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  1. Hi there, so I am getting 37 mpg on average. This is mainly mixed driving and on longer runs it gets better. Not bad for a car of this size and weight. I have the ST Line Edition and had the Eibach springs fitted. There is a slight difference as it lowers the centre of gravity - which helps reduce any body roll. Great car although from new the first gear drivability was awful. However this has improved since its now running itself in. Currently 3400 miles
  2. Ams, look forward to your new Focus. Its All New and will have been engineered really well. Have a great time with the car and the new features. You will have a cracker of a car there and dont forget ....have a think about Superchips or other re-mappers for the added performance feel !! JB
  3. Sorry to hear this Ams, ive had issues with the 1st gear pullaway since i collected it. However the fuel economy is good at 36.4 average - thats on a combined run on motorways and in town. If i only do town driving it does drop to about 32. I hope the Focus is good for you and remember the remap with someone like Superchips makes a world of difference. Cheers.
  4. Are you All Wheel Drive by chance Amit? As my 2wd is good for 36MPG.... maybe its that?
  5. I highly recommend Superchips. My 2019 car was 150ps and the remap takes the 1.5 petrol to 203ps. Driveability is improved and I get 36 to the gallon. I used them for my Focus ST and my Focus RS - all much improved and not so over-tuned as to damage the engine or shortern the life of the engine. Theyve been around a long time and are very helpful.
  6. Thanks Chris, trouble is mine is a March 19 build - so it should be up to date with the latest calibration. I am wondering if mine is "same as all the others" which I really have to doubt. Needs a good and thorough evaluation I think.
  7. I would say its the amplifier clipping - to prevent you blowing the speakers. This used to be accessible via the controls menu on much older Ford head units - possibly not now on the Sync models. Check the unit has the latest software and connect it to your home WiFi and check updates that way. Also ask the dealer if the car is running the latest software which they can assess via the OBD port (theyll know what to do) I saw that the RS 16/17 MY Focus has had a couple of updates - to do with their sub woofer performance. That was of course another system and another model / year. So its
  8. Well mine has been in twice now....no error codes found and the dealer technician said he did notice it - "but they are all like that" Ford customer assistance centre were worse than useless just passing back to the dealer. No where left to go except an alternative dealer. Insiders at Ford tell me it has the latest calibration - so what to do now???
  9. How did you get on ? Has the car been seen by the dealer yet?
  10. Oh right.... things keep being updated it would seem. Thanks
  11. Brilliant...thanks Jake / Chris - I talked on the phone to my dealer today and they claim my VIN shows that my car has the latest software. I am taking it in for them to drive appraise tomorrow... I will tell them about what youve said. Really appreciate that. James
  12. Hi all - does anyone also have a stumble issue from stationary at low rpm? Mine revs once accelorator is pressed then drops, making the car almost stall, then recovers. Only on warm idle and works perfectly on cold starts until warm.... thanks
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