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  1. I've been thinking. Car has done 5k but oil life is at 50% so will need an oil change at 14 months. Service is at 18k/2 years.. If I look out for an oil change offer somewhere z or even do it myself, I can reset the oil life so it coincides with the 2 year service. Make sense or sound daft?
  2. That's what happened to me. All I wanted was the reverse camera but had to get a load of driver assist and park assist stuff I don't care about and never use.
  3. Just the stat but it was top of the engine so easy to access. You only need enough room to get the stat out.
  4. If indicator in bumper it's mk 1. If in the lights it's 1.5.
  5. Not same engine but I've changed the stat on an 04 focus diesel. Fairly easy job and the stat was cheap.
  6. Yeah I probably worded that wrong. I meant more that I wouldn't expect the charging to be free but people seem to think it should be.
  7. Is the Kuga a proper hybrid in that it has a cvt so supposedly runs the engine at optimum efficiency rpm more of the time? I don't have an issue with electric as a motive force. The days of V engines in ordinary cars are long gone and IMO they're the only ones that sound nice. I'd happily ban all the pointless droney cars. Looking at a purely driving view, why wouldn't you want electric? Instant power, massive torque. I'd happily have an electric ST with the equivalent of 300bhp. And for my commute it could easily be electric. I know I'm fortunate though to have offroad parking and a garage I can house a charger in. They just need to get the infrastructure out so you can get a 20 to 30 minute full charge at a service station, and make it competively priced. We should be willing to pay similar prices to fillup our battery as we would to fill up our petrol tanks.
  8. Aye sounds more like a lane or park assist glitch.
  9. Hmmm. There is no keying or anything else that I can see in the fuel filler hole apart from they are different sizes for diesel and petrol. I can push the flap in with my finger.. I would therefore simply use any hard plastic nozzle with the right diameter.
  10. There is a definite difference in S mode on my auto. Not only does it take the rpms higher but it holds the gear andd doesn't change up if you come off the throttle for a corner. And I need to get someone to time it 0-60 as it definitely feels quicker than 8.5 May just be the old bum Dyno not reading right though 😀
  11. Charge the battery. Take it out for a long high speed run, with some revs once it's warm. Clear the codes, run the car again and check codes again.
  12. Our house overlooks a roundabout. When we get snow I often see drivers of top-heavy 4x4s and SUVs getting an object lession in physics. When there's no grip, there's no grip.
  13. A lot of times it can just be a sensor. I had one go on my old car - fuel temperature sensor. It lit the EML but the car just used default settings to run. Cost me 90 quid to get it changed.
  14. For stiff muscles as well as RICE I would recommend gentle movement, massage and stretching to loosen the fibres. Foam roller too if you can.
  15. Forscan is pretty good, code reading is free and it also gives you the description as well as the number
  16. Watched a bit of it. Not sure it needs 3 hours to state the bleeding obvious - the art world is firmly up its own ***** and men like looking at naked women.
  17. I hadn't seen any and then 3 drove past me in a row on the way back from Warwick on Friday
  18. It will tell you in settings, information, autostopstart
  20. I hate it. As I may have mentioned before. 😁