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  1. Happy Birthday Jack_P!

  2. I can only vouch for the ST as i own one. Mountune it to 185 and you will be laughing :D
  3. Can i reserve a place? Genuinely interested and its spitting distance from me!
  4. Whilst this is on topic. There was a photo of a red mk7 a fair few months that had some silver 7-spoke wheels off an RS turbo escort, looked pretty good does anyone have a photos? possibly a car from over on zsoc?
  5. *Blows off cobwebs* Oh heroo I'll come to the meet, but i'm already going to fordfair like a few others! Jack
  6. Funnily enough i had a problem very much like this.. Was doing about 50mph in 5th, put y foot had down and it started coughing and mis-firing throught he rev range, did it in any gear at any speed. Ford found problem with coil pack but i think they may well have changed the spark plugs aswell! All done under warranty. I take it yours is under warranty? If so take it back and say its still not right! Jack
  7. I do actually have them, 7 infact... I did have two sets but one fell off, now i just have them on for meets/shows etc etc :) And ta!
  8. Did have an old thread on this but the title doesnt really suit it anymore, the changed after 9 weeks is now more like 52 weeks :P So yes, well busy boy i've been to get it to where it is now! Started like this Then added these Then removed them, painted some things black, added a splitter, removed some orange from the headlights Got a bit of a make over, stripes removed and had the plastics repainted in gloss black so the finish is now the dogs danglies! dropped it by 35mm Then here we are today :D Pretty much exhactly how i want it now. I have other things in mind but theres a thin line im teetering on right now where any false move would end up it going OTT ( not stripe wise, im leaving it naked ;) ) Thanks for looking, will do a proper update but thats all for now!
  9. Just seen this pop up on another forum... Looking nice mate :D Jack
  10. Not particularly :P my bookmark for this is constantly in the fiesta sub-forum I think keeping meets in the fiesta section like there used to be gathered quite a bit more attention than it does in here! Jack
  11. Im all ears ! I find this meets section is too much out of the way of getting any attention though tbh!
  12. I'll be there and on the fordfiestast stand! Wasn't sure if anyone from here is going? Jack
  13. You bought a ford......what did you expect? :P