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  1. Hi, Does anybody know what size cold intake air filter i will need for my MK8 ST-Line Fiesta? Thanks
  2. Has anybody removed their grill from their MK8 ST line Fiesta yet? If so, how?
  3. Not a great one but here you go.
  4. This size would have done that. I drilled the holes central. If i'd have drilled the holes further back i could have put the cover on. Lesson learned.
  5. Fitted mine this afternoon. Here is the result.
  6. Aspiring ST owner. Probably true. The interior has ST-Line markings so why not the exterior lol
  7. I wanted something a little different to a plain font, and thanks.
  8. And the finished product. Just need to attach it to my grill now.
  9. Here's what i did with mine. Cut a piece of steel to shape, drilled a couple of holes. Ended up wrapping the steel plate as the paint finish wasn't ideal.
  10. This was my plan too. See how i get on today.
  11. I've seen that video. Thats what got me thinking i need to do something. Was curious if anybody had tried the fuse removal option? Couldn't see how that would not have the same effect as removing the OBD port completely? This is going to be my plan. Thick piece of steel. Holes either side and use studs/bolts to hold it in front of the port. 👍
  12. As much as i want one, this is what puts me off getting splitters. That and horror stories i hear about them falling off on motorways.
  13. What actions have people taken to protect their car from OBD port thieves?
  14. Ok cheers guys. I'll have another look into it.