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  1. The 1.0 has a growl but shouldn't be noisy, we have it in a Fiesta That said, I have the 1.5 in stlinex and they have tuned the exhaust to be a bit boomy.
  2. Guy Heaton


    We're off to Anglesey in a couple of weeks. Got some ideas of things to do, coasteering, visit the castle. Anyone been and can recommend anywhere? We like good food. 😃
  3. Batteries only really last their best for 3 or 4 years. Most never get changed often enough.
  4. I tend to use satnav on long journeys more as a guide to how long it's going to take. Does my head in when you get people driving into rivers or the wrong way down streets and they go "oh satnav made me do it." NO!!!! 😁
  5. Makes me laugh that the MK4 has cameras everywhere, why can't Ford just make them recordable
  6. I thought I was an old timer passing in 1987. 😀
  7. We had a nexbase dashcam in our old car, it would drain the battery even when ignition off so we had to unplug it every time. I'd be inclined to run without it for a while. Other than that people have reported the sync unit not actually powering down. Had my car for a month now, don't have keyless entry, just the keyless go. Stop start seems to work fine, I do notice it doesn't always work if there's a lot of demand like air-conditioning on high, sometimes the engine starts again if it has been stopped for a while.
  8. I would love to have a drive in on of those 70s cars again. Then stick a 17 year old of today in one. 🤣 Blimey, how much?
  9. My first car was a Morris Marina 1.8TC, with I believe 99bhp. Drum brakes, leaf springs, zero safety features. How did we all survive? 😁
  10. We have the 100hp ecoboost. It's actually not that slow now it has a few thousand miles on the engine, and crucially it is enjoyable to drive, it handles well and the engine has a satisfying growl that will appeal. It has a decent amount of torque so can cope with the car being loaded but it's never going to be a performance car. But because it's only mildly turboed it doesnt catch you out when you put your foot down and doesn't get to licence-losing speeds straightaway. I'd say it was a good first car, it has enough power not to be boring but not too much to overwhelm an inexperience driver.
  11. Find a decent independent garage. Drop links are a relatively easy job depending on access to get something in to stop the nut rotating. I've done my own fronts in an hour on my old car. They can wear out and knock and you can't always see the wear. However it is worth checking that the drop link nuts are tight. Drive shaft ball joint? That can be 2 or 3 hours yes as there's more involved with getting it out of the hub. I'm a fan of good independent garages, a good one will go that extra mile and charge you half the labour cost of a dealer.
  12. If they make an st auto that would be interesting. I think they have the 2.3 with auto in some of their us vehicles.
  13. Wish we could do WiFi Just update my sync, that took 20 mins. Maps says 80 though. I don't drive for 80 minutes, not many do. Looks like it's back to the idea of sitting on the drive connected to a trickle charger
  14. I have the same. I like eco at times as it drives more like a diesel, and I've been in diesels for high on 10 years. But yes, doesn't seem to make a difference between eco and normal mpg.