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  1. I think you’ve made the right decision, Joel. There are plenty of others out there so why take the risk on one with no history? Good luck with your search and do let us know if you spot any others / buy one.
  2. Also, just to add, the entry in the service book dated 27/7/11 is just a date and mileage, no dealer or independent stamp as far as I can see. What does that mean? Was it even serviced then?
  3. Well, it has had two main dealer services in the last 7 or 8 months. No evidence of a service between 2011 (if I’m reading that right) and 2018. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been serviced or at least had oil changes undertaken by a previous owner / independent, just that the service book hasn’t been stamped. I would ask the dealer the specific question about whether it’s had transmission fluid and filter changes and see what they say. If they cannot give you a definitive answer then it may be that the transmission fluid has not been changed for 65k miles / 6 years. Personally that would concern me. A lot. Then again, you could buy it and even though there have been no fluid changes the gearbox might never cause you a problem. Who knows? However, if it were to give you problems, you might kick yourself for not taking notice of the lack of proof that the powershift services had been carried out. I think a new replacement powershift box is in the region of £5k Worth bearing in mind. Don’t get me wrong, I think the powershift box is great...if properly serviced. What warranty is the dealer offering? If they agree to 12 months and you get written confirmation that that would specifically include powershift related problems, well that at least gives you some peace of mind. At the very least I would insist on a fluid and filter change, with paperwork provided, before buying. Sorry I can’t answer the question about whether or not to buy it; that has to be your decision, but hopefully my two penn’orth has given you some things to think about.
  4. Yes, cambelt. Ford recommend replacement at 125k miles or 10 years. Probably not wise to leave it right to the limit, though, and I’d be inclined to get it changed around the 90k -100k mark, possibly a little bit sooner if you don’t know the car’s service history. That’s probably a little over cautious but better safe than sorry in my opinion. It should be fine with only 65k. Full service history, if it has it, would give further peace of mind, of course. Let us know how you get on.
  5. I think it all depends on how well the car’s been maintained. As you are aware, the powershift boxes on the 2.0TDCi require a fluid and filter change every 37.5k miles or 3 years, whichever comes first. I have a 2013 2.0 TDCi which has done 49k miles (45k of them by me) and has just (in March) had its second fluid and filter change. Yes, £250 is expensive but I look at that at £80ish per year - doesn’t sound so bad then. Touch wood, I’ve not had any problems with the box. To be fair, I don’t rag it and always take it gently until I know the transmission fluid is warmed up. If any car you look at hasn’t had all its fluid and filter changes at the correct intervals (with paperwork to back it up) I’d walk away. As I understand it, what you have said about the dry clutch boxes in the 1.6 is correct and there have been a lot of failures in the States. I would steer clear. Hope this helps.