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  1. Thanks for the help, I will see if I can get hold of one and I will change both fuses anyway just too be sure.
  2. Have just checked and the plastic cover is missing three screws so it's not fitting snug so the air is getting out from the pollen filter housing, I applied pressure on the cover and it stopped the whistling sound so just needs three more screws and that should fix the problem Thanks for the help
  3. Heater/Aircon is making a whistling sound when turned on, the fan has 4 speeds, on speed 1 you can't hear the whistling noise but the higher you turn up the speed the louder the whistling noise. The noise is on both hot and cold settings and only subsides when the fan speed is turned down too 1. I recently changed the pollen filter on the car as the old one was filthy. Any idea what could be the problem Thank you
  4. I just did a visual check, I don't have a multi meter.
  5. Hello, ever since I bought the car last August, the front heated windscreen clears on only the drivers side whereas the passenger side remains frosty or foggy, there is a clear split between then so I don't think it's the elements in the windscreen itself as it would clear in patches however this only clears 50% of the screen, I have checked the fuses and both are fine. Any help will be appreciated
  6. Quick question, does installing the St accelerator pedal make the pedal more sensitive, is the pedal more sensitive than the old plastic one? Thank you
  7. They look miles better than the standard black plastic ones, might get some Cheers mate
  8. Really? Luckily I haven't ordered any yet, I will probably but the normal black plastic pedals instead then. Cheers
  9. Cheers for the reply, the pedals in my car have worn down so there's no grip. The st150 pedals look a lot better and appear too have more grip so I will get the pads and the accelerator pedal. Cheers
  10. Hello, have you tried pressing the unlock button twice in succession? one click should unlock the drivers door then the second click should unlock all doors. On my fiesta the boot button above the headlight switch only unlocks the boot if the engine is on or has recently been running, it can be very temperamental and sometimes works and then decides not too work. That's just on my car though so it could be an issue with the button or could be that it needs to be running or recently running to open the boot but after the car has been off for a while it stops working. As for the key, i find with mine you have to press the button really hard too open the boot and can be a pain at times. Hopefully this helps. If this doesn't work, try pressing the boot release button and see if you can hear the mechanism working, if not then the solenoid/motor might be the problem.
  11. Hello, just a quick question on accelerator pedals. Will the accelerator pedal from a mk6 ST150 fit in a mk6 zetec blue edition 1.25 2008, if so would it be a simple bolt on and connect? Thank you