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  1. as mentioned by my ford dealer here in Egypt, you put all the fluid on empty tank then complete with water, its calibrated by ford so that one bottle for one tank fill, thats why it has no mixing instructions, just put the whole thing in completely empty tank than add water to the brim, hope this helps 🙂
  2. Hello to all, as u can see in this video, the high pressure fuel pump operates intermittently, however the car idles smoothly, RPM steady, there are no engine vibrations, no loss of performance, no warning lights, car drives greatly, it should be noted also that if I turn the AC on or engage D or R , or if the radiator fan licks in , the pump operates normally !! it wasn’t like this before , any ideas ?
  3. update : turned out to be incorrect valve timing due to human error when assembling the new short block, they readjusted the timing, the car idles now very smooth whatever cold or hot 😄
  4. they told me at the dealer today that they found nothing wrong with the engine mounts, and they are going to check valve clearance !!! I don't know what could have gone wrong with the valve clearance in a car that is one year old and 17k miles !!
  5. it should be noted that these engine vibrations are not accompanied by any RPM fluctuations, RPM is stable all the way 🙂 thank you 🙂
  6. greetings to all 🙂 mine is 2019 mk8 fiesta 1.0 ecoboost 100ps automatic , current mileage is 17.6k miles. 600 miles ago I had my short block replaced at the dealer due to a white smoke issue, turned out to be the piston rings of cylinder no.1 was not installed correctly from factory !! since the new short block installed I had this strange issue, I know our ecoboosts do vibrate when you start it from cold due to the open loop operation until the O2 sensor heats up and come into operation, it did so since day 1 , but this time the vibration during a cold start and warming up is excessive, excessive to the point that if the gear selector is at N and the parking brake is not engaged the car can move back and forth !! random hard engine vibration that shakes the whole car, the RPM is steady though. been to the dealer several times, they replaced the transmission mount, they checked for any registered trouble codes, they performed a misfire test using the misfire monitor application, all was ok !! last time they checked spark plugs gaps, they fount it to be 0.6 mm , the engineer told me that according to this engine specs the spark plug gap should be 0.7 mm + or - 0.1 , so it should be ok from 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm, however, they adjusted the gap at 0.7 mm , he told me to test again and if the issue still there bring the car again, I checked yesterday it was just the same !! I checked today morning it was there but not as hard !! wondering what this could be ?!! I have heard that after you disconnect the battery the engine takes time to relearn again its fuel trim and idle , could this be the issue ? or could the spark plug gap be the issue ? will it improve by time ?!! or there is another underlying issue that the dealer couldn't discover yet ?!! my biggest fear is that there might be an issue that affects the new freshly installed short block and I might go through this whole headache again !! any one gone through this before ? or experienced any thing similar ?!! note that oil and coolant level are ok , no lights , no trouble codes, and tests made by the dealer gave no errors !! thank you very much and sorry for the long story 🙂
  7. ford.catalogs-parts.com change the language to English 😁😁 Unfortunately the latest fiesta available on that catalog is the 2016 mk7 fiesta 🙂
  8. The metal temperature sensor is attatched to the cylinder head as an extra warning for overheating, obviously it was fitted since February 2015 on the fiesta as shown in the pictures This is a parts online catalogue
  9. hello to all 🙂 I have installed the genuine ford footwell lights, and as you all know for sure they stay on day and night, and when you lock the car they remain ON for 10 minutes, however this not the case with the fiesta that came from factory with these lights installed, they don't switch on during day, and they switch off immediately after you lock the car. why is this the case with my car ?!! and what can be done to get it to work just like the fiesta that came with the lights pre installed ? and does this condition have any effect on the battery or the electrical system generally ? Thank you for considering 🙂
  10. may be the change now is in the oil specs, I think it was before WSS-M2C-948A and now its WSS-M2C-948B , ford dealer here in Egypt changes the oil for mine on 10k km ( 7500 miles ) or one year whichever comes first, they use Motorcraft, and they told me there that these are ford recommendations, I think what they do is much safer 🙂
  11. indeed , oil life is monitored by a complex algorithm that takes into account many parameters : distance travelled, time interval since the last reset, outside temperature, driving style, idle time, variations of engine load, etc, actually its a very complex algorithm but provides a very near accurate estimation (provided that you use the correct oil specs and reset the system after every oil change, the computer assumes that anyway) , much more accurate than the " sensor in oil" oil quality sensor that other manufacturers use, like BMW for instance.
  12. turbo pipes rust issue is not common on all ecoboosts, newer versions should have no problems, Ecoboost if serviced well and with the right oil it will make a great deal of mileage, I would go for ecoboost any time, this is the most technologically advanced engine in its class, and its a win win as @cjay1 said, you can have eco or boost any time, but you can't have both at the same time, its like having two engines , a fuel saver one and a high performance one, you can use any of these engines any time but you can't use both of them at the same time 😄, I own the 100ps version, its a very torquey engine, would be ideal in town where you need the low end torque the most. I would choose ecoboost. good luck 🙂
  13. hello to all, Unfortunately I had a terrible accident, a car ( whose driver said that the brakes suddenly failed 😡 ) hit me from behind as shown in the picture, my little baby is at the dealer now for repairs, but I was surprised about something which I don't know what it has got to do with the accident and I want to share it with you. after the accident I installed the spare tire, to be able to move the vehicle, when I press on the brakes bringing the vehicle to a complete stop, the auto start stop refuses to stop the engine with a message ( engine on due to steering !! ), even though the steering wheel points straight forward so as the front wheels !! it should be noted that no errors or warning lights are on. The hit was from behind as you see, the vehicle's front is ok, and airbags were not deployed, steering system works fine, so why this happened do you think ? what went wrong with the auto start stop system , and what is the relation between it and the accident ?!! I told them at the dealer and their first impression is that this fault has nothing to do with the accident but they will check. did the accident caused a sensor somewhere to move and give false readings for example? I don't know !! could any one explain ? thank you for considering 🙂
  14. steel rims are easy to repair, simply with a hammer , me too have steel rims, every now and then when i get my tires balanced at the tire shop the guy notice a slight bend in a rim or two, the guy simply hammer it and it returns as if nothing happened , he is professional though, but really its easy to repair and it will give you ( zero ) on the tire balancing machine 🙂 , steel rims are ugly I know 😄 , but dependable and easy to repair 🙂
  15. it has a fuel filter built in the tank fuel pump assembly, you can't change it alone, you have to change the whole pump assembly, however ford says that this filter is lifetime, means that it has the same life as the fuel pump !!