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  1. When you start my car up and set off, it feels really smooth on the throttle, but once warmed up there feels to be a judder or hesitation on the pedal. Changed plugs, leads, coil pack and still the same. No EML. Someone suggested maybe the Lambda Sensor? Can anyone shed a bit more light if theirs does or did it?
  2. Yeah i thought possibly an oil burner, i didnt go round the back of it to look for the badge. Thats a minter you have there! Getting more scarce are standard examples of earlier cars nowadays. Thats my intention with my mk7
  3. Had to get a photo of these together last night. The Mk6 ZS is a locally owned car, and it is very standard and well looked after, so whilst it was parked up i thought id get a photo of my Mk7 equivalent next to it.
  4. Id personally be tempted with an O2 Sensor...but a scan for codes may be cheaper.
  5. Yeah i thought that was it. Used to sell loads when i worked for a Vauxhall Dealer back in the early 2000's!
  6. Afternoon folks. I have a 59 plate Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 petrol with 52k, and when you have just used the car, there seems to be a slight fuel smell at mainly the rear of the car. Any pointers? Im thinking of looking at the rubber pipes, and connectors where the fuel filler neck pipe meets the tank, see if there is any perishes etc Can anyone think if there might be anything else to investigate? Im just wondering if this is linked to the slight jerking under load and off load..
  7. Did you manage to get to the bottom of this fault? Mine has this jerk under the pedal too.. I have replaced Coil Pack and leads out of courtesy anyway, but made no difference, and its had a full service lately too. Im going to clean the MAF tonight see if thats an issue, and hopefully get it scanned too.
  8. To be fair, no, i haven't, ill get my mate who's a self employed ex Ford tech to have a scan for me. Is the MAF on the air intake off the airbox on these?
  9. Replaced Coil pack and leads, and Plugs, and still there. Im wondering if its the engine mounts now in all honesty. Common thing?
  10. Correct! To be fair i only discovered that was the issue on Sunday when i had changed the direction of the fan to feet! Cheers
  11. Whilst the subject of Fans is about, im not sure if my Mk 7 ZS is working correctly or not. When you start the car, the AC automatically comes on. Is that right, and when it does, the cooling fan is on instantly too. When i turn the AC off, pretty much straight away, the fan stays on a for a minute then turns off. Is that right or is there an underlying issue? Thanks
  12. I recently had this where it would say boot open when it clearly wasn't. It was also setting the alarm off... Anyway, ive fitted a new latch and its cured it straight away. Available on ebay for around £28-£30, or a main dealer one for £70 odd. i went for the Dealer option as thats what i like to do, but to be fair i know id have tried the ebay one if i was unsure on what the issue was. Worth a punt at that for me..
  13. Morning! Ive recently bought a 2009 Zetec S 1600 petrol, with 52k on the clock, and im just working my way through a few faults. Recently done the Bonnet Catch and Boot Latch, sorting two issues out straight away. I have noticed when driving along at a speed, say 60, that the slightest touch of the throttle causes the car to feel like small judder but isnt actually a judder. Would this maybe be a coil pack issue? Its hard to describe, more like a small jerking feel. Its getting the Rear Axle Bushes done on Thursday and a full service, inc Cambelt Kit and Water Pump, so im hoping it just needs a refresh. Thanks
  14. Are you replacing due to the standard/existing been old and need replacing? Hornet are very loud, and boom inside the car, and Sportex are OK but not much different. Both are mild steel too, so not particularly long lasting really. You may be better off finding a local exhaust manufacturing spot and get one made from Stainless Steel.
  15. I had the same issue, and i decided to buy a new latch with switch, as they have been modified a little. £53 and a ten minute job, and cured the warning light and message. Ill admit i never had the alarm going off though.