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  1. Does the tone come through the stereo speakers or a separate sounder? If the latter then the sounder could be faulty, happened on my Mondeo
  2. I had something similar on a '00 mk 1. Engine would cut out turning left, scary as hell on a busy roundabout! I think it was a fuel sensor although this is going back 8+ years ago now.
  3. Normally it means there's an information message. What year/spec is it?
  4. My Mondeo clutch & DMF was £950 all in with VAT. I really doubt an '05 1.6 petrol will have a DMF (euro car parts don't list any flywheels for your setup) Part ex you won't get much. If it's a tidy car, good history and for an 05 it's fairly low mileage get the job done. If you end up going for something else you run a very real risk of buying someone else's problems they didn't want to fix. I've had a MK1 and MK2 Focus, both 1.6 petrol. Looked after they are brilliant. Punch your reg into euro car parts and see what your options are it'll give you an idea of price. Or email a few garages for a quote, it's such a common car it won't be the first Clutch they will have done on a mk 2
  5. I had a similar dilemma on a Mondeo. Clutch and DMF. In the end I got it done, what I did notice though was there was a huge variation in the price of clutch and flywheel parts. In the end I found a garage that was happy to shop around the Factors to get the best price rather than go to the usual garage i use who will only use 1 Factor I checked this one out and they were expensive. LUK are normally the go to brand for a clutch or flywheel but if you are on a budget there are other brands to consider. Probably looking at 4-6 hours labour too.
  6. OK - Update, and sorry to bump this. @Marktimmins I hope you have your's back now? Bristol Street! I feel your pain - I believe technically I am still banned from buying a car my local one but that's another story! Both my Galaxy and Mondeo were done this week. Took them 2 days on the Galaxy (there really isn't much space to work in there) and just over a day on the Mondeo. So I now have some shiny new hoses and some creatively attached wiring! I have noticed that both cars smell very warm now - possibly using different coolant (yellow not red). The only big annoyance is that on the Galaxy the filler cap for the expansion tank is under the valance so topping up will be a pain without a funnel with a hose. Fingers crossed!
  7. Did mine last year, 2011 estate. Pop out the rear interior light out, I took the trim off too, hand up and have a furkle around. I ended up finding the wiring for it and tracing along it, ended up tugging gently on the wire to get it. Then just a straight swap for one for a few quid off ebay
  8. Hi, does anybody know if the leather and fabric headrests are the same physical size? Basically the my leather tilting one has broken inside (it's lose and rattles). Just wondering if the leather cover would fit over the fabric one on a non-tilt ebay job.
  9. Just bought this... Autel Autolink AL319 OBD2 Scanner Reader Read and Erase Codes Check State Emission Monitor Status with Standard 16-Pin OBD-II Smart and Powerful Scan and Car Diagnostic Tool https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M2WTO2K/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_.PUmDb7AB6D96 Arrives tonight, so I'll have a play tomorrow and as it's Amazon if it's no good it'll go back on Monday 😁
  10. Thanks for that. So anything ODBII compliant. Like I say I just want to read codes and clear them off, got a few problems with my Galaxy and just weighing up what to do with it. Also gives me a head start if I can direct the garage saves me paying them to scratch their heads for an hour! Cheers
  11. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a scanner or scanner/ app combo that's not Forscan? I just want to be able to read codes and clear them and not run the risk of disabling my car with a wrong click. If you see what I mean? Cheers
  12. I'm booked in second week in August for both. I contacted Ford last week to ask what parts specifically are replaced they said ask your dealer we don't know. Asked the dealer they said ask Ford..... I might try and see if I can get anything in writing from them on warranty/guarantee etc. The dealer I use are really good (my more local option is Bristol Street 😠) so I go a few miles further for family owned/run. It's the dealers I feel sorry for as by the looks of it and looking at the video Ford put on YouTube it's an ***** of a job. I'll probably get it done, I've had coolant issues with both cars, if I was to have the same happen again and the worst happened and it ended in fire I don't think my insurance would be happy if I had refused the recall work. Oh - the Aircon issue on the Galaxy was the seals deforming. So cheaper than a condenser but still 2 hrs labour and a regas.
  13. I don't have the diagram but I think there are many options for the mirrors. I have folding plus puddle lamp on mine but on my identical Galaxy I don't. I've had to replace a Galaxy mirror and there were tons of options for mirrors. I got the replacement from carparts4less and that showed all the options. All have the same connection block though.
  14. I don't think there is much that is too scary on the MK4 other than the standard wear and tear stuff
  15. Problems (touch wood) remarkably few on the Mondeo, it's on 96kmiles. The overflow pipe that runs from the NS of the engine, across the top of the rad to the header tank split where it meets the engine, then there is a 1/4 inch pipe from the front of the header that runs to a 90degree metal bend, that rotted. Did the Clutch and Dual Mass last month and a new battery. Flown through every MOT. Oh, needed a wheel bearing on the back not long after I bought it - crap tyres, it's an estate and I am told they can suffer with inconsistent wear, got that done on warranty. The Galaxy on 76k was a bit of a rush purchase (child 3 was imminent) so it was the best for the cash I had, it had had a hard life before me!! That needed a driveshaft boot last MOT. Also had a coolant issue but possibly due to a bodged ECU fix before I owned it, it's been bodged again and now the fan kicks in when it gets to temp. I'll try and look at that over the summer as it runs constantly, it's also only last week had the Aircon condenser take a dump I thought it was coolant recall related, Ford said no (local and family owned so I trust them more) and I've got it booked to a local place tomorrow as Ford parts are silly money. The only other thing has been the NS rear door lock mechanism fail, got a spare off eBay and fitted that in about an hour. I've had the Mondeo for 5 years and put 50k on it, 30k was in the first 2 years! Galaxy for just over 18 month's, not my favourite as it's a Zetec spec (Mondeo is a Titanium X) but great do drive and can easily turn into a van for an IKEA trip. It is fun watching the boys racers jaws drop when a Bus does them off the line though.