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  1. So if you switch off with the button on the right it keeps going?
  2. Did the no overtaking display on the car match the hatchlines actually painted on the road?
  3. Loz on the merc forums there are complaints about their latest cars doing the same thing too. I can't say I ever look at the speed limit display on mine.
  4. " The lifetime replacement is covered by a fair-use policy and may be withdrawn if there is regular, excessive wear, or you regularly bring in many different vehicles." I'd want to see specifics as to what counts as excessive, or too many different vehicles.
  5. A tyre at high pressure saves fuel by basically not touching the road as much. Some have said manufacturers spec pressures overly high to make their mpg figures look good.
  6. Wow, how can that be economically viable for them?
  7. I hate the very idea of it. Another awful modern invention. Wonder if the dealer could disable.
  8. So my MK4 stline X has stupid fake pointless piped noise? How do I stop that?
  9. ". I believe the sound in the cabin is electronically enhanced " Well unless you can turn that off the st is off my list.
  10. Diesel oil gets dirty quickly which it is designed to do, holding the soot in suspension. But you can't go wrong changing it fairly often. I used to do 9k changes on all my diesels. 7.5k would be fine.
  11. My car doesn't always connect. It's just a phone signal after all.
  12. No, don't have a pan roof. Where is the holder, near the rear view mirror?
  13. So do you have a sunglass holder overhead in a titanium x? I'm quite annoyed that my stlinex doesn't. Even my missus zetec fiesta has one.
  14. DSG especially are as good on mpg and often quicker 0-60 than their manual equivalents. Most decent autos these days will engine brake and change down on hill descents. Even the venerable 5g in my Merc did that. The 8-speed in the Focus in S mode will hold the gear at high revs for longer.
  15. I think it's because in Britain, still autos are seen as only belonging in "premium" vehicles. They still haven't percolated down across the board. IMO for 95% of drivers in 95% of driving situations, an auto makes far more sense, but you still get that "autos are for old people, real drivers don't use them". I say go have a drive of a Golf R DSG or an A45 AMG auto and tell me they are old men's cars.
  16. I think it recalculates all the time, or at least very often. My commute is 10 miles each way and the figure will change in that time, and change depending on wether I've gone down the fast DC at 70 or pootled down the back lanes at 50.
  17. Autos and diesels go together very well. Had a couple of them. Manual diesels you're always changing gear due to the relatively short power band.
  18. I've upgraded brakes to brembo drilled discs, and pads, purely for the look frankly. Didn't really make any difference to the braking capacity of the car. I'd say Ford would have given the ST the brakes it needed as standard.
  19. Interesting article alex, and they're right in one sense, like I've said before, I don't think I'll ever reach the situation where it would make a difference what my rear set up was. That said though, when I ordered the stline X I expected to get the best ford had to offer at the time, which should have included irs. You want to get what you've paid for.
  20. I've remapped many diesels. Never had a problem with MOT or turbo etc because I got decent maps that didn't go right to the edge of the engine or gearbox tolerances.
  21. It's like it's installing straight from the stick. It should copy locally to the unit and then install.
  22. Aye, perhaps it was how you worded the query. I was clear that I was asking about turning off the active braking part, not the entire warning system.