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  1. I'm liking the old skool vibe of this
  2. @Lenny our beagle loves to roll in fox poo. Absolutely loves it.
  3. Seemed a bit of a waste of 2.8million quid.
  4. My car is getting a bit of use as I am collecting shopping for a couple of vulnerable people. Nice to be able to do a bit of driving actually.
  5. They can't just release the lockdown. Until we have a reliable antibody test then lockdown will have to be eased off bit by bit.
  6. Swiss Tony likes your filling up method.😀
  7. I'd have thought Ford might put their 125 and 155 bhp 1.0 hybrids in the Fiesta this year but Corona has likely scuppered that.
  8. Aye. I have hundreds of CDs and it's all very well saying burn them to a usb but I haven't got a spare 6 months. Even with Corona.
  9. That sounds like either a flat battery or a starter stuck engaged. Smack the starter with a rubber mallet, or rock car in gear to try and release the ring.
  10. ooh projector lights So much better looking than reflectors, even with halogens in. new gray too? looks shinier than my magnetic, or maybe just cos its clean 😀
  11. Yeah I stick a tank in every now and then. For the better cleaning stuff. Seems to make the engine a bit quieter too.
  12. WFH so lots of music rolling around.