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  1. Hi tom just bridged the connector plug but fan still not working
  2. Hi tom I brought a new resistor as the old one look broken and yes I do have a multimeter I will go and try bridging the resistor now thanks
  3. Hi just changed the fan resistor but the fan still not working any more suggestions or help thanks
  4. Hi tom just had a look at that and the green coil bit is breaking up do you mean bridge either side of green coil thanks
  5. Hi today I check fuses relay and fan motor and they seem to be all ok anything thing else you guys can suggest I do thanks
  6. Thanks guys will have a go tomorrow and let you know how it goes
  7. Just checked fuses ok should I put 12v to fan to see if it works
  8. Hi hope someone can help my 2005 fiestas air conditioning only works when driving.When I am stationary it blows hot air please any help appreciated
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