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  1. If you changed the sensor we’re did you get yours from mate
  2. Hi mate thanks for the reply so you just changed the sensor I agree with what you said they told me I had to have a new fuel rail £300 it’s a joke really don’t they just screw in here is the code reader I bought autophix OBD2 scanner on amazon
  3. hi can anyone help i have a 2013 mondeo 2.0 ok driving along and my esp light flick on and my engine malfuction can on as well but car seem to go ok but lack power a bit so pulled over turned of ignition turned it on again and it went so carried on using it as im a taxi driver and it happened again turned of ingnition and it went again . so bought a code reader and this is what it came back with p1169 fuel rail pressure sensor in range but high so can anyone tell me what do i do now please thanks