ecoboost engines from Ford. It contains all tests performed by the PCM to all systems and how they are monitored, and how the DTCs are generated and under what conditions, I happen to find it on the internet, and I think this is the best place to share 🙂 OBDSM1802-2018.pdf
  4. thats exactly what I mean, Ford should answer to this issue after this complex algorithm it is utilizing !!! something is just not right, and that makes me wonder what are other conditions that their logic is not working correctly to catch them !!
  5. actually it should trigger a fault code, even if the thermostat is not monitored electronically, however the coolant temperature during warming up procedure is monitored and compared to a stored model inside the PCM, taking into consideration other inputs like ambient temperature, engine load, RPM, etc.. , and if the coolant temperature fails to reach the desired limit after a specific amount of time according to the model then should trigger a trouble code. here is a quote from the system operation and trouble code service manual for Ecoboost engines : During a cold start, when the
  6. either a stuck open main thermostat ( there is a another one called the block thermostat ) or a faulty coolant temperature sensor. such a situation should trigger a trouble code, I suggest you scan for any trouble codes, it may shed more light.
  7. the BCM ( Body Control Module ) is located in the interior fuse box ( the one behind the glovebox ) , the one you mentioned which is attached to the negative battery terminal cable that's the the battery monitor sensor ( BMS ). the BCM is the module responsible for monitoring the battery and it uses the battery monitor sensor input to do so, it controls the auto start stop by a complex algorithm actually. regarding the issue, I think after a BCM replacement the dealer should have done a recalibration for the battery monitor sensor learned values, without this the auto start stop will
  8. I bought this from Ford Armrest with integrated USB 2464174 (ford.co.uk)
  9. torque settings for what exactly ? you mean the bolts for brake calipers ?
  10. depending on how big the vacuum is ( or the leak diameter as they call it technically ) but a vacuum leak at some point over a period of time could damage the turbocharger, since the boost pressure sensor is not seeing the desired pressure and the PCM keeps commanding the wastegate closed, which could result in over speeding of the turbine wheel. I agree with you that the brake booster itself could be the source of the vacuum leak, however it could be alot of things, intake manifold gaskets worth checking also. I strongly agree with you that the smoke machine method as you mentioned
  11. this DTC is for the sensor's heater circuit, O2 sensors have integrated heating element to heat up the sensor quickly when you do a cold start so the system can enter closed loop quickly to begin monitoring air fuel ratio and adjust accordingly, a DTC that relates to the heater circuit could possibly mean only two issues, either the connection to the sensor is compromised somehow so the heater works intermittently, or the heater element inside the sensor has failed which requires a sensor replacement. so I would start by checking the connection to the sensor if it is plugged in correctly,
  12. about the temp guage , it sits slightly left as you mentioned, that is its ( normal operating temperature ) indication, it sits there when coolant temperature reaches exactly 82 degrees, it stays there all the way to 106 degrees ( that's the normal operating temperature for our little ecoboost ) , if the actual temp goes a single degree above 106 then the needle would move, so if you noticed the needle moves even a little bit away from that position then that's an overheating issue. you can check and confirm all of this by looking at the actual coolant temperature in the hidden menu 🙂
  13. if your fiesta is equipped with an automatic gearbox then the hill start assist is always on by default and you can't turn it off, you will find nothing in the menu to turn it off, it can be turned off only on the ones with manual gearbox 🙂
  14. thank you very much , then this is the normal idle RPM , I thought I have a problem , its a bit high anyway, may be due to the engine being a 3 cylinder , thank you very much for considering 🙂
  15. Hello to all , I was wondering if any one can tell me what is his idle RPM after the engine has warmed up ? I’m suspecting mine to be a bit high indicating a minor vacuum leak , would be interesting if the check is done through the hidden menu to be more accurate 🙂 thanks in advance 😊
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