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  1. Hello, only just seen the replies, I will try this later and if the noise goes then brilliant. It only happens sometimes and just above the biting point when the car is moving. It doesn't stop the car reversing it's just a loud rubbing noise that is quite annoying 🤣🤯
  2. Hello, the wiring for the fog lights should already be there it's just simply a case of buying the fog lights and the fog light surrounds and they should go straight on
  3. Hello mate, the St and zetec s bumpers are exactly the same, other than the St has a cutout for the exhaust on the rear valance. Other than that, all of the grilles will fit no problem 👍🏻
  4. Hello, my car is making a grinding/whiring noise when I'm reversing. The car goes into reverse with no problem but as soon as I start moving and bringing the clutch up it makes a noise. It doesn't stop me from reversing and it all works properly but that noise is there but it's occasional. Sometimes it does it and then other times it doesn't. The noise goes as soon as I put the clutch down. This only happens in reverse. All the other gears are brilliant with no noises. Any help will be appreciated 👍🏻
  5. I got it as tight as possible and used threadlocker and a nylock nut so hopefully it doesn't go anywhere, only thing I'm concerned about is the ball joint rubber catching on the raised edges on the abs bracket. But I will see how it goes, it's not expensive too get a new droplink so if the bracket start catching on the rubber then I will just file it down or cut it and replace the drop link aswell. Cheers
  6. Right, think I have found a way of attaching the bracket. I have put the bracket behind the hole rather than I front and it fits fine so hopefully it is alright, the drop link is secure so I'm hoping that does the trick
  7. The shocks are in the correct way it's just that on the new shocks, the hole that the droplink goes through on the side, the abs bracket hole doesn't line up correctly so it won't bolt on properly. I might just remove the bracket and then bolt the bracket onto the same thread as the droplink with another nut after the droplink has been torqued Wish I could send a photo too shown you what I mean, I'm not very good at explaining things 😂
  8. One quick question mate, do I need the bracket that holds the abs wire on that attaches too the anti roll bar drop link? Reason I ask is that on the new shock, the hole doesn't line up properly so I can't properly tighten the drop link so was wondering if I can remove the bracket and if it would be alright without it? Cheers
  9. It won't let me insert photos because they exceed the size limit 😵
  10. Just finished installing the springs. Makes the car look amazing tbh 😂 makes you realise how high they sit as standard.
  11. Will do mate, the mk6 fiestas sit way too high from factory, its like driving a lorry 😂
  12. Yeah think I will do, thanks for the help pal 👍🏻
  13. Cheers for the reply mate, I was wondering because on my old shocks there is a clip where the bottom of the rod is that holds the dust cover down but the new ones don't have that but if it's alright then I'm happy with that.
  14. Just another quick question mate, I bought new shocks and dust covers but there is no clip on the new shocks for the dust covers to go onto. Will it be alright like that or do I need something else? Cheers