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  1. Yes, focus mk4, fiesta mk8 are the current ones.
  2. I've set mine to low but still get the stupid alerts for no reason. Wish I could disable it completely.
  3. My dad has something similar a few years back and it turned out to be his intake pipe and airbox had got clogged with leaves. Same symptoms, started fine but would give up straight away.
  4. Wow, has there been a zombie apocalypse?
  5. I've noticed a small area of mist in mine, down the sides sort of, but it goes away after a short drive with the lights on
  6. Led sides are fine. I changed the ones in my preface w204 c class cos the normal bulbs were the colour of custard
  7. You're welcome. 😀 There might be something up with mine then as even on low it goes off loads. I just wish I had the choice to switch it off completely. I'd go back to Ford but a) it's a complete hassle and b) they'll not find any fault anyway.
  8. I hate it. Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate it.
  9. KITT's cylon sweep for me. Hehe, I'm so old I remember the crazy frog them when it wasn't crazy frog, just a picture of a racing car and a caption that said "don't laugh".
  10. I have a 182 auto. Nice to drive, took a good 3000 miles though before the engine loosened up and gave it's full potential.
  11. Even my stlinex has a fake sound generator now. And there's a million posts from RS owners asking how to disable theirs. It's either have a last blast in a hot hatch or embrace my 50s and get a nice hybrid Focus Vignale.
  12. So Ford are doing well this year. To be fair as well, although I'm not a fan of SUVs at least Ford are trying to inject some individuality into theirs. The big Volvo and Audi SUVs just look like cars I made from lego bricks as a kid. And I'm tempted by the Fiesta ST if anyone can figure out how to turn off the FENG.
  13. Another way to tell, I've found on my mk4 focus, is that if it doesnt lock properly cos say the boot is open, the mirrors don't fold in.
  14. Even wear and tear is covered until the car's first service. I'd find a different Ford dealer.
  15. I'd ring Ford directly. Peoples are taking the ***** if they try and say a 6 month old 5200 miles failure is normal wear and tear.