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  1. I have been for a drive today and it looks like the problem is not a problem after all? I read the owners manual and it states that under normal conditions it will stay in the centre area. That is what it is doing! Thanks all
  2. Thanks will try that and let you know the outcome..
  3. I have run the car for ages on the drive and the rad pipe never gets hot. The pipes to the heater matrix get warm, but that it? Could something else be the cause?
  4. Just checked the top hoses out of the rad, it was cold! thermo ok then? However i did notice that the coolant level was extreamly low? could this be the cause as not enough water in the system??? Next question would be where has the coolant gone? I think a service is required!!
  5. Cheers will try when engine cool first thing in morning. What top hose to be sure im checking correct one?
  6. Hi, Please can someone confirm my thoughts? My wife has a 1.6 tdci 07 fusion plus. When its cold outside the engine temerature gauge never gets to normal and then drops to around 70 deg when we have the internal heater on max heat and max speed. I've taken it to Essex ford (Main dealer) but they tell me nothing wrong as its becasue its cold outside. I think they are wrong and that the Thermostat is stuck open? If its stuck open that would be why the gauge drops and the intensity of the hot air drops too, correct? Any ideas? Am i right? or is Ford main dealer Right??