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  1. Agreed. It’s so annoying. Just expecting a yearly service and minimal maintenance issues for at least three years. My car has spent more time in the Dealers than the two cars before it together. Also Ford Focus and still in the family. Both fine so far. Just wear and tear items you would expect on a 2011 and a 2015 car.
  2. Hi Joey-B thise are the exact issues that I had before they took the car for two days and applied every single update available. Even after that it had to go back because one of the updates knocked out the heaters on one side. That was a very quick fix though. like you, I am a big Focus fan. But something has gone seriously haywire with the systems on this model. The most distressing thing for me is the auto hold malfunction. it has started switching itself off again. not good in hilly terrain. hope you get yours sorted. Insist they keep the car until all the updates are complete. It takes more than a day. Meanwhile, I will tackle the latest glitches. 🤦‍♀️ Gillian
  3. I know. It’s such a shame. Today, I started her up and all was well. No error messages. The door unlock does occasionally fail. At the moment I can only unlock the driver’s door and the boot. The other locks won’t work. I’m sure I just need to reset but it’s annoying. I normally let my son have my car when I change, but not sure it’s a car I want to pass on due to all the glitches. He’ll have to keep the 2015 model for an extra bit of time. Means my husband won’t get to change from his 2011 to the 2015. That’s how we pass them around. Not going to happen this time I don’t think. And also with electric on the horizon maybe good just to pause until the right car is available. And I still have stress when I’m on a steep hill start junction. Like today. Will the car pull away?Or will it roll back! wish I just had a handbrake. 🤦‍♀️
  4. Oh dear. Haven’t posted for a while as all my issues were gone after two days of updates. But I went out yesterday and suddenly I have the emergency call Malfunction, service required. Also the warning sensors have gone all tinny. 😱🤦‍♀️ The start stop issue is with Ford and we’ve agreed to put that on hold until I’m doing normal mileage again. I’m hardly using the car at all. But I’m really disappointed I’ve got this stupid error message again. Are there more updates required? Gillian
  5. Glad that’s sorted. Agree that auto stop start is a separate issue. I think it’s the design. Have given up pursuing it at the moment for obvious reasons.
  6. There is a known issue with all the software bugs. In the end, it appears you have to get Ford to run all the updates available to fix all these systems. Eventually, they seem to resolve. But you have to keep going back to sort them all out. It took them several goes and an extra two days to put on all the updates. You just need to persevere. Your manual update at home should also help. Happy to say mine has been ok for several weeks now. Gillian
  7. Sorry - posted my reply in two parts before I saw all the other info. Glad you have it sorted. 😃
  8. Yes. It does happen sometimes. It just switches itself off. It is hard to work out exactly why. Does your orange light go out too on the switch? Mine has been better since the two days of updates for software issues, but seems to do it after certain types of engine stops. Then you don’t notice it is off until you try to brake using that feature. If the auto hold is off, then the parking brake doesn’t come on either at the end of your journey. It is a bit of a mystery. I just look out for the little A and then the red light for the parking brake. I’ve got used to it now and at least it works properly now with hill start assist and holds on inclines which it didn’t do before when you tried to pull away. You had to use the manual brake. One poster in a different thread thought it was a certain sequence of pedal presses that switched it off; like use of the brake pedal in a certain way, but I don’t think anybody quite knows what that sequence is. You just need to get into the habit of checking the orange light is on every new drive. The auto hold feature works on inclines and the flat. It is hill start assist that kicks in only on inclines and helps you move off by holding the car for a few seconds on the brake to prevent you rolling backwards.
  9. Yes. Totally illegal in the UK. Are there no laws on that in the US? maybe you can get it looked at by a reputable workshop as if it was written off after a side shunt there, could be damage that you can’t see without proper inspection. It sounds like you are a person who will be relying on your car. Check your US rights and also get it checked ASAP. that is a terrible thing to do to somebody and the fact he gave it to you after the deal shows the seller knew it too. if he’s already had the insurance money he’s benefitting twice. If he wasn’t insured it tells you something too. i hope the car is sound when it is checked. I feel very bad for you. 🙁
  10. Thanks for that tip. There’s always something you miss when trying to read the handbook cover to cover. 👍😃
  11. This is quite tricky. Using the Ford navigation means you get the route in front of you in the mini navigation screen and reminders if you are using the digital Speedo or another screen as you approach a turn so you don’t need to look left. live traffic is completely useless. I dont have a clue what it does. Ive never had any helpful information yet. And it doesn't tell you about problems on your route ever. Or give you an alternative. if you use Apple car play you can download WAZE. This is quite good fun and tells you about potholes, incidents, traffic cameras average speed areas etc. But it doesn’t link to your mini display or have the detailed turn visual instructions at motorway junctions etc. It will also beep once at you if you’ve entered a speed area and you are slightly over the limit. The Ford system can detect some cameras and says caution and puts an ! On the map. But the traffic sign recognition is not always accurate and it sometimes gives you false 60s in a 30 limit. Or vice versa. The other maps are all reasonable but Waze has a bit more. but not the link with your screen. I use all of them at different times depending on the journey. It is personal choice. They all have some great features and some failings. 😃
  12. Hope it keeps working. I have gone to Ford separately about the auto start stop as I am still not happy it only works intermittently. It isn’t a fault, but a design issue. But does it meet legislation? I’m not sure it does if it works so rarely.
  13. How long had you had the car? Mine has been fine now for well over a month. Ford have offered a voucher which would enable me to get the new motion sensor keys bought and programmed. But I have to stare that the issues have been fixed and I intend to stay in the car. It’s now 14 months old so I’m thinking I’m running out of time to give it back. And now it seems to be ok I don’t really feel I have grounds to return it. The updates took two days. But no error messages or freezes since then.
  14. I do it because I was under the impression that if you inadvertently drive with a bulb out and were stopped by the police, they wouldn’t issue a ticket if you had the bulb in the car and could replace it. Maybe that’s an urban myth. 🤷‍♀️🤔
  15. Yes, you have to set it each trip. I have had an issue where it stopped working and told me I should be doing 20 on the motorway. But this was linked to the many bugs I had and a frozen navigation screen. They finally seem to be fixed. It reset overnight on that occasion and I had no further issues after I got a zillion updates.