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  1. have you tried changing to a better fuel grade or a higher octane ?
  2. Oh I forgot That urs right hand drive , mine is left hand drive, you have a different part number, which i don’t know of course which one is updated and which is not 😁😁 but its better to tell them about it, it may light something in their minds and they go search in their TSBs 😁😁
  3. See the attached photo, u can see the sticker with the part number on it ending with AD, this is the updated part, the old part ends with AC, this is the steering u joint shaft, you can find that location just behind the break pedal, down at the end of the steering column, near the floor, hope this helps πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ keep us updated 😊😊
  4. will take a photo for mine and post it here , my friend this forum is all about helping each other , please no need to say sorry πŸ™‚ we are like brothers and sisters here πŸ™‚
  5. but first things first, check your column part number as mentioned above, keep us updated πŸ™‚
  6. unfortunately I don't have access to TSBs as they consider it secret also, but they deliberately informed me about the TSB , they say ford knows about it, they replaced the outdated steering column U joint for me and all my friends, over a year now no problems, I suggest that you tell them to check for TSB regarding that issue, may be they are just a bit lazy πŸ˜„ ford dealer here in Egypt is really good.
  7. friend of mine with 2019 fiesta ecoboost 100ps ( mileage about 14k miles ), experienced white smoke from tail pipe at extended idle , the dealer teared the engine down and found a broken piston !! , they told him its due to bad fuel quality , however my friend only uses 95 octane from a respectable brand, ford will replace the engine under warranty ( I don't know why if they say its a fuel issue and not a manufacturing defect , seems confusing !! ). myself also about a month ago experienced white smoke also from tail pipe at extended idle, the dealer contacted me yesterday that ford informed them to tear the engine down also for inspection, will deliver the vehicle to them tomorrow and will keep you updated. I love that technological marvel very much and I'm really attached to this ecoboost, I hate to see any failures in it.
  8. I owned my mk8 fiesta since march 2019, up till now the coolant level is stuck at the max mark, it never dropped even a little bit, knowing that summer temperature here in Egypt reaches 42 Celsius , so I think you have a problem and its better to resolve it before it gets bigger, ecoboost engines doesn't tolerate even a minor leak in the cooling system, I suggest you check the system for internal or external leaks, the dealer has the tools to pressurize the system to check for leaks, please don't neglect the issue for the sake of your engine.
  9. its a known issue to Ford already, there is also a technical service bulletin from ford regarding it , if you look down at the end of the steering column near the pedals you will find a sticker with the part number for the column, if it ends with AC then you have the old part, if it ends with AD then this is the updated part that shouldn't have any problem, so I think that you have the old part ( AC ) , Ford knows about it and will replace it under warranty, about half of fiesta mk8 owners here in Egypt got the same issue and had that part replaced.
  10. That charcoal canister valve is very interesting actually , tonight I tried to reproduce the issue , drove for about 20 minutes, then let it idle for about 25 minutes, waiting for the issue to happen again, but It didn’t, observing the tail pipe i noticed condensation, seems to be normal condensation rather than coolant, since there was no smoke or smell at all, outside air temperature this time was 28 celsius. Here is a photo of the tail pipe https://ibb.co/9ygtJZC could it be something in the petrol that was already burnt and there is nothing else ? Or could it be the pcv system for example ? I really appreciate this help from all of you guys, you are my family here ❀️❀️
  11. Thank you all for these valuable replies I really appreciate this πŸ™‚ There are some points that need clarification here : My car is stage V European emissions which I think it doesn't have a GPF. The car was hot enough when this happened just like @Bobr said, I was driving for about 15 minutes (outside air temperature 36 Celsius ) and then when I came to a stop I was idle with AC ON for another 15 minutes before this happen, so I don't think its a condensation. and also about the shaking that happened at the same time ( a single shack ) it should be related to the smoke somehow !! A friend of mine here in Egypt who has mk8 fiesta told me that he also had experienced similar issue before, he was driving really fast , about 105 mph, then he came to a stop and he let the car idle and went away to buy something from the supermarket, and when he got back he noticed that white smoke that lasted a minute and then every thing is fine again, for him also no lights no errors no messages , fluid levels ok , car drives great !!! Could it be a characteristic for this car ? what is happening ? πŸ˜„
  12. Hello to all Mine is mk8 1.0 ecoboost 100ps 6 speed automatic, 2019 - current mileage is 14.5K miles Yesterday this issue happened to me and I'm extremely worried, The car was idle for about 15 minutes with AC turned ON, I was setting inside, suddenly there was engine shudder or shaking ( single shake as if its a temporary misfire ) just a single one, I looked instantly at the rear view mirror ( immediately as if I know that there is something coming out of the tail pipe, I don't know why πŸ˜„ ) and yes I noticed white smoke coming out of the tail pipe, I tried to capture it on the attached video, I gave it a single rev up to 4k RPM and there was more smoke, and then suddenly the smoke stopped , since then nothing else happened !! No lights on the instrument cluster, no messages, no abnormal engine behaviour, oil level OK to the MAX, coolant level OK to the max also, car drives sweet as nuts !! I can't figure out what really could have happened !! Any body experienced such a thing before ? what could it be ? I have read somewhere on the brands forums that it might be valve stem seals about to fail, others pointed out that it might be the turbo bearing going bad, others say its completely normal as turbocharged engines from time to time burns oil that sits somewhere inside the intake pipe !! other people also say that its a normal process called catalytic converter regeneration (which I have no idea what it might be πŸ˜„ ) and it happens from time to time but as you drive you don't notice it !! I'm completely confused and I'm interested to hear from you πŸ™‚ Thank you very much for considering πŸ™‚
  13. I don’t know personally but would it be ok to use that heat resistant silicon that is used on engine as gaskets ? Headlights are always exposed to high temperatures and u need a sealant that can resist heat, and I can’t thing better that those gasket silicons 😁😁
  14. Looks like the air flap of the climate control is stuck trying to reach to the closed position, normally this noise last for a couple of seconds, but 10 minutes is long enough to indicate that the flap is stuck, I suggest you check it as soon as possible as the flap motor would eventually overheat and fail , becoming more expensive to fix
  15. edit : sorry for this , but the screw actually is for fitting the sensor, not a plug to put in place of the sensor , sorry for this .. in that case I think you have to buy the sensor and fit it in place , even if it will remain disconnected