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  1. Happy Birthday Jack_P!

  2. Jack_P

    Mk6.5 Fiesta St Or Mk7 Zetec S

    I can only vouch for the ST as i own one. Mountune it to 185 and you will be laughing :D
  3. Jack_P

    Foc Meet - Meguiars Detailing Workshop

    Confirmed :)
  4. Jack_P

    Foc Meet - Meguiars Detailing Workshop

    Can i reserve a place? Genuinely interested and its spitting distance from me!
  5. Jack_P

    Fiesta Rs Style Project

    Well that looks lovely. Naaat
  6. Jack_P

    Cosworth Wheels

    Whilst this is on topic. There was a photo of a red mk7 a fair few months that had some silver 7-spoke wheels off an RS turbo escort, looked pretty good does anyone have a photos? possibly a car from over on zsoc?
  7. Jack_P

    Summer Meet Anyone?

    *Blows off cobwebs* Oh heroo I'll come to the meet, but i'm already going to fordfair like a few others! Jack
  8. Funnily enough i had a problem very much like this.. Was doing about 50mph in 5th, put y foot had down and it started coughing and mis-firing throught he rev range, did it in any gear at any speed. Ford found problem with coil pack but i think they may well have changed the spark plugs aswell! All done under warranty. I take it yours is under warranty? If so take it back and say its still not right! Jack
  9. Jack_P

    My Fiesta St

    I do actually have them, 7 infact... I did have two sets but one fell off, now i just have them on for meets/shows etc etc :) And ta!
  10. Jack_P

    My Fiesta St

    Did have an old thread on this but the title doesnt really suit it anymore, the changed after 9 weeks is now more like 52 weeks :P So yes, well busy boy i've been to get it to where it is now! Started like this Then added these Then removed them, painted some things black, added a splitter, removed some orange from the headlights Got a bit of a make over, stripes removed and had the plastics repainted in gloss black so the finish is now the dogs danglies! dropped it by 35mm Then here we are today :D Pretty much exhactly how i want it now. I have other things in mind but theres a thin line im teetering on right now where any false move would end up it going OTT ( not stripe wise, im leaving it naked ;) ) Thanks for looking, will do a proper update but thats all for now!
  11. Just seen this pop up on another forum... Looking nice mate :D Jack
  12. Not particularly :P my bookmark for this is constantly in the fiesta sub-forum I think keeping meets in the fiesta section like there used to be gathered quite a bit more attention than it does in here! Jack
  13. Im all ears ! I find this meets section is too much out of the way of getting any attention though tbh!
  14. Jack_P

    Anyone Going Fitp 2011?

    I'll be there and on the fordfiestast stand! Wasn't sure if anyone from here is going? Jack
  15. Jack_P

    Am I Being Too Fussy?

    You bought a ford......what did you expect? :P