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  1. No sadly no breakthrough yet 😞 I am still gathering vin numbers and matching code to find the right places to make chance.. Have you looked under your car, to see if it have the connector for the levelling sensors?
  2. I have started the process of figuring out what codes need to be change to make the headlights work, and if it is possible. I would greatly appreciate is some of you who were lucky enough to get the led headlights would share your vin. The more data I get, the easier I can figure out if this conversion can be done
  3. I have searched all over the internet for about a year, and haven’t found anybody doing this conversion. i am in that lucky situation that my best mate sells parts at a ford dealer, so I can do the conversion relative cheap. But we are being sensible and only order a minimum to se if we can make it work. i haven’t fitted the levelling sensors yet, as that is the “easy” part. My intention is to do it the oem way, but I will first look at this, when the headlights work. Can you have a look under your car, to see if you have the wire for the levelling sensors? It is located by the left rear wheel i have gathered a couple of vins from cars with the led option, and will have to analyse the A’s-built data, and hopefully find the right hex to make it work
  4. I was playing around with forscan yesterday. In the ipc there is a drop down for adaptive headlamps. Anybody know what that does? Couldn’t write the change, got the fault at 12%
  5. I know there have been topics about if it is possible. I have searched the interweb for quite some time, and have not found anybody as stupid as me who is trying to make this work. i tried mounting a led headlight and hcm yesterday, but that didn’t change anything. Still no high beam, flashing main beam and indicator hyper flashing. Had a go with forscan but had no drop down menus regarding headlights. I don’t have much experience with forscan so I didn’t play around with the hex codes. i hope to find somebody who is a forscan guru to help me break the code. The Led headlights is the only thing I need for my car to as I want. And I am pretty sure it is possible
  6. Hi guys i am new here in the site, and I am looking for some help. i am looking into retrofitting the full led headlights on my 2018 st-line my car was bulid 2 weeks after the Led option was available. I have looked around the car, and it has all the connections for the levelling sensors. I have allready tried to mount one headlights. The Drl worked fine, the normal driving light came on, but flashes when the engine is running. But no high beam. I will try to mount the Hcm tomorrow to see if this help Have anybody found anything in forscan regards coding of the headlights?