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  1. Hey guys, Quick question. Do all EcoBoost engines have really loud injectors? Is it normal? Is it due to being direct port injection so needs more force to keep the injector closed when the engine is firing? OR, is there something wrong? I used a big screwdriver like a stethoscope and the engine is silent. All the noise comes from the fuel rail. Or at least appears to. Cheers, Chad.
  2. Not really if I'm honest. I only get the slightest amount of vibration from the engine in mine. And by slight, I mean, you wouldn't notice it unless you were trying to feel it. Definitely nothing I would even consider investigating. Chad.
  3. First thing I'd do is check your wheel nuts. Make sure they're not loose....
  4. Regarding the gear stick moving. If you've got a faulty engine mount, I'd expect the gear stick to move a fair bit backwards when you accelerate and forwards under engine braking.
  5. A vibration like when you're in a diesel car? I get a tiny tiny bit, but nothing that concerns me at all. When you accelerate, do you notice if the gear stick moves much forwards and backwards? You could also see if you can rock your engine at all. I'd remove the big plastic cover and push-pull on it and see if it seems like something's loose.
  6. Oooh ok. I'll have to flirt them an email. Thanks. Chad.
  7. Does anyone know how and how much it is to have a bluefin handset reset and then set up for my car?
  8. This is all very interesting stuff. Thank you. As far as getting the stock 182 program put into mine....that sounds like it could be a pain. Mine is a late 2011 model, so possibly would need the pump fitting too. IF after a remap I had close to 200hp, that would be plenty. I wouldn't want any more than that in this car to be honest unless I was also going to mess with suspension etc. More torque would be nice for that initial overtaking manoeuvre, and then that bhp at higher end would be nice. Being the 150bhp, it's just a little under-powered. So...question is. IF I go down the remap route as is, do I buy a bluefin and try it myself? Sounds easy enough according to the site to buy it from. Do you just buy the bluefin and that's it, you're ready to plug it in and go??
  9. Mine is only the 150 though....😩 So would only be as good as the 182 afterwards at best.
  10. Thank you for the replies guys. Interesting stuff. I didn't think there would be any issue at all just getting a remap. I just had a look on the mybluefin website and it says that it gives an extra 30bhp and an extra 51nM if torque. So 177bhp and 291nM. Is it worth it? If so, should I buy a bluefin and try to do it myself? Chad.
  11. I'm guessing this is under acceleration? I have a 1.6 EcoBoost and haven't noticed this at all. Chad
  12. Hey guys, Just been reading the thread about the differences on the 1.5, 150 and 182PS engines and what's different etc. It got me thinking. What is the difference on the 1.6 150 to 182? Is it just the mapping? Different inlet, exhaust or turbo etc? I'm considering having mine mapped. Just feels like it needs that little bit more. 150 isn't enough, so would like some more out of it. Not sure how good the clutch/gearbox would handle another 30-50bhp? I'm guessing there's quite a few on here that have upped their power...? Chad.
  13. Afternoon folks, Thought I'd best drop in here and say a quick hello. I've got a 2011 Focus Titanium 1.6 150 in candy red. Had it about a year now, but only just found this forum yesterday and been having a nose around. Some great stuff on here from what I've seen so far. I look forward to reading more of your threads and interacting with you. Chad.