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  1. As above, if I go through the car wash in my auto I just leave it neutral with engine running. Never had an issue like weird things in a car wash brush.
  2. Yes, it makes you wonder if the Queen will not be much longer either.
  3. Not quite the same but when I was replacing the diesel filter on my old Merc I noticed the pipes to it were starting to crack. Replacement ones from merc were stupid money, so I just bought a length of decent quality proper rated fuel pipe off ebay, cut it to length and job done. I even put better pipe clips on than the originals.
  4. No I've never had the first 19s50 recall.
  5. My booking is for both, the visual check and then if any work needs doing it will be done straight away.
  6. Yeah me too, booked in on the 19th with a car
  7. I dont mind that too much. There is loads of crap on my stlx I never wanted but had to have cos STLX had the engine I wanted.
  8. No, first. So I was ok on the Friday but Saturday I spent 6 hours at my mum's allotment tearing down an old shed and building a new plastic one and Sunday I was knackered more than normal. I've only felt fully up to speed today.
  9. Ah mate sorry to hear that. Where next for you?
  10. All the different specs are still there on the main page. I wonder if build and price is only showing stuff they are able to provide cos of lockdown. Or maybe the site has gone wrong as all models only seem to show zetec or titanium.
  11. Yeah I'm ok now, which is useful as I've just spent a good 6 hours at mums allotment taking down an old wooden shed and putting up a new plastic one. 168 screws 😂
  12. Pass the syringe on the left hand side.
  13. So I had it 10am yesterday. Felt fine during the day, got a slight temperature in the evening, slept fitfully. Feel ok now, temperature is normal. Still a bit tender in the shoulder muscle at the injection site.
  14. I have seen one 20 plate round here but that's it.
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