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  1. Steering Wheel Lock Recommendations

    Utterly ridiculous post! We've had 3 cars stolen in our family. They did not have the keys because they were in our bedrooms. they did not wheel in down the road and they did not lift it. It was started and driven off.. and they were all brand new Ford's. 4TRESS lock is a gooden and it looks nice compared to the others mate.
  2. Update Of My Zetec S (Pics)

    I second the painting of the rear hubs... DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOUR... and get an alarm!
  3. Gear Change Ratios On Petrol Version

    at 6k revs in second i hit 60mph so its silly how in 5th doing 70 its 3.5k.. think of the better economy figures we'd be getting if it was 2.5 or even 2k at 70mph.
  4. Sony Radio Deleted As An Option

    As if every Tom, !Removed! and Harry didn't already have a Sheep fiesta now everyones gonna get a white one... ohh well Us lot with metallic will be just that bit more unique.
  5. Smell Of Death Coming From Cooling System

    I had the iphone 3g and now ive got the iPhone 4 but still the same problem.. unless the microphones messed up...
  6. Smell Of Death Coming From Cooling System

    Ive got a 59 plate Zetec S and a couple of weeks ago I had this smell of death keep coming through the ventilation when set to cold... when the aircons on its fine however. I'm going to check again today and see if its still there because it was a really horrible smell. Think im going to get my bluetooth updated on my first service to. Everyone always says that cant hear me clearly when in the car!
  7. New Car............day One Damage!!!!!!

    How is something in front of you classed as "in your blind spot"? You've just cost yourself a nice sum of money for a new front bumper and plastics.
  8. Which Is The Best.

    I use the AutoGlym Tyre Spray thing... and if it gets any contact with water just seems to wash away :(
  9. Had A Big Shock On My Day Trip To Essex Yesterday

    Vision Blue??? are you serious? its white Zetec & Zetec S central for sure.
  10. Bargin For My Mk7

    Well done recommending a thief!
  11. Gap Insurance

    Who was the GAP insurance with?
  12. Fiesta Stolen

    Really sorry to this. I know exactly how it feels as one morning my MK6 ZS disappeared... and they didn't even have the keys. I really don't look forward to hearing of the mk7s being stolen without keys :(
  13. Bit Of Damage Needs Repairing

    If my memory serves me correctly i think both parts are about £250 in total to replace and get painted. Sorry to hear about that mate. I'd take it to a Ford garage and ask how much they would charge..
  14. S1600 Arrived

    White or Performance blue.......... hmmm Common vs Unique....... hmmmm Sheep vs Trendsetter...... hmm Performance blue all day long
  15. Members Rides

    Here's my beauty :D