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  1. I have had the same problem 3 times now in snow. 1st two occasions I wasn't in a position to take it to the dealer with the warning displayed and it clears after switching off, apparently no history is stored for this error. I did open a case with Ford CS which is still open. When it happened this Feb I got it to the dealer with the error on and they did find codes but only did the 1st phase of tests that Ford Technical told them i.e. check tyre profiles and pressures were correct!!!!! They then cleared the codes but should have gone back to Technical before doing that for next lot of tests but as the codes were cleared I was told I'd have to wait until it happens again. Really!!!!! My case was supposedly escalated but Technical have now come back today to say that is what it is supposed to do if the AWD overheats. Like Caledoniair the distance I'd actually travelled on snow was about 50 yards, the rest of the 3 mile journey was on melted snow so shouldn't have overheated. I did notice on this and 1 other occasion that it seemed to switch off as the car started to slip so wonder if it may be an issue with the traction control and AWD combined. Next step is an email to Andy Barratt (CEO of Ford UK) as I consider this is not fit for purpose especially when Ford Spain produced a video of the Edge driving on a snow covered mountain and their online owner manual states the following; Driving In Special Conditions With All-Wheel Drive (AWD) AWD vehicles are equipped for driving on sand, snow, mud and rough roads and have operating characteristics that are somewhat different from conventional vehicles, both on and off the highway.