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  1. Trouble with ECO mode is because it dulls the throttle response you end up pressing the throttle harder anyway.
  2. They haven't updated the build and price website yet.
  3. It is interesting that noone ever says - if you can't afford to pay for a house don't buy it. We pretty much all have mortgages and it's a normal thing. A car is the second largest purchase you will make. Why not make that more of a subscription? A set amount per month, no unexpected bills.
  4. We have 1.0 100. It doesn't buzz. I'd be looking at things in the engine bay like the exhaust shield, could just need bending away a bit.
  5. I wouldn't make that equation either, with yearly salary and new car price, as under PCP I will never pay that price anyway. What's the monthly pcp cost? Can I afford it and does it make financial sense in my circumstances (warranty, courtesy car, no repair bills etc.)? I've been stung once too often with colossal bills and car off the road for days. As to options - these DO make quite a difference to that monthly so yes, they are considered carefully.
  6. They did remap the engine to take account of the exhaust, but they didn't touch the intake.
  7. Alex fancy writing a review? I am pondering one when I come to change my 182.
  8. The door protectors are fairly useful but don't cover the whole edge.
  9. It's all about percentages. Say a hose gives you a 2% increase in power. On a 125bhp car that's another 2.5hp - you'd barely notice. On a 280 bhp ST it's still only 5.6bhp -perhaps you might notice this. These things are useful but only as part of an overall package - better intercooler, increased intake capacity, freer exhaust. I was watching 5th gear the other day, the mechanic chap got something like a 30bhp increase on a Mini Cooper 170bhp, with "just" a better exhaust - he never touched the intake at all.
  10. I wonder if they do it on new cars cos I caught my alloy in Anglesey from some idiot in a SUV pushing me into the kerb.
  11. Yes, exactly this. The Vignale comes with rear camera, park assist and door protectors as standard.
  12. Try this as well, made a difference on mine:
  13. Yeah me too. IMO the tyres are far too wide, but then most cars are over-tyred these days. The engine has 182bhp, it does not need 235 width tyres. All they do is give more road noise.
  14. If the sensor is covered and the wipers on auto when you start the car, the wipers may fire. Just depends on how the computer interprets the input.