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  1. I dont want to sit on a ***** thanks.
  2. Pity Ford don't have a Focus auto with decent power.
  3. At 50mph on the motorway you'll be surrounded by lorries. Not a place I would want to be.
  4. I'd not pay 30k for it. Fiesta st3 with lsd is only 25k. Plus you can get pre reg Focus ST for 28/29.
  5. We have a Fiesta active which handles well but neither that or my mk4 Focus handle as agile as my mk1 Focus did.
  6. Ford have given the 1.5 the same hp but more torque to offset the extra weight and currently the lsd is only an option, unlike the Fiesta st3.
  7. Hate myself for saying it but it actually looks quite good. 😀
  8. You might go to the main dealer to keep up breakdown cover. I remember an Indy once who were otherwise really good, quality work, decent prices but they would always add a "failed numberplate bulb" on to a service or an mot. I stopped using them eventually.
  9. Flushing oil is very thin, and designed to get rid of the crud in the oilways and the lisdge I've done a few now with a pump and can get the pipe right to the bottom of the pan. Measuring the amount of oil it got out it did seem to get 99%. Oil needs to be warm, that really helps. The Merc had a topmounted oil filter as well and it really was nice not having to crawl under the car getting covered with dirt and oil.
  10. I'm with Karlbbb. Feel free to call me a gammon if it makes you feel good. I have never seen a reflector halogen standard housing that looked ok when hids or leds were put in. They all just end up a blob of light. Even the standard reflectors on my Mk4 Focus look rubbish compared to the projectors on the missus Fiesta.
  11. I'm only on 7300 in 15 months. I'm at 30%. Given Covid 6 month wfh I might make it to that 2 year after all. But yes, if I have to I'll get a change done at my local indy, give them the bits.
  12. Everyone, make your lives easier and just buy a 20 quid ebay pump. Use it when the oil is warm, not hot, and never need to undo a sump nut again.
  13. So this is a MASSIVE con. You buy new you get a year's Ford breakdown. You get the convenience check at 1yr - pointless but it gets you another year's breakdown. 18 months in, your oil is zero. Do you get a full service then, or just an oil change? If you get the full you will extend the breakdown for another year at that point but you've also lost 6 months. If you get the oil change at 18 months, then the Full at 2 years, you are basically paying 260 quid for breakdown cover. Utter con.
  14. Feck. No wonder these people make a fortune. £16360 for mine.