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  1. I got it from eBay. Not difficult, just have to have patience and a steady hand. Not the most adhesive though. Currently looking into a more permanent option or stronger stuff.
  2. Not done much so far. I also went for the footwell lights. Got mine from CEUK. I've painted my calipers, added a bit of red pinstripe. Badge overlays. A couple of decals. Tyre lettering. Got loads more planned for visuals, just need to get round to doing it.
  3. Looking good. Did you have to cut the sun strip to fit? Was it easy to do? Also, is that i lift reverse gear knob? Looking for a black one myself in 6 speed.
  4. Has anybody tried these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-5-CARBON-CAR-AERIAL-BEE-STING-MAST-ANTENNA-ARIEL-ARIAL-MINI-RADIO-STUBBY/382950862865 TBH, i never use my radio as i always have my phone (spotify) or USB plugged in and listening to music from them. So not too much of a problem if it effects the radio signal, just curious before i get one.
  5. Ah ok. When you said you had 2 i was curious as to how you'd stuck it to the front grill.
  6. Has anybody attempted to fit a MK7 spoiler on a MK8? Curious to hear what the size difference is (if any). Hoping they fit as i'm looking for a bigger one for my MK8. Hope this isn't a dumb question 🙄🙄
  7. Do you have one on your grill too then?
  8. Oh dear. Thats not good. For the price of them i thought they would be better quality. I have found another company making similar versions, though not sure about ones for the grill. https://skgraphic.co.uk/products/st-line-badge-with-gel Again, only a decal but looks ok for the back of the car.
  9. That was going to be my other option. Probably safer than spraying tbh.
  10. This is the piece i want to remove (red in picture) and spray red. As well as the other chrome pieces on the door and glove box. But i can't finad anyone who has removed a centre console from a mk8. I might just mask off all the surrounding area and spray paint it without removing it.
  11. Thats what i am afraid of. It is mostly carbon fibre in mine, but i just want rid of the small chrome bits, like around the bottom of the front panel and door handles etc.
  12. What about interior lights for the mk8?
  13. Has anybody 'de-chromed' the interior of their mk8? I've got my panel removal tools now but can't remove most of the chrome panels, bit scared to use too much force tbh. Maybe i need to.