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  1. Afternoon all The large spring in the bottom of the bonnet catch has corroded and the end has snapped off it, I've refitted it with the rusty part cut off and reshaped but the catch is now really tight, does any one have access to part number diagrams or the part number for the spring?? Thanks Ross
  2. Just a follow up to this thread, by jacking the car high enough you just need to remove one bolt marked in the picture and the suspension arm will swing down and release the spring. you should put a jack under it to find the sweet spot where there is no weight on the bolt to remove it. remember to torque the bolt back up when reassembling. Broken side 1hr (to work things out) Not broken side (15 minutes) Thanks Ross AKA Manimalfloss
  3. I had the same issues a few months ago and it turned out to be the ball joint, changes the drop links as well. The options i was faced with were a complete new wishbone for £44 (local motor factors) or a ball joint £16 (same place) but needed a tool to remove it. Bought a G clamp press off of eBay for £30 as i plan on keeping this car a while and doing a high mileage, took me about 1.5 hours to do as i like to take my time and clean everything as i go. Wishbone was probably the easiest to carry out as its a 3 bolt replacement but as mines a low mileage car i didnt see the point in changing the perfectly good part for a bad ball joint. Note, Ball joint gator was ripped hence the joint failure. Ta
  4. Spot on, thanks for the heads up, was unaware the underpinning were similar. Ta
  5. Hi all Does anyone have a guide or a walk through for replacing the rear coil springs? local parts guy says £56 each for the springs and the car doesn't have level assist Ta
  6. Morning all The Pepsi cans (kids pet name for it) has just been in for its first service under my ownership at the local Parks Ford dealer where i bought it, so I've done 12K in it since February so bought with 19K now on 31K. They have suggested that both rear shocks need replacing on it and have quoted (sit down) £169 fitted per side!! £338 to fit supply and fit two rear shocks!!!!! anyway when i stopped laughing I've pointed out to them the car is still under their "All parts and labor no quibble one year warranty" and she looked raging but was quick to point out the high mileage in this period, i Digress..... My question being what kind of shocks are peopling using for replacements? pattern parts/ ford parts etc? i'm considering fitting coil overs as the handling a bit boaty, any recommendations on a reasonable priced set? Ta Ross
  7. FYI the base on a 2011 Fiesta is an M6 male so requires an ariel with a M6 female.
  8. Does anyone have a Ford part number or a suggested upgrade for an 2011 ariel?? some git has nicked mine!!!! Ta
  9. HAHAHA you've seen the roads in North Scotland then.........
  10. Might give it a smoother ride, which i will then spoil with the coil overs 😂😂😂😂😂
  11. Yep all part of the long term plan, i'm 65 miles each way for work every day on single and dual carriageway none stop so cruise the first 50 mile of A roads at 55 and dual carriageway at 65, Being a 1.4TDCi (mapped to 95BPH) its not keen on going much faster with out it being noisy. I'm hoping that the larger rolling circumference will give me a couple miles extra mph for the same RPM all be it at the cost of the calendar worthy 0-60, as for the speedo i use my satnav as its more accurate. For information its returning 61 ish MPG on these runs as i do it 5 days a week, another reason for the change in size as mentioned before the considerably cheaper tyre cost over the standard size, will need the coil-overs or lowering springs soon i think. Cruise control steering wheel (Ebay £42) should be in the post today so that is this weekends job.
  12. An update on this topic, Purchased the 4x 195/65/R15 Michelin Energy savers and with a promotion worked out at £159 for the 4, they wouldnt fit them as they were not whats currently on the car or a recognised size so that is just for the tyres. My pals a tyre fitter so will fit them for nothing for me, ill get some pics of the before and after to show stance and ride height but will be fitting some coil overs in the near future. Ta
  13. Morning all I got my car in Jan on an 11 plate with 19500 miles on it, one elderly owner from new (only did 1900 miles one year) as i've a large daily commute i'm up to 28K already, i've been thinking i should probably get the timing belt done as regardless of the mileage on its, its still and 8 yo car. Anyone got a cost or recent quote for this work and should i get anything else done while its in?? Ta Ross
  14. Thanks for the info Westville, i have a lead i use to scan my MK1 TT but for the sake of £17 i'm not going to start dismantling it (Rosstech Audi lead was nearly £100) so Tunnelrat one ordered. Thanks all, Ross
  15. Hi all I've had a good search through the forum and there are a number of older topic on this but wonder if anyone (last 6 months) has bought a lead for carrying out FORSCAN checks? My cruise control steering wheel is in the post so need to be ready for its installation. Please add links or details to the one you purchased with a review. Ta