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  1. All I really want is the Steering wheel cover since I have a black edition but the new ones don't have a fully black wheel anymore they have silver so I wanted to get change that and also the gearbox lining. The dashboard would be great as well but I think that's just some of that pinstipe tape or whatever it is called. The doors I don't really care for.
  2. I saw this picture and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get this red stuff? Is it just a custom design with placing and cutting wraps or can I buy these things from somewhere? I am not sure who's Fiesta this is as I saw the picture a while ago and have it saved.
  3. Yeh the price seems to be worth it if the installation isn’t too frustrating. Would you happen to know if cutting the cross bar out for installing it would affect my warranty?
  4. Ah ok mate thanks for that clears it up, would you happen to know if I still have to cut the bar out where the stereo is? I have a warranty on mine still and I wanna know if doing this or the cutting crossbar thing would affect it?
  5. Hey guys I have a Ford Fiesta Mk7.5 2017, it has no SATNAV which is a little annoying. I was thinking about two scenerios, I am looking to do one or the other after considering their positives and also the cost. Scenerio 1: Buying a stereo and head unit which has SATNAV enabled. Either this Or this Not sure if I could have the Sony one in case there could be compatability problems and also the price seems to be considerably higher. I think if I get one of these I need to buy an adapter as well? Scenerio 2: Buy an aftermarket fascia and system Purchase this Then find a fascia which will support it, something like this This is my preferred option since I would want carplay installed as well as the navigation it would have, I am a little in the dark on how I would do this option. Would I just swap the facsias out and then slide the pioneer system in and it works? Will my steering wheel functions work still? Does anything stop working or any extra parts? If anyone has any info on either of this options then I would appreciate it.
  6. Hey guys I got a 2017 Black Ford Fiesta and would like to get some aestetic mods (depending on insurance), passed a month ago and had a normal black ST-Line which unfortunately got stolen... So I am back with this one and have already got lots of security inside of it. This picture below which I think is on TRC's website is what I wanted to go for. Lights seem to be CEUK and the front, side and I assume the rear are TRC splitters? I wanted to know if TRC would ship the splitters like that where they are black and red, this is also the same with the wind deflectors and headlight eyebrows, is there a place I can get these things already black and red or will I need to buy them black and add the red. If I have to add the red to these so they are two toned then I'd appreciate help on how I would do these things. I already know about the rim blades and spoiler extension which I plan on getting. Thanks in advance!
  7. Didn't realise it was so common for people to do it. I'll look at them now thanks.
  8. Ah thanks man, really appreciate it. Thought it would be better for me to ask the obvious now before I spend any money. I'll look into Forscan I've heard things about it.
  9. Hey guys, first post here. I had a 66 plate Ford Fiesta ST-Line and it had a Sat Nav. I had it for 9 days and then it got stolen unfortunately. I am now back with a new fiesta. It’s a black edition ST-Line (17 plate) and has the same extras and stuff except for a Sat Nav. My question is can I buy a stereo unit off EBay that has a satnav and simply replace mine? If possible what will I need to do and is there any compatibility issues I will need to check? If this is in the wrong place then I can move it. Thanks in advance.