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  1. @TomsFocus Guessing you mean some anti-rust paint yeah? 🙂
  2. Thank you, Tom. Will give them a rub with some sandpaper and will let you know how I get on!
  3. @TomsFocus I remember we talked about a few other pipes and their potential to rust on the ecoboost engines... I’ve attached an image of the current state of mine. As you can see mine have a little rust... would be a good idea to use WD40 on these to scrape it off? It doesnt look like any corrosion is there, just some rust on the surface of it
  4. Thank you Tom, much appreciated as ever
  5. Thank you Tom, I was concerned when I read the article, but further research led me to findinf this “https://www.whatcar.com/news/ford-ecoboost-engine-recall-–-what-you-need-to-know/n17972” which stated: “The 1.0-litre engine recall only concerns the Focus.” :)
  6. Hi everyone Just seen a ‘whatcar’ article now which I hadn’t read before posting this which stated that the 1.0 Ecoboost re-call with the bad pipe was only for the Ford Focus, and not the Fiesta. 🙂
  7. Hi everyone, just asking some advice here based on this article I came across today (https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/news/miscellaneous/2018-08/urgent-appeal-to-owners-of-ford-10-ecoboost-engines/) I’m not the most ‘under the bonnet’ savvy person, I have attached a picture of my engine - please could someone take a look to see if the pipe has been modified on my ecoboost engine? Many thanks in advance
  8. Thank you for all your responses 🙂 will carry on resetting after filling up i think.
  9. Hi guys, Everytime I fill the car up ... (I always put a full tank in, not £10 here and there. I leave it go down until the light comes on then I fill it back up) ... I always reset the trip computer so the stats like avg mpg, avg speed, round trip etc etc are back to 0. Only a quick question to ask is this a pointless exercise I undertake, or shall I carry on resetting after every refuel? Would like to hear your thoughts and whether you reset it every time, just like myself.
  10. Hey everyone I have 2013 Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 100ps with about 25,800 miles on the clock. I don’t use the car a great deal throughout the week as I’m a student and I travel to my uni by train so the car can be parked by the house for a few days at the time however on my days off I will take it for a little run on the dual carriageway to get the engine warm, or if I go out with some friends the car will be used. Would say my annual milage would be about 3,000; even less. I’m currently getting 45MPG on these current driving habits - would you say that’s a good figure for the a
  11. Hi again Tom! Hope you're well. Do you have any idea if the autolock feature can be enabled in the fiestas such as mine? (2013 1.0 Ecoboost incase you've forgotten since our start/stop discussion 😉 ) (which is still working great thank you for all your help)
  12. Really weird isn't it. It doesn't bother me the doors not autolocking but it's just a feature I'd love my fiesta to have just incase the one day comes when I forget to do it
  13. @Nick Y @Neb_engineer @alexp999 - Guys, thank you for your replies to this. It seems that the text messaging feature has come back again. Panic over lol! Text messaging feature fine after factory reset, also seems that my sync is up-to-date so all ok!
  14. Should have rephrased that a bit better above sorry, @Jollyandy I, like you, also wanted the doors to autolock above 10/15mph whatever it locks at, just for convenience. It's part of my 'start up' routine when I get in the car anyway, (lock doors, turn bluetooth on in my phone, belt on, check mirrors and drive away). I automatically click the button to lock the doors anyway but always wanted them to autolock in case I forget one day, because that one day could be the day you get car jacked or something. So, I also tried to get into the 'programming mode' to carry out the process but
  15. I tried this before, not sure if british fiesta's are allowed the autolock feature for some strange reason not sure.
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