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  1. Go to the top of the particular forum you want and there will be a New Topic button.
  2. 30mpg thereabouts for short journeys for mine
  3. And I use duck duck go browser that blocks a lot too.
  4. For 1.5 auto mpg it does depend very much on the type of driving. Round town and acceleration it's not great, but cruising at speed it's pretty good.
  5. I've disabled as much Google tracking as I can.
  6. Oh aye, I completely agree. I am old enough, 50, to remember the days when you really could keep a car on the road with a few quid and a few spanners.
  7. Many places oil could be weeping from, if it's not simply a loose sump nut. Like Kevin says wipe all the engine, and underneath so it's clean, then look the next day. Daft question but is the oil cap on properly? As to cost, a lot of oil weeps are caused by perished gaskets on seals but it all depends where it is so it's impossible to say until you've found the weep. That said if oil is coming out so fast it sets the light off is there a hole in the sump?
  8. It's all to make you go the dealers to pay 50 quid to change a 50p light bulb.
  9. I just have a soft spot for VX cos I loved my old vec b v6 gsi.
  10. There's a lot of hate for VX, what with this being a Ford forum and all.😀 But the Insignia is one of the comfiest cars I've ever been in. Plus with it not having much street cred used prices are good. Fully loaded new shape:
  11. Yes, on all 3 of the new cars we've had the pressures have been set massively high from the dealer.
  12. I do have auto update on but I doubt the car is on long enough to download, at the moment especially.
  13. Got myself one of these ages ago: Very useful tool!
  14. Android. Nothing new in the app itself, but in Sync 3 in the car I didnt have Hazard info, now I do.
  15. So I updated the Fordpass app a couple of days back and I now have hazard info option on my Sync