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  1. Hiya all anyone got one of these diffusers and upper valances for sale for my zetec s 140 red edition put st180 back box on but tips are hidden with the crappy ecoboost diffuser cheers shaun
  2. HI all i a seem to have a problem with my car but this is only when running the car from cold start-up when i i first drive the car i seem to get a knocking noise from the passenger side of the car , i have jacked up the car at the front and done the 12-6 oclock shake no play at all and also 9-3 oclock shake no play at all , i have had cv joint problems in the pass and this doesnt sound the same but as the car gets up to normal running tempretures the noise will go away and doesnt happen again anyobdy got any ideas cheers shaun p.s no this it not the engine rattle/tapping either that peop
  3. Hiya all anyone used one of these on there ecoboost 140 red edition cheers shaun https://www.racechip.co.uk/shop/ford/fiesta-vii-from-2017/1-0-ecoboost-998ccm-140hp-103kw-180nm.html
  4. all sorted managed to get one cheers
  5. Hiya anyone tell me where i could get one of these at all tried breakers wanting stupod money for them cheers shaun
  6. None of the systems i have ssen for sale seem to have the cradle with them either
  7. Hi all i have just brought the sony satnav system to fit my fiesta been told i will need the cradle for the screen or it wont fit but cant seem to find one i have put pic up of what i need cheers shaun
  8. i have tried alsorts now differnt cables , new usb cable connected to usb port on module no luck still disconnects after 30 seconds beginning to think i have a faulty module
  9. Hi all just seen this on ebay would this be a simple plug and play for my ford fiesta zetec s 140bph 2016 plate mine as got the ford none sat nav in it at the mo. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/352635455705?ul_noapp=true cheers shaun
  10. yes but it even does the same with flash pen as well disconnects after 30 secs so cant install latest sync update ,
  11. Anyone had issues with USB disconnecting after about 30 seconds, I have tried battery disconnect, fuse pull and module reset and sync reset, cars sees USB when you first get in car but after about 30 seconds comes up on the screen with USB disconnected try other USB devices and cables as well all same was trying to update my sync to latest version
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