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  1. I strongly believe its the one in the pic , it just looks like the knock sensor 🙂
  2. I think it's located on the back of the block , and I think its the one pointed to in the picture below 🙂
  3. may be for fitting a cargo net to prevent stuff from sliding around in the boot ?!! I had those on a previous Hyundai I owned and they were for that purpose
  4. yes it fixed the issue instantly for me !! , it was not the whole column, just the U joint steering shaft ( that bar with top and bottom joints ) it was an updated part, the old one has a part number that ends with AC , the updated one has a part number that ends with AD, according to them at the dealer, this updated part is mainly made to cure that issue 🙂
  5. have you tried resetting the window bouce back feature according to the user's manual ? Close the window. Press and hold the switch until the window is fully open. keep the switch pressed for a few seconds. Lift and hold the switch until the window is fully closed.Keep the switch held for a few seconds. Press and hold the switch until the window is fully open.Keep the switch pressed for a few seconds. Lift and hold the switch until the window is fully closed.Keep the switch held for a few seconds.
  6. Here in Egypt we only have RON 92 and RON 95 , I use 95 , a friend of mine who has the same car , fiesta ecoboost 1.0 100ps automatic, uses 92 with only marginal difference in fuel economy and performance, but I believe that if you do spirited driving, or other severe duty usage such as going up hills with full load or towing a trailer, then minimum RON 95 would be a must 🙂
  7. oh that one, ecoboost 1.0 rattle is normal as per Ford, this rattle is caused by the high pressure fuel pump, pressurizing fuel at around 1000 psi , its driven by the intake camshaft, so this rattle is characteristic to the engine and is normal as Ford says
  8. the TSB is related to the buzz/rattle that comes with acceleration from around 1500 to 3000 rpm, the heater pipes that come from the engine bay to inside the cabin are causing this rattle, as the pics here in this topic suggest that zip tieing the pipes cure the problem, the TSB , as they say , includes replacing certain O-rings on these pipes to cure the problem
  9. for sorry no , just they told me that they are aware of the issue, and ford issued a TSB for it, and the TSB includes replacing ( O-rings ) on those pipes, I have no idea what O rings they are talking about, they told me also that this fix cured the problem for the fiestas that have been serviced so far 🙂
  10. for me id doesn't happen during normal city driving or even high cruising on moderate speed, at 62 mph for example, but that happened to me during a full throttle acceleration up to redline, followed by steady highway cruising at high speed, 112 mph, for about 10 minutes !!
  11. I don't know also if the exhaust gas temperature on that engine is monitored or not so as not to damage the turbo ?!!
  12. it should be noted also that after I opened the hood to check the turbo and found it glowing like that, I closed the hood and continued driving again gently for a couple of miles and stopped again to check the turbo, at that time it returned dark again !! , so I think it cools down pretty fast 🙂
  13. thank you all for these replies, actually I didn't take a chance and turned the auto start stop off before I came to a stop, so I don't know if the auto start stop would be activated or not 😄 I'm aware of the idling rule and I let it idle for about 5 minutes to cool down before switching the engine off, I' aware also of the warm up procedure, but what made me worried is that glowing of the turbo, I hope the guys at ford know what they are doing and they have configured their map to not hurting the turbo by giving it too much boost , I hope they know that under these conditions with a completely stock map that the turbo would more likely glow, and that this is within normal operation, I hope so 🙂
  14. Hello to all , this is my turbo after some spirited driving and some WOT , is this normal ? And is my turbo OK after pushing it hard like that ?!! Mine is ecoboost 1.0 100ps auto completely stock and not remapped 🙂🙂 thank you
  15. bringing an old thread alive again , I was at the dealer today , they informed me that there is a TSB from ford regarding this heater pipes rattle, they told me that certain ( O-rings ) on those pipes are to be replaced according to the TSB, and this should solve the problem , so now ford knows about this and finally decided to take an action , just wanted to share this with you guys 🙂