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  1. We are both on PCP, the missus doesn't do enough miles for a service to be needed before we renew but I wonder if having the check on the books might make it worth on trade in?
  2. Yes, just checked on Ford and it is 99 quid. I'd expect a full oil change for 99 quid theiving sods.
  3. Plb thanks. I will check this with my dealer when I collect hopefully end June. Who is your dealer?
  4. I just don't fancy having to try and find a local recovery person somewhere I don't know, at midnight. I reckon I'll extend the year through the service plan.
  5. Yep I've been looking at service plans.
  6. So my new car will come with one year free breakdown cover. My wife doesn't think it's worth paying to extend as it's so unlikely to breakdown it's better just sticking the money in the bank and paying a local recovery agent if needed. I like to be covered just in case. Who's right, or at least who's most likely to be right?
  7. We had friends round and score boards and a sweepstake. It's just a bit of fun, you have to just smile at it. Being in Eurovision has nothing to do eith geography, it is countries that belong to the European Broadcasting Union.
  8. Most auto boxes will hold gears to higher revs when cold to help get both engine and box warmed up quicker.
  9. So I asked mountune if their 225 upgrade to the fiesta mk8 st would be applicable to the focus 1.5 which is the same engine more or less. This is what they replied: We have no plans to release a performance upgrade for the Focus ST line 1.5 ecoboost at the moment. Although the engine is similar the calibration / software is not compatible with the Focus as it uses a different PCM. Best regards, The mountune® online team.
  10. We have a 100 engine. We recently did Rugby to Elveden, 100 miles down the A14, two adults, one teenager and luggage for a weeks holiday. It will cruise at over the limit on the flat happily all day long and maintain speed up hills although to accelerate up the steeper hills I needed to drop it into 5th. It certainly did not feel struggling at 70mph even with us all in. If you do get a 100 ignore the stupid change up light, the engine prefers to be above 2k.
  11. What I don't get is that the MK4 Focus like a lot of new cars is already full of cameras. Why can't the makers have it so the streams are stored and then can be written to a USB stick in the port?
  12. I didn't think they put it on the MK4 Focus, cos all the engines are ecoboost.
  13. My tuppence worth after having modded many cars in my 32 years of driving. Back in the day manufacturers didn't pay attention to the intake part and cars did benefit from closed IKs and a cold air feed. Had a couple of Vectra b V6 that were very breathless at the top end which improved with a BMC CDA on them. These days though designs are much better, most cars have a cold air feed from the grille as standard. Imo you'll get as much benefit changing the OEM filter more often.
  14. To be fair you need to get say 3 or 4 thousand miles on the clock so the engine is loosened up, then you'll get a truer mpg.