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  1. So in terms on the 100, 125 and 140, are they all different engines or they all the same, but with a different ecu map?
  2. Will drop them an email and see what they say, is the 140ps the same in the fiesta by any chance?
  3. We will see if I need to bodge it on 🤣
  4. What was the code? Who scanned it main dealer?
  5. Hey, They only do the 100hp + 125hp.. nothing for the 140hp..?
  6. Hey, Has anyone managed to remap the 145hp yet? I can't find much on the 145hp, only on the lower hp models with the main tuners etc. Just drags until like 3-4k rpm when boost kicks in then pulls like a *****. Just need to make sure I don't break the little 1l 🤣