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  1. MartinHns


    Hiya I've a Ford fiesta St 3 and are looking at new tyres it's got Bridgestone potanzas at the moment any other good suggestions
  2. Hello all I've a Ford fiesta St 200 on a 17 plate and are currently looking for some new tyres it came with Bridgestone potanzas shall I stick with those or are there any better ones out there any help would be greatfully appreciated Martin
  3. Lovely many thanks for the quick reply cheers 😊
  4. Hello all just posting a question regarding a mountune 215 package fitted just recently to my st3 no problems with package just wondering the turbo is more pronounced then others I've driven and therea what sounds like a faint psst or whoosh coming from there is this normal as I've never had a car like this any help would be very much appreciated Martin