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  1. thanks mate they told me that the sensor was sweated on i take it it unscrews i have to say i am having trouble finding one any idea were i can get one
  2. hi i have a mondeo 2.0 zetec 2013 plate ok ive been told by emg that i cant change the fuel rail sensor they have told me that i would have to buy a new fuel rail ive had a look around and foud fuel rails on ebay now the question is will it have to be coded to the car or can i just change it also the image below is my sticker on my fuel rail now on the one i looked at which says its for my car the big number at the bottom starting with 130 is diffrent does this matter the 9681909680-03 cie compiegne and 28497z01 are the same many thanks
  3. If you changed the sensor we’re did you get yours from mate
  4. Hi mate thanks for the reply so you just changed the sensor I agree with what you said they told me I had to have a new fuel rail £300 it’s a joke really don’t they just screw in here is the code reader I bought autophix OBD2 scanner on amazon
  5. hi can anyone help i have a 2013 mondeo 2.0 ok driving along and my esp light flick on and my engine malfuction can on as well but car seem to go ok but lack power a bit so pulled over turned of ignition turned it on again and it went so carried on using it as im a taxi driver and it happened again turned of ingnition and it went again . so bought a code reader and this is what it came back with p1169 fuel rail pressure sensor in range but high so can anyone tell me what do i do now please thanks