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  1. Hello I have a 2007 fiesta zetec s 1.6 petrol and I have a whining sound at idle whether the clutch is pressed in or not its still there. The car vibrates aswell at idle and I get a judder when moving off in 1st gear. I think it is the pilot bearing/spigot bearing. Is it safe too drive for a while or is it something that needs immediate attention? Cheers
  2. Quick update. I noticed that when idling there is a hissing sound and it's louder around the drivers side wheel arch area. It's definitely a consistent hiss so I'm guessing that it's either a pulley or a leak from somewhere around that area.
  3. Isnt the cat all together with the manifold on the mk6? Tbh I'm happy too live with it, Its only noticeable when I listen out for it but obviously the poor mpg isn't brilliant and also it shakes a bit at idle sometimes aswell so it could well be an exhaust problem. I will keep you updated if I find anything. 👍🏻
  4. I will take a look over the weekend. Tbh I haven't noticed if it gets worse depending on temperature but I will see if I notice any difference. Tbh I'm just learning too live with it at the moment as the car seems too be driving alright although the mpg isn't brilliant so it will probably end up being the cat or other part of the exhaust. 🤯
  5. The noise I'm having hasn't gotten worse so I'm not sure what it is. I have driven a few hundred miles since the last post and it's not making any more noise than it was previously. One thing I have noticed is that the mpg isn't really going up and is staying around 30 mpg even on long journeys so I'm guessing it's got something too do with the exhaust or intake side of the engine. It doesn't make the noise while revving stationary or when I use the gears too slow down. It only does it when I accelerate and the revs reach 2k rpm. I also think I can hear a slight hiss at idle when the bonnet is up but can't see anything loose. Very strange 🤔
  6. I haven't had any issues with the car at all other than it just being a noise. It's more of a high pitch metallic scrape/hissing sound when accelerating and is audible around 2k rpm then goes after a second or 2.its not a very loud noise but now I know its there its obvious too me. I had all of the pulleys checked and recently had a cambelt and waterpump replacement so I can rule that out. Not really sure what is happening with your car tbh pal. I did have a problem with the ecu earth wire on the negative battery terminal coming loose and causing the car too cut out and throw up different messages. Have you checked too see if it is tight as that caused all sorts of problems for me
  7. Hello mate, I haven't found out what the problem is, it has been there since I have had the car and hasn't got worse. Some people are suggesting it could be an exhaust leak as its only happening under load. Tbh I'm not that worried as it doesn't affect the way the car drives. It's just a bit annoying because now I know its there.
  8. Hello, I have a 2007 fiesta mk6 zetec s 1.6 petrol and I have a strange noise occurring while accelerating. Its a bit like a hissing/metal scraping noise when accelerating and the revs reach 2000 rpm. The noise isn't there when I rev the car while stationary, it only occurs when I'm driving and accelerate in any gear at around 2k rpm. The sound lasts for a second or two and disappears at around 2200 rpm and also stops when I let my foot of the accelerator. It sounds like it's coming from the drivers side of the car. Any help will be appreciated
  9. Cheers for the reply 😁🤣👍🏻 The waterpump has only recently began leaking so not sure about it being the belt being wet. Its done it since owning it which was October last year. It only happens when accelerating from low rpm and lasts for a second or two. I haven't noticed any problems in regards too driving the car and the noise never occurs at any other point. I will get the water pump replaced and see if that's what was making the noise but if not then I will just live with it 👍🏻🤣
  10. Hello mate, just a quick question. When I accelerate from low rpm in mainly 2nd or 3rd gear, the car makes a chirp sound for a second or 2 untill the revs have gone about around 2500 rpm or so. It doesn't make any noise when idling or revving while it stationary. It only makes the noise when driving and has been doing if for ages but it's never gotten worse. Any ideas? Could it be the bearing in the waterpump because it leaking or could it be a bad timing belt tensioner? Cheers 👍🏻
  11. I don't think any coolant has gone onto the cambelt as its covered by the plastic shields. It has been leaking onto the alternator belt which I will replace anyway. Don't really fancy changing anymore than I have too tbh as the belt and tensioner was only done 7 months ago. Cheers for the reply 👍🏻
  12. Yeah, I noticed white coolant splatter under the bonnet that ran in line with the alternator belt and I got underneath the car and could see coolant dripping from the bottom of the pulley. Got it into a local garage for a quick inspection and they said it was slowly leaking from the waterpump and it will only get worse if I leave it. Just making sure that it's alright to reuse the tensioner and cambelt. Don't fancy having that snap 🤯.
  13. Hello, the waterpump is leaking around the actual pulley so the pump is knackered. It's under warranty so will be replaced free of charge. The cambelt is a dayco one with an INA tensioner and waterpump. I have only done about 1500 miles since it was replaced.