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  1. Hi all. Was recommended I come here after my last post as there seems to be more of you in this section 🙂 Am looking to get an EGR blanking plate off of eBay to fit to the EGR Valve, to try and increase fuel economy and power but I have a few questions. Will it be worth it? Heard it can cause a few issues such as Engine lights coming on... would this happen and how easy is the fix? All answers are much appreciated, Ajsski99
  2. Been told i can get about 95bhp from a stage 1 map, sounds good to me! 🙂 Thanks for the reply.
  3. Thanks for the reply mate, sorry mine is a little later! I'll post there and see what responses i get :)
  4. Hey all, new here so go easy 😂 Picked my 2008 Fusion 1.4TDCi today, and wanting to make it a bit zippier! Was thinking of getting an induction kit for it, just a cheap one off eBay most likely, nothing too expensive or serious as it's only a Fusion haha. Would this be the best course of action? If so all help will be much appreciated with tips on what one to get and how to fit it etc. Probably going to get a Remap and carbon clean done by a local mobile chap down near me too so that should be really good for the car and release some locked up power :). All answers are much appreciated, Ajsski99