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  1. Apologies - bumping this one again. "Engine Malfunction" - nothing else - no codes, nothing. Car drives fine, revs smoothly, breaks are fine, oil level is fine, coolant is fine (its loosing some but hey-ho, its coming up for 10 years and has 104k on the clock), its not over heating - as @Morrismen has pointed out it might be the water pump but I can't see any leaks. I've also unplugged and re-plugged in every connector I could get my hands on - some had been cable tied together to stop them creeping out - I've replaced all the ties. The only thing I noticed was this 'thing' that was once
  2. Hi all Interesting one. After pulling off the drive the other day 'Engine Malfunction' pops up on the Convers+ display. However NO engine management light illuminated. Plugged a code reader in, no codes, went though the secret menu - no codes. Also checked that the engine management light does work. I've had a good look under the bonnet, all the levels are fine, nothing obviously loose, flapping about or dropped off. Disconnected the battery as well. Turn the ignition on - Engine Malfunction Anyone got any ideas? 2011 1.6 Ecoboost petrol. Cheers
  3. ECU on a MK 4 is just inside the nearside wheelarch. So if you've been in or through standing water that might be the cause
  4. The door handles are a common thing I believe. Drivers side on mine is all bubble and passenger side is flaking and sharp. The stupid air craft handbrake has a habit of splitting on the handle too. 😞
  5. Yep, best accessed with the wheel off. Same with the smax and Mondeo too
  6. Thanks, I had a look earlier and getting the battery out on one of these is not a 5 minute job, especially with kids running round. In to the garage it goes.
  7. So it's a Galaxy Mk3 Petrol 2011. Driving fine yesterday, parked up for an hour or so and came back to a pancake flat battery. Or so I thought. Popped to the in-laws to pick up a jump start pack, half an hour later back at the car, turned it over, fired up and no need for the jump. Drove it round a few miles to work the gremlins out. Stopped it and started again... No electricity, engine turning, revved it and got the electronics going. Then smell of burning plastic and smoke from the near side bonnet, 20 yards from home. Got it on the drive (loosing PAS along the way). Ignition
  8. The display stays on for about 10 minutes then the car sort of shuts down, turning displays off and the 12v sockets. So unless it's staying on for an hour I'd say it's normal
  9. Anything lurking under the floor covers in the back? Failing that is it a diesel?
  10. Does the spring in the pusher move freely? It might have worked it's way out of position?
  11. So my "61plate Galaxy has very little reserve travel in the handle. Does anyone know if it can be adjusted and internally or if it's a crawl under the car job. The rear pads are wearing a little thin so that might also be a contributing factor?
  12. Does the tone come through the stereo speakers or a separate sounder? If the latter then the sounder could be faulty, happened on my Mondeo
  13. I had something similar on a '00 mk 1. Engine would cut out turning left, scary as hell on a busy roundabout! I think it was a fuel sensor although this is going back 8+ years ago now.
  14. Normally it means there's an information message. What year/spec is it?
  15. My Mondeo clutch & DMF was £950 all in with VAT. I really doubt an '05 1.6 petrol will have a DMF (euro car parts don't list any flywheels for your setup) Part ex you won't get much. If it's a tidy car, good history and for an 05 it's fairly low mileage get the job done. If you end up going for something else you run a very real risk of buying someone else's problems they didn't want to fix. I've had a MK1 and MK2 Focus, both 1.6 petrol. Looked after they are brilliant. Punch your reg into euro car parts and see what your options are it'll give you an idea of price. Or email
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