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  1. Good luck hope they find it, it's getting hotter by the day at the moment!
  2. Have you checked the wiring, plugs etc? Open circuit means it's not getting it's 5v reply back. Try check wiring, for little cuts etc. Follow the loom back and see what you get.
  3. Put nitrogen through the system, get soapy water and put on the connections etc and where it bubbles is where it leaks. You can also push the centre of the air con compressor to make sure that's not dead also, it should spin when you're spinning the centre clutch. Thing about car garages and air con, they do a half day course on how to operate the machine, but don't fully understand the mechanics behind how it compresses the gas to a liquid etc. Most just also like to palm it off and blame the compressor / condenser / no gas. Just be careful new compressors can cost like £200+, so make sure they don't get it wrong.
  4. It literally comes with a bracket and everything, easy to screw mount, the front plastic grill just pulls off, and you screw it on.
  5. @Jonro2009 As promised, a day late haha. @Darren-mk8 Picture for you.
  6. It came and its got some screw clamps on the back, really well designed and stands out perfect size.
  7. So in terms on the 100, 125 and 140, are they all different engines or they all the same, but with a different ecu map?
  8. Will drop them an email and see what they say, is the 140ps the same in the fiesta by any chance?
  9. We will see if I need to bodge it on 🤣
  10. What was the code? Who scanned it main dealer?
  11. Hey, They only do the 100hp + 125hp.. nothing for the 140hp..?
  12. Hey, Has anyone managed to remap the 145hp yet? I can't find much on the 145hp, only on the lower hp models with the main tuners etc. Just drags until like 3-4k rpm when boost kicks in then pulls like a *****. Just need to make sure I don't break the little 1l 🤣
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