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  1. Cheers for the replies, I will look into buying a Ford gasket. The gasket has been alright for now with no leaks and seems to be alright but I will keep an eye on it and if it starts too leak again I will purchase the Ford one. Thank you for the help
  2. I have used silicone sealant where it advised me too use it, I.e where the timing belt is on the half moons. Is it worth just unbokting the cover and adding a bit more silicone to all 4 corners? Cheers
  3. I will see how the car gets on for the next few weeks and if its bad then I will replace it again. Cheers for the help
  4. Elring are meant to be one of the best ones for gaskets aren't they?
  5. Hello, I recently noticed white smoke coming from behind the engine block and a burning smell coming through the AC vents inside the car, I looked at the rocker cover and saw a black residue in the top left hand corner that was dried oil. I changed the rocker cover gasket yesterday and cleaned the whole area. However after letting the car run for a while I have noticed that there is a very small amount of fresh oil in the exact same place it was leaking from before the gasket change. Its only a very tiny amount of oil but it should be leaking after a new gasket change? I have torqued the bolts down in sequence and used silicone gasket sealant on the areas that were advised. Is it the gasket adjusting and will stop leaking in time, or is it a leak from somewhere else? On the diagram photo it's the area at bolt number 4 Any help is appreciated.
  6. I was cleaning the seats yesterday with a valet spray and sprayed it over the cloth parts, that's why it was wet. Cheers anyway mate
  7. Cheers mate appreciate it. It's more grey than blue, it's the standard dash on the zetec blue.
  8. Had the seats in for over a week now and they are a million times better than the standard ones, they are a straight swap and fit the 5 door no problem.
  9. Just bought some of the part leather st seats in blue, going to install them on Sunday. They are definitely a straight swap front and back with no adjustments or anything?. Just want too make sure they fit. Cheers
  10. Yeah good point, I like the ST ones because of the blue on them and mine being the zetec blue, it has a blue dash so it will fit in with the car, it's just like you say, the ST badge that would look a bit daft. I will have a look into the zetec s seats and If I can find some for a good price I might get them. Cheers for the reply
  11. Hello just a quick question will the seats out of a 3dr mk6 fiesta ST fit into a 5 door mk6 fiesta